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Last Grocery Haul This Winter & My Plans

In an attempt to save gasoline, I bundled a few errands yesterday. I went to get my booster shot at Walmart. My plan was to make a quick shop in the store but it was very crowded so I quickly left.

I went elsewhere to pick up some on sale meat, items for company that we will have the end of the month, and some treats for Hubby and I for the rest of the winter.

So on to Top’s I went. I got 9 of the Voortman’s SF cookies that Hubby and I love. They were on sale for $ 3.19 each. The Red Chocolate Bar was Free with an E-coupon that Top’s sent me. It has less calories and less sugar. It will be eaten when we need just a little piece of chocolate. The Queen Anne Cherry Cordials are for company and the fudge pops are for anyone who wants one.

Then I stopped at Aldi’s where I purchased 2 dozen eggs for $ 1.29 each( lowest price I could find), a quart of half and half creamer, a quart of heavy whipping cream, turkey tenderloins, a seasoned chuck roast that was on sale for $ 5.99 a lb. which totaled $ 14.50, some salami, prosciutto, and black forest ham, 2 sea salt Pita Chips, and some Artisan Flatbread.

The cold cuts will be used to make some antipasto which Hubby loves for brunch. This Flatbread makes the best pizza in just 9 minutes. So when we just have to have a cheat day, this is what we make. We love these turkey tenderloins and they are so easy. I just roast them in the toaster oven. The chuck roast will be cooked in the crock pot or Instant Pot when we are craving stew. Both meats will make many meals for us.

Now that it is snowy and freezing cold out, we will stay home as much as we can. I don’t like driving in the ice and snow. So we will only go out for doctor appointments and haircuts. We may be able to use Tele-Health for some of the doctor appointments and haircuts can be cancelled and rescheduled if it is a bad snow day.

I subscribe to Walmart Plus for grocery delivery so we will use that if we need a grocery order. It also includes free shipping on so I can get some items that way. I also use Amazon when I have a large enough order. I actually have some shipped orders coming today. I will show you those tommorrow.

The only time I will go out for food is if there is a rock bottom meat sale that I must stock up with and the roads are clear.

So do you avoid driving as much as possible in the winter? Did you get any good buys this week?

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My Bargains Today

We are under a State of Emergency here. We had an hour and a half storm late yesterday afternoon that was the worst Hubby and I have ever seen. We got 5.7 inches of rain during that period, thunder and lightning, golf ball sized hail,and 60 mile an hour winds. We have had so much rain in the past 3 weeks that the ground just couldn’t soak it up. Where they are building behind us was flooded with water. There were many streets shut down including a main road that gets you through town. I had to venture out for a necessary appointment this morning and had to take detours around two roads that were shut down. In the city just north of us, many streets were closed and many basements are flooded. There are tree limbs down everywhere. We had no damage that we have noticed. But I am not sure that my tomato plants didn’t take a hit from the hail pelting them. Time will tell.

On my way home from my appointment, I stopped at Aldi’s to pick up strawberries and blueberries. The strawberries were a little overripe and when I turned them over to look at the bottom, they were covered in mold. Needless to say I left them in the store. I did get 2 containers of blueberries. But while I was there, I did a quick sweep of the store and found quite a bargain. The Cafe Bustelo coffee which I love was for $2.82 a brick . It is an expresso ground coffee. Since coffee prices are set to rise significantly again, I got 6 bricks. It is the best price in our area right now.

Then I stopped at Top’s to fill up our gas tank which was empty by half. I stopped into the market to pick up one more bottle of Diet Coke for $ .99 and a pound of butter for $ 2.69 with store coupons. When I walked into the market, right in front of me was a sign that said manager’s special. It was these organic strawberries for $ 2.00 a package.

So there are still bargains to be had if you just keep your eyes open while you are shopping.

Because of the storm last night, Hubby could not grill our steak. So we quickly made Chef’s salads instead and he will grill the steak tonight. There is always food in our home that we can make quickly when dinner plans change last minute.

