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Grocery Shopping Today

This is my grocery shop from Aldi’s this week. I got 3 jars of Specially Selected Premium Marinara Sauce. They were $ 3.89 each. We really like Raos but it so expensive. This sauce is as close to being Raos as you can buy. It has very clean ingredients and is delicious. I make my own most of the time but when I in a hurry, this is what I grab. The two packages of breakfast sausage is what I use for Sunday family breakfasts. They were $2.19 each. I picked up 6(the limit) pounds of butter. These and what I purchased last Thanksgiving should give me enough until next Thanksgiving.

I finally found a head of cabbage that wasn’t the size of a baseball. It was $ .49 a pound. I paid $ 1.57 for 3.2 pounds. Hubby does not like cooked cabbage so I will only cook 1/2 of it and he can make his Waldorf coleslaw from the other half. I have a corned beef so these things plus potatoes will be our St. Patrick’s day dinner.

The 3 packs( 4 lbs.) of Organic ground beef were on sale again. They totaled $ 18.99 which is $2.00 more than I am used to paying. But this meat is so good I am willing to pay that increase.

I also purchased 1 bar of white cheddar cheese at $ 2.75, 1 package of fresh mushrooms at $ 1.39, 1 pound of hot pork sausage at $ 2.29, 1 bag of Italian Style Meatballs for $ 5.99( our dinner tonight: meatballs and sauce) 1 Mexican shredded cheese at $ 2.89, 1 package of salami for $ 3.49, 1 bottle of Cocktail sauce at $.79, and 1 bottle of General Tso’s sauce for $2.19. My total for Aldi’s came to $ 74.53.

At Dollar Tree, I bought 5 packages of John Morrell Smoked Sausage for $1.25 each. They come two in a package. One package sliced and mixed into a Mexican dish like Spanish rice or a Louisiana dish like red beans and rice is perfect for the two of us. I picked one of these up a while ago and they were really good in the red beans and rice. Since then they had been out of stock until this week. You can’t beat $ 1.25 for meat for one meal. I also purchased 2 of the oven ready lasagna pasta for $ 1.25 each. Total here was $ 8.75.

Next I stopped at Walmart to use up my last free coupon for the Indiana popcorn.

My last stop was at Top’s gasoline station to fill the car up. I paid $ 2.86 a gallon after using my gasoline points for $ .40 off a gallon. My total was $21.35.

Did you get any good deals this week?

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Hi Precious. I got butter this week also, but was not close to Aldi, so I got it at Kroger. Land O Lakes, including the full lb of half sticks was 2.99, limit 5. So I should be set until Thanksgiving also. The other good deal was half gallons of milk for 1.29, limit 5. I stayed in my budget this week.

Pi Day this year was on Thursday when the kids and grandkids come for supper. I got stuff to make individual pizzas. (The cheese and sausage I had already). I got some pita breads on sale in the deli to use for the crusts and they were delicious. This was a huge hit with everyone. Older granddaughter helped me chop up some of the veggies and make my homemade pizza sauce. We like my sauce better than the jarred sauce. We had leftover sausage and veggies that hubby will use to make omelettes this weekend. And leftover sauce I will put in spaghetti sauce. I also got a pie for dessert and we had salad and fruit too. I will have to do this pizza night again.

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