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Just a Little Tip My Surgeon Gave Me and a Little of This and a Little of That

My surgeon told me I could start the South Beach diet in a few days. But he gave me a few tips. He told me to only eat until I start to feel full. He also told me to use smaller plates for my meals.

My dinner plates are huge but my smallest plates are the size of saucers. So I decided I had to buy at least 4 in between plates. Since I won’t be using them forever, I did not want to spend a lot of money on them. 

So I went to Dollar Tree yesterday and found 4 of the pictured ones. They weren’t my favorite design but they were the right size. The price was right at $ 4.32. 

It was time to read the meters again and submit them to the power company which I did. I noticed while doing this that both the electric and natural gas usage has gone down. It is still really cold here so I was pleasantly surprised. 

Pictured is what I ate for breakfast yesterday. The scrambled eggs are so yummy and the avocado pairs well with them. I can’t eat a lot of meat yet. 

I am going to try to do some laundry today. I am just adding things one at time because I get so tired.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me in the last 2-3 weeks. They worked because the surgery was a success and I am getting stronger every day. I appreciate all of you. 

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Wegman’s South Beach Haul

I managed to get to Wegman’s for my first South Beach grocery shopping haul. But I had to cut it short because it exhausted me. I hope to go to Top’s later this week to pick up the things that I didn’t get.

My brain is telling me that I can do anything but my body is not letting me. I get tired very easily.

Here is my receipt because it is easier for me right now than to list it all here. I got a few things that Hubby wanted that aren’t pictured. The picture is just of the South Beach items.

This diet is very important to me for my health. I am not trying to be frugal when I spend for it. I will be shopping at a number of different stores over the next 10-12 weeks so that I can get a handle on who has the best prices. I used no coupons today. I had one for the Cheerios but because I was so tired, I forgot to use it.

I am having the people who wait on me in the fish market cut my organic salmon into 3 oz. pieces which is perfect for my diet. I love salmon and have decided to splurge on it. Hubby likes haddock and we have a few whole ones in the freezer for him. Tonight, I am having baked salmon with fresh lemon and steamed asparagus for dinner. This meal is not only SB but on my soft food diet this week. So while eating the soft foods, I am trying to stay SB.

I also picked up some sirloin steak which Hubby will grill some day next week. This is two portions. On this diet I can have steak once or so every 2-3 weeks. Most of the time, dinner will include chicken or fish and sometimes pork. We have a lot of chicken in the freezer to go through before I will have to buy more. I also have pork and more salmon in the freezer. 

We will have lots of salads and veggies. I plan on ricing the cauliflower. I will be trying a new veggie, the jicama, in a recipe. And there will be lots of tuna on salad for lunch.

We are very aware that our grocery bill will rise but it is worth it. We saved our entire married life so that we could afford to pay more when need be.

Are any of you getting warmer weather? Today is the first day of spring and cold temps in the 20’s and 30’s are forcasted for the next week. I am so over winter!!!  

As always click on the pics to make them bigger. I will try to post again soon.  

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Many Things Have Been Happening Around Here

Even though I have been resting and recovering from my surgery, life doesn’t stop.

I believe I told you that a few days before my surgery, we had damage to our roof from a bad wind storm. The roofer couldn’t match the shingles because they were made in Canada and they no longer make the architectural ones that were on there. The American ones and the Canadian ones were a different size too. So they had to remove all of the shingles on 2 sections of the roof in order to blend them in properly. They also removed the roofing paper under them. The cost was about $ 4,100.+. We have a $1,000. deductible so the insurance company is reimbursing us the difference. We already had it done because we had another wind storm and we were lucky that it didn’t cause any more damage. 

I finally started eating soft foods yesterday. I never knew that scrambled eggs could taste so good. Up to this point I had been on a liquid diet, baby food, and watered down mashed potatoes. I will be on the soft food diet for about a week and then I start the South Beach Diet. Since my surgery about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, I have lost 13 lbs. It gives me a good start to the SB diet where I hope to get down to my normal weight. Hubby is going to eat pretty much what I eat so we don’t have to cook two meals. I have made a menu plan for the first two weeks and we hope to get that shopping done this week. Meanwhile, little by little, I have been going through my freezers and pantries weeding out food that we should not eat. I will be donating most of it to the food pantry after I check with family to see if they want any of it.

I am anxious to get back to my aquafit classes, the treadmill, track, and some other machines at the Y. The surgeon told me yesterday I can start in another two weeks.  

Hubby has been my driver all of this time. He has been game to take me any place I wanted to go. So errands like getting gasoline and banking $45. in rebate checks have been done. 

You all also know that we use the Skinny SF Syrups from Jordan’s in our coffee. We especially love the Irish Cream and the Vanilla Almond. I almost placed an order a week ago. But I decided to wait until we were down to 2 bottles left. I am so glad I waited. Jordan’s is celebrating their anniversary and I got an e-mail from them last Friday saying their top 10 sellers were on sale. Sure enough both flavors that we like were in the top 10 sale. Normally I pay $5.99 for the big bottles. But they were on sale for $ 3.99.