Have any of you found any unexpected bargains recently?

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Grocery Haul and Something That I Have Never Seen Before

Now that West has gone home, I can get back on some kind of schedule around here until the end of August when he comes again for a week.

So today, I did a grocery shop at Niagara Produce. They had local cucumbers on sale 4 for $ 1.00. I love these in salads and for a snack with a sprinkle of salt. I also picked up a bag of shrimp. We have not purchased much shrimp lately because of the price. But this was an entire pound for $7.99. We use this for the Shrimp Fra Diavolo that we make. So that pound will give us two meals.

I don’t know if any of you have heard of Rastelli’s or tried their meats. They are located in New Jersey. We have never had their beef but we have had their premium pork chops many times. They are outstanding! Some of the best meat we have ever eaten. So when I saw that Niagara Produce had their beef strip loin steaks on sale for $ 6.99 each, I got 4. They are 10 ounce Beef Striploin steaks. So they will give us 4 meals. If we like them, I will go back and get 12 more. I have never seen Rastelli’s meats at this produce store before. We will be grilling one for dinner tonight.

I also finally found some Ball quart jars and lids there too. My total bill for all was $ 61.24.

As I was making eggs and sausage for breakfast this morning, I saw something that I have never seen in all of my years.

I cracked an egg to find a double yolk in it. Has anyone ever seen this? I was thrilled to have 3 egg yolks instead of 2 on my Keto diet.

I hope you are all are having a good day. I am off to get some cleaning done around here before we grill out tonight.

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Last Friday’s Shopping Haul

This past week was a fill in shopping trip. Both stores were on my route so as to maximize my gasoline. Gasoline has been as high as $2.90 a gallon here and I expect that it will eventually go up even higher. Saving gasoline is very important in my plan.

Eggs have been very expensive the last couple of weeks. The best price I had found was $ 1.79 last week at Aldi. I desperately needed eggs because of my son and West coming for breakfast. Niagara Produce changes their weekly specials and they reset last Friday. I was thrilled to see that the extra large eggs were $ 1.19. So I went there first and picked up 2 dozen. They also had cantaloupes priced at 2 for $ 3.00. We have been loving those for breakfasts and desserts.

As you can see my total rang up at $5.98 which was incorrect. I should have paid attention to the fact that the eggs rang up at $1.49 instead of the $1.19 they were on sale for but I was in a hurry. I will get my $ .60 back the next time I go there.

My second and last stop was at Aldi’s. Butter and the cream cheese were on sale and we use a lot of those so I picked up one of each. We always buy our half and half at this store because their price is the cheapest. The stuffing mixes are a stockpile item and were on sale for $.69 each.

Hubby and I have been loving their flavored waters which are only $.55 for the big bottle. That is $ .02 cheaper than Walmart.

My Dollar Tree no longer has the big boxes of Scotties. They now sell a 74 count box for a dollar so I have been picking up our tissues at Aldi because they now have the best price per count.

The last item I purchased was the Artisan bread. About every two weeks I make a pizza for dinner on these. It is delicious, is easy to put together, and bakes quickly. Hubby loves it. They come in a package of 2 so one gets frozen for later.

I spent a total of $ 14.12 at Aldi. So my total for these two stores this past week was $ 20.10. However, I will be getting my $ .60 back from Niagara Produce.

I am writing this post on Saturday morning and I am excitedly waiting the arrival of my son and grandson. We will be having scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast along with a special treat that West will love: cinnamon buns.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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Last Week’s Aldi’s Haul

I am a little behind and trying to catch up so that I am up to date. This is the grocery haul I did at Aldi’s last week. 

I purchased my first turkey of the season. It was a 19.38 lb. Butterball which is our favorite brand of turkey. It was on sale for $ .87 a lb and totaled $16.86.

