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Our Savings for June 2024 That Went Towards Our Savings Goal

Our income monthly comes from many different sources. We have a pension, Social Security income, interest from a # of different credit union accounts, and this month we got another 2023 Federal Tax return check. The IRS had paid us most of our Federal Tax return a number of months ago. However due to a mistake with their software, we had to file an amended return and they owed us for an energy credit which they paid along with interest about a week ago. So our monthly income this month was more than it usually is. Just a few months ago we had lots of stocks and bonds which we cashed out of because I recognized that the market was being manipulated. We did our best to save every penny but besides paying for our regular bills in June, we had to pay out about $1300. for a repair to our garage door. We took that from our emergency fund but I paid it back to the emergency fund out of our June monthly income on June 30th.

So as I told you at the end of last month, we had $ 113,028.70 left to reach our goal. We were able to save $12, 239.02 in June. So we now have a balance of $100,789.68 to reach our goal.

So we are in the month of July now. I did spend $ 164. this morning for a large B.J.’s grocery order. I had to run some errands and it was on my route. I was too tired to take pictures when I got home.

I will be shopping tomorrow at Top’s to pick up some sale items. I may go to Niagara Produce also. I hope to show you those.

We will be working even harder this month to save money. I don’t expect to save anywhere near that much every month as this month. It all depends on how much the yearly bills are that we have to pay when they come due.

I know that some of you are saving for your own goals along with me. How did you guys do?

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Hi Precious, that was outstanding savings, even though I know you had some out of the usual income come in. I am sure it was so encouraging to you and hubby to keep it up, even when you can’t put as much away.

This year is different for us since hubby retired in January. We are having to figure out how to do our finances since we don’t have a predictable income coming in like we did. We have a pot of funds to work with, along with part time income hubby brings in. Beginning in Aug we will have the small pension income and in Jan we will start SS and drawing from our investments. June was a good month for us also b/c our expenses were down and I was able to put back $1800 into our pot of funds from the every day expense account. I don’t have a specific goal like you do at this time other than to be able to track our expenses through hubby’s spreadsheet and finish the year in the black. This first year of retirement is hard! I am sure once we have our regular income coming in from SS, pensions and 401k/investments, things will settle down into a regular rhythm again.

Hi Chris,


It is hard to figure it all out in the beginning. You will get the rhythm faster than you think. Yeah on putting that money back into that pot. That is fantastic for just retiring. Kudos to you guys. As the years go on the money just keeps adding up. Our investments just keep multiplying faster and faster. It’s fun to track.

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