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Frugal Things The Past 10 Days

We signed up for a free year of Peacock TV compliments of our cable company. I watched the movie “Downton Abbey: A New Era”. I didn’t want to pay to see it at the theater so this worked out perfectly. So check your cable company and see if they offer any kind of a deal like this. Of course you know I will cancel it before they renew me. We also watched all four seasons of “Yellowstone”. We are anxious for the new season.

We water our tomatoes and flowers every other day. There have been a few days of rain recently when we didn’t have to which saves on our water bill. We have had at least one tomato a day for either lunch or dinner. They are so good this year. Some of the flowers get cut and brought into the house.

My B.J.’s membership that I got for $25. for one year is expiring on August 30. I noticed that they had me set up to automatically renew. I will be cancelling before then. I don’t need it now that I purchased a membership to Sam’s Club for $4.99 for one year.

Beef tips are one of my favorite meals. I had a bag of filet mignon trimmings in the freezer. I took it out and threw it in the crockpot along with the other ingredients. When it got thawed, I pulled the pieces out to see if they needed to be cut up into smaller chunks. I was amazed to see that the trimmings were mostly grizzle and fat. Every time we have bought a whole tenderloin, there was always plenty of meat on the trimmings. Not this time! So I got the little bit of meat off that I could and threw all of the rest out. But I was not going to be defeated. I poured all of the ingredients into a quart mason jar and put in the fridge. I have since made beef stew and it made 4 meals to eat right away plus another 4 meals I froze.

This weekend will be clean out the refrigerator meals. If it isn’t in the fridge, it isn’t getting served. I cooked up a pound of bacon so that we can have BLT salads. We had leftover spaghetti. So I cut it into pieces and froze it for soup. Blueberries that haven’t been eaten will be frozen. Cold cuts will be finished in wraps.

There was nothing at Aldi’s this past week that I wanted or needed. At Top’s they had Oscar Mayer Bacon on sale for B1G1F. I got 2. I also picked up some romaine lettuce. There was nothing else that interested me.

One of our gasoline cans was leaking when Hubby was filling up the mower. He looked at it and realized that it did not have a gasket. So he purchased one and repaired it. It works just fine now.

As I am clearing the clutter out our home, I am making a pile of books and other things to sell. We have an entire cabinet of frugality books, cookbooks, and bins of things we are not using. Time to get rid of them all!

Hubby changed all of the 9 volts in our smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. There is nothing that annoys me more than getting woken up in the middle of the night with them chirping.

One of the connectors on our hose broke. Hubby found another one in the garage and replaced it. Now I can wash our SUV today.

We have been enjoying sitting on our patio. The trees that we planted 12 years ago are giving us great shade now. Between those and the large patio umbrella we got for one end of the patio, we can be in the shade all day.

The heat wave has finally broken here so we are down in the high 70’s during the day. We turned the A/C off a few days ago. We keep the shades and blinds closed on the sunny windows so the house has stayed at 72. At night, we open the windows to cool the house off.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching our Buffalo Bills play their first preseason game yesterday. We won. It was tough going because our coach played our second and third strings against the Colts first string. But that way the coach could get a better idea of who is staying and who will get cut. Plus we don’t risk the chance of anyone on our first string getting injured.

We are having company stay with us this week and next so I don’t know when I will be posting again. Hubby is excited that he is going to see his sister and brother-in-law who live in Texas. Since they have sold their summer home on a lake in the Adirondacks, they don’t know if or when they might get back this way. So we are going to thoroughly enjoy their company while they are here. Hubby does not fly anymore so I doubt that we will go to Texas.

How have you been saving money recently?

Every Day

Meat Deal, Etc.

This morning I headed out early to run all of my errands for this week in a circle to save on gasoline. Before I left, I put a beef stew into the crockpot. While I was defrosting my chest freezer yesterday, I found an eye round roast that I cut up for the stew beef.

My first stop was Top’s. They had the top sirloin steaks on sale again for B1G1F. I purchased 6 that I hope will get us through the grilling season. Plus it was Senior Discount day so I got an additional 6% off.

I also purchased 5 Old Spice bodywash for Hubby. It’s his favorite and he is using his last one. I had a digital coupon for $5.00 off 3. They were on sale and if you bought 5, you got 200 Gasoline Points plus the 6% off. So I was not passing that up.

My next stop was Runnings. They advertised regular jar canning lids on sale for $ 3.99. However, there were none left. I should have gone on the first day of the sale but I didn’t want to make two trips to do errands this week. Fortunately, I have enough lids for this year.

Next stop was at Walmart to pick up paper napkins, paper plates, and eggs. I compared them to Sam’s Club prices and those things are cheaper at Walmart. I was planning on getting a 60 ct. box which were $ 3.09 a dozen. But I spotted 1 dozen for $ 2.95 so I got 1 dozen instead. I had 2 and 1/2 dozen in my fridge before I got these. We go through a lot of eggs. I eat 2 every day along with some kind of meat for brunch and Hubby loves egg salad on crackers. I used a Walmart gift card to pay for these items. I got the gift card through Fetch.

Next stop was a dozen bagels at Panera Bread. Hubby has been asking for them. I don’t eat them so most of them will be frozen to pull out when he wants one. The price has gone up from $6.99 to $ 7.49 but it is still a great Tuesday deal. The best part was that I still had money on three of the Panera Bread gift cards that I got on a discount 3 or 4 years ago. They will keep Hubby happy with bagels for a long time.

My last stop was at Rite Aid to pick up two prescriptions. I used the drive thru so that I wouldn’t be tempted to browse the store.

I have only been buying meat when I see a great sale price. These steaks are delicious. I also always browse the marked down meat. Top’s had none. Being Senior Citizen Discount Day, they probably went earlier than I got there.

Walmart’s marked down meat was a joke! They had a lot of it but it was mostly on beef and pork chops. The highest markdown I saw was $.61 on meat that was expiring tomorrow. No thank you!

We will probably be eating beef stew for the rest of the week. The roast was about 5 that is a lot of meat. I added fresh carrots, celery, and onions. I used the 32 oz. jar of beef broth, seasonings, and onions that I rescued when I tried to make beef tips on Sunday from filet mignon trimmings. When I pulled the trimmings out of the freezer, it looked like there was quite a bit of meat on them because it was frozen up in a bag in a ball. After an hour or so of cooking it, I took the ball out to chunk it up and found there was hardly any meat….just three small pieces. So I put all of the stock, onions, and seasoning into a jar and put it in the fridge. I will add fresh potatoes about an hour before the stew is done. Otherwise they turn to mush.

Did you get any great deals this week?