The avocados were on sale for $.69 each. I eat a half of one with my eggs for breakfast. The tissues were $ .99 a box. We go through a lot of tissues each winter so I have to continue to stock on these. My Dollar Tree was out of Scotties so I picked these up.

The antibacterial hand soap refill was $ 3.29. I pick up one of these almost every time that I go to Aldi. The price can’t be beat here.

The cauliflower rice was $ 1.99 and the ready to serve rice was $ 1.19. They get added to our winter stockpile.

The half and half was $ 1.55. Lastly I purchased 8 cans of pumpkin for $ .85 a can. I love making pumpkin bread from these. Each can makes two loaves.

The entire haul totaled $ 38.98.

I will be buying more turkeys. I am going to try to do the Thanksgiving Ibotta deal today if my store has anything left.

Have any of you purchased your turkeys yet? What price did you pay?

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Top’s Grocery Haul This Week and Other Things

I shopped at Top’s this week. I purchased white cheddar popcorn( $2.99) at Hubby’s request. I was getting low on eggs so picked up the 18 count with a Super Coupon for $1.69.

The celery was also a Super Coupon and cost $ .88. The yogurt were on sale for $1.00 each.

But the best deal that I got was 4 of the craft beer French fries. If you purchased 4, they were $ .99 each. 

My total out of pocket was  $ 9.52. 

I have been busy around here doing regular chores and finishing up organizing the kitchen which is one of the biggest rooms in the house and held so much stuff. I pared a lot of it down. If it hadn’t been used in a year, it got donated. It is so much easier to cook  and find utensils, dishes, and pots and pans now that it has been simplified. 

Now I am preparing for my son and granddaughter to visit for a few days. We are very excited that they are coming especially Hubby. He has not seen our son since last November. We have not seen our granddaughter since she was here in July. 

We have been getting ready for winter. It is upon us and it is predicted to be very snowy this year.

My son helped Hubby put all the patio furniture away about 10 days ago. I am so glad because the winds have been awful.

Our landscape crew were here for the last time this year and everything has been weeded and trimmed. The pest control people were here and the spiders seem to be non existent. Yeah, because I hate spiders. The company who blows out the lines in our sprinkler system came and did that and shut it down till Spring. The last thing that needs to be done is winter fertilizer and that will be done by the company in the next couple of weeks. 

Hubby changed the filter on the furnace yesterday. With the heat on, we do that once a month. 

How did you guys do with Amazon Prime Days? Did you think the deals were worth it? I was very good and was able to pick up a Christmas gift for my grandson. I had a $10.00 credit that helped lower the cost.

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This Week’s Grocery Haul, Etc.

This is my one grocery haul this week. It was done at Aldi’s. We had no pork in the house so I picked up this package of pork chops for $5.94. We needed eggs so I got 2 dozen.

We needed some fresh grated parmesan cheese.  We use it to top a lot of Italian dishes. I also picked up some more baking potatoes.

We have many boxes of spaghetti and pasta but had no penne rigate which is Hubby’s favorite. The pumpkin spice bread and muffin mixes were on sale and are a quick Sunday breakfast item when we get sick of eggs.

We were on our last container of sour cream so I got one. I always have to have avocados. They are a huge part of my Keto diet to get some good fats.

Hubby loves fried onions but he has never tried the Aldi brand. They are the cheapest so I wanted him to try them to see if he likes them. 

The rice, soap, parmesan crisps and macadamia nuts will all go into our stockpile. 

My total for this shop was $56.65. Here is the receipt if it will help you with your price book.

I am still organizing and cleaning in the kitchen. I picked the kitchen first because it is huge and is the hardest room to organize. I have the one pantry pretty much done now. I also have my coffee station done and a couple of other cupboards. I have so much more to do. It is slow going because I still have errands to run, appointments to go to, laundry, cooking, and all the other things it takes to run a home. 

My son and West came this weekend to show us his new car and to have breakfast and celebrate my “39th” birthday. After breakfast, we each had a piece of the Keto peanut butter pie that Hubby made me. I added the chocolate which isn’t Keto but what the heck, it was my birthday. 

