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Walmart Grocery Delivery

I had this Walmart grocery haul delivered a couple of days ago:

  • Frozen Sliced Mushrooms $ 2.74
  • Pepper Jack Cheese Slices $ 2.22
  • Turkey Burgers, 2 lbs. $ 10.72
  • French Style Green Beans $ .64 a can
  • Pitted Olives $ 1.94 a can
  • SF Cool Whip $ 1.98
  • SF Ice Breakers $ 2.82 each
  • Equate Stomach Relief $ 4.38
  • Carb Balance Wraps $ 4.88
  • Tyson Chicken Patties $ 6.22

Total for all was $51.22 including a $6.00 tip for the delivery driver.

I love buying the frozen mushrooms. That way I can just take a handful out when I need them and not worry about the fresh ones going bad before I can use them. They taste so much better than the canned ones.

The pepper jack and the French style green beans are some of Hubby’s favorites. It is hard to get him to eat veggies so any that he will eat, I will buy.

The chicken patties are for quick lunches once in a while. I make a knock off Chic Fil A with these, some tomato and lettuce, and Chic Fil A sauce. The GV chicken dipping sauce is exactly the same as the Chic Fil A sauce and a lot cheaper. I also make them with grilled chicken breasts( which is the restaurant version) when I have them already cooked. The Chic Fil A is a long drive to get to. I loved when I was in AZ that I could go to one within a mile. I miss that. But I do save money by making our own.

The wraps and turkey burgers are always in my freezer because we love them. We use a lot of black olives in salads and Mexican dishes. The Cool whip is for SF jellos and puddings for desserts.

Hubby asked for the SF Ice Breakers. I am always stocking medicines that we might need because they have been so short in the stores. So when I can get them, I do.

Just a small haul this week but things that were on my list that were cheaper than Top’s.

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Hi Precious, good haul. I will have to look and see if any of my close stores have the sliced mushrooms. That is a good price, the fresh ones have gotten expensive. I never thought to look for them frozen. Thanks for the tip. We don’t have Walmart close by.

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