So knowing a great deal when I see it, I placed an order for 24 Irish Cream and 6 Vanilla Almond totaling $ 119.70. By doing so I saved $60.00. These will last us quite a while.  

I have been watching a lot of TV and You Tube, reading, and doing paperwork. I try to stay busy so that boredom doesn’t set in.

This past Saturday, my son and grandson came for lunch and a visit. Not being up to cooking it for them, I sent my son to Ales and Sandwiches to get lunch for everyone. I was even able to get a small portion of mashed potatoes with gravy so that I could mix the gravy in and make them soupy. We enjoyed their company and they brought Nori, their dog, too. I enjoyed seeing her. She hasn’t been out for a visit in  many months. 

I apologize for the rambling but I wanted to let you know that I am still around and hope to be back blogging on a permanent basis soon. Till then, stay frugal!

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Living On Just Social Security

While I am recouperating, here is another video that I thought might be of interest to some of you who are or will be living on Social Security only in retirement.

This is Tawra’s mother, Jill, who is showing you how she lives on $750. a month of Social Security only.

Again stick with them. It takes them a couple of minutes to get into the conversation.

But the tips may help some on Social Security and others with small fixed incomes too.   

Living on $750. a Month 


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A Recommendation: The Secret To Not Being Broke

While I am recovering from surgery, I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos while I am resting. I watched one of Tawra’s yesterday and it really resonated with me. I remember Tawra from years ago when we were both on the Frugal Living Boards.

I too have seen some of the things that she talks about in people over the years. Yes, it gets frustrating when people ask for advice and then never put in the hard work to change their lot in life.

But we can only offer advice from our experience and if people won’t do the work to better themselves then perhaps they want to be broke.

I thought some of you might enjoy watching this video: The Secret To Not Being Broke

Tawra has the You Tube Channel and also blogs at 
Living On A Dime 

Tawra has CFF and Fibromyalgia and still manages to run her business with the help of her husband, Mike.

You will see in the beginning of the video that she once in a while gets  a little brain fog because of her illnesses but stick with it because she is so right in what she says. 


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I Will Try a Little Post When I Have Some Energy

I am sitting here sipping Decaf black coffee with SF syrup because I am not allowed any creamer. I have been drinking tea the past few days but I really needed some coffee. It really isn’t that good.

Hubby has been great running errands, doing dishes, and fixing my meals and his meals. Although since I am eating the above at each meal, it isn’t that hard to open a jar. I do have some applesauce totally blenderized once in a while. Hubby has also been making me SF Jello.

And wow, those baby food jars are expensive. But I am saving the jars and caps because they come in handy to store so many little things.

Hubby went to the market on Sunday to get the things I needed and some rolls and cold cuts for himself. The poor guy looked all over for the deli which he could not find. He also couldn’t find the rolls he likes. They were either sold out or he couldn’t find the second set of shelves with just rolls. So no cold cuts and rolls for him. However he did want some Totino pizza rolls for snacks. He looked for almost 20 minutes for them. He looked in the stand up freezer cases. He found the pizza but no pizza rolls. He finally found them in a case in front of the fresh meat. The deli is really in an obscure place in the store. He missed it. He had me hysterically laughing( which hurt) telling me of his frustration and that nothing in the store makes logical sense. He is right about that. I never thought about it because I do all of the grocery shopping and I just know where everything is until they rearrange things.

So he is going today and I drew him a map of the store. He says he thinks he can find the deli now and the rolls. However, I have a list of about 20 items because it is 6% off Senior Discount Day. Hopefully he will remember to put our phone # in because he doesn’t like carrying a bonus card. I am sure it will be another amusing story when he gets home. I told him to ask for Virginia or another employee to ask if he can’t find something but he probably won’t. Men!! 

Hubby informed me that he took the last box of Kleenex and asked me to order some in bulk online. So I found a good deal at Amazon around the same price I would pay at Dollar Tree. 

He also wanted some Ming Tsai fry pans so I ordered those from HSN using Ebates to get 2% back. 

I am exhausted most of the time. This surgery really wore me out. So I sleep when ever I am tired whether that be daytime or nighttime. I noticed that Hubby hasn’t done any laundry and there are about 3 full loads there. So if he survives the trip to the grocery store, I will ask him later to do the laundry using the washer and dryer. I will fold it in between naps.

I am tired now so off to sleep. I will try to write when I am up to it.

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Updating You On Why I Have Been Missing In Action The Past Couple of Months

Some of you know that I have not felt well for over 4 years now. The last couple of months I have been in complete agony. After finding the best surgeon in the world, I had to go through a lot of tests the past couple of months. Last Thursday, I entered the hospital to get a hiatal hernia repaired with a wrap. Today I came home from the hospital for an 8 week recovery process. 

My diet is basically “homemade baby food”, jello, clear high protein drinks, popsicles and broth. Not real appetizing!  But I am so happy to  be without pain when I eat. And I plan to follow this diet until my surgeon tells me differently.

I am tired and won’t be back blogging full time until I am better. But then I hope to be blogging like my old self. So give me some time to heal and I promise good blog posts in the future.

American Dreamer known as Precious in the Past