Then for dinner, Hubby made us lamb chops and some cauliflower for me which is what I requested. All in all, I had a wonderful day.

It is time for me to go out and make sure that our landscape crew does what we want in the yard. They just arrived. It is their last visit for the year so things need to be cut back etc. 

Did you do any great grocery deal shopping this week?  

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This Week’s Grocery Haul and More


I only needed a few things this week. I realized that tomorrow is senior discount day at Top’s after I was on my way there. However, I needed one of the items that I picked up at Aldi’s for dinner tonight. Since I only needed 2 items at Top’s and found 2 more, I decided it was not worth the time nor few cents that I would save to make a second trip tomorrow. 

At Top’s I purchased 2 of the Bistro Favorites Ham that Hubby absolutely loves. I had 2 – $ .60/1 coupons that doubled. On my way to get the deli meat, I always check for the Crystal Light Peach. They have not had it in stock since March. Today they had a bunch so I picked up two. I recently found it at Walmart and purchased Hubby a case. I expect it to disappear quickly if we have another wave of this virus. My total at Top’s was $ 10.65. 

This is what I purchased at Aldi’s. I desperately needed the Romaine lettuce. I was out. 

My birthday is coming up so Hubby asked me what dessert I would want for that. My very favorite dessert is peanut butter pie. So he researched online and found a wonderful Keto peanut butter pie recipe that he is going to make me. The only ingredient that I needed was heavy whipping cream. The rest of the ingredients we have.

Every time I go I try to pick up the cranberry sauce, some 90 second rice, and the macadamia nuts for my stockpile. The macadamia nuts I am stockpiling in my freezer. The season is too short for them and I ran out this past year. 

The coffee was on sale and I can’t have enough coffee. My total for Aldi was $ 19.70.

So I am just spending $ 30.35 this week. I have been saving up grocery money the past few weeks for Thanksgiving sale shopping and some household items that I want. 

Hubby and I had a quiet weekend. There was lots of football on TV and our Buffalo Bills won their 4th straight game. I love this team and want them to do well. 

I spent Saturday working on another project. My largest pantry in the kitchen was a disaster. Every time I would come home from grocery shopping and I was tired, I would just throw everything in there. I would tell myself that I would sort it out later. Well, later never came.

I took 3 large bags of food out of there to go in my stockpile. I found duplicates of things I didn’t realize that I had so I kept buying them. This is what happens when things get out of control. It was so bad!

Just looking at the mess gave me major anxiety. I kept putting it off and putting it off. Saturday morning, I decided to get “a shovel” and dig it out. I took everything out and pulled those three bags of stuff to go in the big stockpile.

It is not totally completed. I had to order some things that I need to finish it up. But I will give you peeks and then when I am done, I will show you the finished product. 

This is a peek of my baking shelf and my breakfast shelf. I need more containers for some of these things. I may have some in the house or I may have to order them. I have to look in my storage. We have a lot of baking things because I am Keto and Hubby is not. 

This is the rack on my door which holds our sides that aren’t canned or frozen and some beans and other things in canning jars that we use.

These are our two dinner shelves along with some extra products to restock with and some paper towels.

I had two rolling racks for our cans. I hated them from the day we purchased them back in AZ. I only keep a few of each canned goods that we use a lot in our kitchen so things had to be stocked on those racks behind each other. I could not see what I had. So I bit the bullet and purchased a tiered can rack which is on it’s way here.

Not only am I doing our Fall cleaning but I am reorganizing everything so that we can find things easier. We are both getting older and I don’t want to have to hire help. Hubby has lots of help to do things in the yard. But I am still able to fully function around the house. As I age, I want to make sure that I can still do that. Hence lots of time spent getting things weeded out and made easier for the both of us. So this is why I have so many days lately not blogging. This all needs to be done and can not be put off. So please bear with me.

