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It’s Been A Long Time Since I Have Been Able To Be Here

Spending time flat on your back is not fun! That is what I have been doing since I last wrote. Sitting is the worst thing for my back and hip, so the doctor told me to stay flat or get up and walk around.

The day after I last posted, I was coming up the stairs from the basement and I had the worst pain in my back that felt like my back was collapsing. So between rest and painkillers, I have been taking it easy and trying to recover. I can’t lay around the rest of my life. I had planned on getting started on my Federal and State taxes last week but that thought went out of the window. Fortunately I have until April to do them.

I started to feel a little better the end of last week, so I took it really easy over the weekend and today I actually was able to go out for a quick grocery shop.

At Aldi’s, I purchased 2 lbs. of carrots , 2 Parmesan Crisps( for snacks), a large bag of pistachios, a bag of coleslaw, a head of cabbage, a cantaloupe, celery, a cucumber, and 3 peppers. I spent $ 19.36. We were in desperate need of fresh fruit and veggies after two weeks. The cashier charged me for 3 Parmesan crisps so I will have to get that straightened out the next time I go. When I first looked for the head of cabbage, I couldn’t find it. So I picked up the coleslaw mix. Then I found the cabbage head. But I decided to keep them both because I was running out of steam. The store was extremely hot and I was starving because I hadn’t had breakfast. I finally ate it about 12:45pm. The head of cabbage will keep for a long time so we will eat the coleslaw first. But it will be the last time we buy the coleslaw mix. We will get the head of cabbage while it is in season and shred it up with our attachment for our Kitchen Aid mixer. We do the carrots that way too.

At Top’s I got some items that were on sale. I got two Rao’s spaghetti sauce for $ 5.99 each and 4 Top’s shredded cheese(2 mozzarella and 2 taco blend). They were 4 for $9.00. Hubby and I love eating meatballs cooked in the sauce with mozzarella cheese melted on top. The taco cheese will go on our taco salads for dinner tonight. Hubby cooked enough for 2 nights last night.

Hubby has been a huge help to me the last couple of weeks. He has done most of the cooking and dishes. He has done all the errands that absolutely had to get done. He has been working on organizing the garage. He also has done a bit of cleaning and laundry. He even sewed some buttons on a shirt. I have done a little when I have been standing up but it takes a toll on me after a while. So as I continue to get better, I will be on here when I can. I best sign off now before my hip starts hurting.

What have you guys been doing frugally the last few weeks? I have missed you all.

I will catch up on comments a little later today.

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Hi Precious. I am so sorry you have been having back problems again. It sounds so painful. Getting older is surely not for cowards!

Things here have been ok, except over the weekend. I got some kind of terrible stomach bug and had to miss the wonderful date afternoon our son had gotten me for Christmas. It was tickets to see the musical 9 to 5. I was so disappointed to have to miss it. I was better today, thankfully. Stomach bugs are just the worst.

Happy Valentines Day, we are just going to have a nice steak dinner at home. And the special ice cream I got a few weeks ago for dessert.

Hi Chris,

Thanks Chris! I am afraid it is here to stay short of having surgery which I refuse to have. Surgery only makes things worse. I have known too many people for whom the surgery has created worse problems. So I will just have to learn to tolerate it.

Shucks Chris! I am so sorry that you got sick and had to miss that musical.But I am glad to see that you are on the mend.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. Hubby is having an ECHO test today so we will not be doing much. We don’t go out on holidays anyhow because the food, service, and expense just aren’t worth it. Plus I can’t sit that long right now. Your dinner sounds wonderful.Enjoy it! I am going to make ranch chicken in the Instant Pot and have some kind of green veggie on the side.

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