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Rounded Out My Week With Some Grocery Hauls

This was my Top’s haul this week. The toothpaste and mushrooms were on sale for $ 1.00 each. The bacon was on sale with a super coupon for $3.99. The Ben’s rice were $2.50 each. The Crystal Light were $ 3.49 each. The whipped cream cheese were $4.49 each. The Tim Horton’s Decaf was on sale for $ 6.49. The coconut milk was $ 2.99. The 1/2 gallon of Half and Half was $5.99. Lastly, the shrimp was on sale for $ 8.49. I had a Top’s $5.00 off coupon. The OOP total was $ 47.91.

This was not one of my best hauls but I am going to be tied up with some things for Hubby for 6 weeks very soon. Don’t worry, I will have time to blog. So I needed some things that would be time savers for me like the rice and Crystal Light. I won’t have to make iced tea nor fuss making rice.

The same goes for this Aldi’s haul. I needed some easy things. The tomato sauce were $ .43 each. The Asian stir fry sauces were $ 2.49 each. The applesauce were $ 2.95 each. I have been using a lot of applesauce as an egg replacer in baking. So my stockpile needed some more. Raisins are one of Hubby’s favorite treats. They were $ 3.89 each. The ranch dressing was $ 1.95. The total for all was $ 27.31.

My last stop was at Niagara Produce. I purchased two more extra large eggs at $ 1.99 each. I also got another whole beef tenderloin cut into filet mignons. The total for all was $74.00. When I brought the tenderloin home last week, Hubby asked why I didn’t buy 2 of them cut into filet mignons. I told him if they were still on sale this week, I would get another. Sure enough they were.

We did make a large purchase this week for something for the house. It was expensive but it will save us a lot of money in the long run. It has arrived and son and Hubby will install it tomorrow. But more about that next week.

Did you save any money on groceries this week?

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Hi Precious. I got groceries on Thursday, but didn’t use all of my budget. The deals were pretty slim pickings this week, so I just got what we needed. It was mostly produce and dairy. I did get the peanut butter that was on sale for 1.49 since it is something we go through a lot of with the little girls. They have to have their pb & j. I also got the pork loins that were BOGO and hubby is going to smoke one today.

I had little granddaughter yesterday and took her to the new library in town. We also stopped by our church to light a candle and stopped by the office so she could get a lollipop. We had a good nap too. Simple pleasures.

Hi Chris,

I like PB and J. We got through a lot of the SF Jif because we make Keto ice cream with it. That is a great price on PB. Nice deal on the pork loins. Our store has BOGO deals this week. I am going to check them tomorrow on discount day. Yes, simple pleasures are the best.

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