Are you getting any good deals this week? Or are you organizing or Fall cleaning too?

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Filling In The Gaps

I have spent a great deal of time this past couple of days working on filling in the gaps in my stockpile for the fall and winter. I looked at my inventory list and saw what needed to be purchased. I still will be picking items up here and there every week and especially around Thanksgiving.

Aldi was my first stop because the Wednesday specials go fast at my market and I wanted 1 large package of the chicken breasts on sale for $ 1.69 a lb. I had not seen that price in about 4 months. These get cut in half from end to end and we eat one of them for a meal. The chicken breasts are so big today that sometimes I cut them into thirds. I am using two of the breasts cut in half to make dinner tonight which is Keto Enchilada Chicken Casserole. That will give us two dinners. I do not like shredded chicken so I cut mine into chunks.

The rest were cut and put in food saver bags in the freezer for future meals.

The Cup of Noodles Hubby loves. I much prefer to buy these rather than those wrapped packages of ramen because these keep much longer. But I had not found them in stock until this week. I am always picking up whole potatoes especially when we used some up while West was visiting. 

The brown gravy mixes were only $ .30 each which is a great price for here. I use them in many recipes so it is nice to add to my stash. The rices are easy to fix for Hubby and much cheaper than the regular market price.

I replaced the mushrooms that I had used over the past 2 months. The pork rinds are a Keto snack for me. The avocado oils, applesauce,and salt are for the stockpile.

One of my readers mentioned to me that she was going to get some things for her holiday meals so I took her advice. I like to have packets of turkey gravy on hand to bolster the flavor of my homemade turkey gravy. So I picked a few packets up at Walmart. I also like to make homemade fudge at Christmas. I had every thing I needed but the sweetened condensed milk. So I picked up two cans at Aldi.

This is my receipt from Aldi’s.  

Then at Walmart, besides getting the turkey gravy, I got  Skinny Pop, mounds and apple juice for Hubby, a whole bunch of muffins mixes for our stockpile storage. I have the instant milk and water to make these if need be.

I also got some spare lighters for candles and our outdoor fireplace which we can cook in.

The crispy onions and bread crumbs all went into my basement stockpile. All of the medicines went into our medicine storage for the winter. There are still a couple of medicines that I need to buy but Walmart’s prices were outrageous. I paid $ 16.97 for 1 bottle of Pepcid Complete. I am going to wait to see if the rest of the medicines I need go on sale in the next few weeks at the drugstores. 

I always pick up hand soap when they have it. They have always limited it here to 1. The rest of the items will go in my long term stockpile.

I got some fajita mixes, tortilla wraps that we were out of, 60 eggs because they were much cheaper than buying them by the dozen or 18 count. Dried cranberries go in chicken salad. The frosting is for Hubby’s birthday cake this month. The cornstarch was needed. I am almost out. Lastly the M&M peanuts are Hubby’s favorite and the peanut butter M&M’s are West’s favorite treat when he comes on Sundays.

Here is my Walmart receipt. 

Are any of you filling in your gaps in your stockpiles?

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My Stock Up Haul

I did a small stock up haul at Top’s yesterday since it was 6% off senior discount day. I also had a $ 4.00 off my next shopping order Q.

I was out of this sausage and I like to have something that I can quickly heat up with my eggs in the mornings. They finally had it on sale for $1.00 each so I got 6. The grey poupon mustard was on sale for $2.00 and Hubby loves it. So I got another one for my long term stockpile.

The Zatarain’s sides were on sale for $1.00 each so I got 5 for my stockpile. The salad dressings were on sale for $ 1.77. I got one for $ .77 with a $1.00 Q and 2 for $1.27 each with a $1./2 Q.These are also for my long term stockpile.

The Poppables were on sale for $ 1.99 when you bought in multiples of 3. I had a $1.00 Q for each one so I paid $.99 each.

My total for yesterday after the senior discount was $ 14.12. 

Did you get any good deals recently?