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Meals Don’t Have To Be Expensive or Time Consuming

This is what we had for dinner last night. Pictured is my taco salad. I did not put tortilla chips on mine but Hubby did.

My salad was a bed of romaine lettuce, a few cut up cucumbers, a tiny bit of red onion, a bit of cut up tomato, and a couple of black olives diced fine. Then I added 3 oz. of taco meat that I cooked in a skillet. Finely, I added just a little bit of Mexican cheese which ended up melting on the warm taco meat. It was so delicious! This is a salad that we have often because we love it.

While I cooked the meat with the taco seasoning, Hubby made the salads. It didn’t take us more than 10- 12 minutes to make this dinner.

I paid $1.69 for the pound of ground beef and we used 6 oz. of it. We have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It cost us just $.32 each for the meat. I made taco seasoning from scratch so that was just maybe $ .10. Now the cost is up to $ .74. I estimated the cost of the little bit of romaine to be $.33, the bit of cucumber in mine(Hubby doesn’t like cucumber in his Mexican salad; I do.) to cost $ .10, a bit of red onion to be about $.05, the few black olives to be about $.08 and the tiny bit of Mexican cheese at about $ .20. Hubby’s tortilla chips were about $.15. So the total for all of this was $ 1.65 or $.825 each.

Ten to twelve minutes to make and well under $2.00 for dinner. We drink water with our meals. Think of this meal the next time you are rushed and don’t know what to make for dinner. Quick and easy and you don’t have to run out to a restaurant instead. That is how you save money to pay off debt, fund your retirement, or save for something that is important to you. 

As I have gotten older, I realize that meals don’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. This dinner was more delicious than a fast food drive through pick up. Actually it was better than some meals that we have had out in restaurants. 

As I have been on my diet, I am realizing that we eat way too much food in our diets. So we are watching our portions which we did to some extent prior to my diet. But now we are serious about it!

The bonus here too is that making simpler meals like this cost less money than a lot of meals that people make. That will cut your grocery bills.

Do you have any simple meals that aren’t expensive that you would like to share?

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Water Savings

Water is expensive. We get a quarterly bill for water and sewer. The sewer charge is based on how much water goes down the drain. So we do whatever we can to save on water.

You all know that I take Navy showers. I also use a bucket to catch the water while it is warming up. I use that water to wash floors, water plants outside, hand wash laundry and any other way I can think of not to waste it. We have a tankless water heater so it takes while to get hot in the bathrooms or even in the kitchen.

When I boil spaghetti or rinse beans on the stove, I use that water inside or outside too.

We don’t just let the water run down the drain while washing dishes either. We do plastic ware and pots and pans by hand so we fill the sink just enough to wash them and same for rinsing them. When we run the dishwasher, we use the quick cycle unless we have really dirty dishes which usually does not happen because we scrape or rinse them.

When we are heating up water for spaghetti or noodles, we use as little water as possible to cover them and boil them.

We had water saving toilets put in when we had this house built. If you don’t have those, fill a 1 liter bottle with water and put it in your toilet tank. It will displace a liter each time and over time you will save a significant amount of water by really doing nothing. Be sure to put it in the part of the tank where it will not interfere with the workings of the toilet. Test your toilet for leaks at least once a year. If you have a leak, get it fixed. If the flapper in your toilet tank doesn’t close properly, replace it. Test by putting some drops of food coloring in your tank. If it ends up in the bowl and you haven’t flushed, you have a leak.

Use low flow faucets and shower heads. They make a big impact on your daily activities.

We always wash a full load in the dishwasher and washing machine. We match the water level to the load in the washing machine if it isn’t a full load.

We have a refrigerator that dispenses filtered water so no waste there. If you don’t, just keep a pitcher of water in the fridge so that you don’t have to let the water run from your faucet every time you need a drink. 

Always turn the water all the way off when you are not using it. Little drips add up to big dollars. If you have a leak, have it repaired immediately.

Don’t water your lawn unless it is parched and you haven’t had any rain in a few days. Water in the morning so the sun doesn’t evaporate it while it is running.  If you have a sprinkler system like we do, adjust the heads to make sure they are watering your lawn and not the road, driveway, or the neighbors’ yards. 

Rinse foods like produce in a pan of water. Then use the water to water plants. Don’t use running water.

Hubby and I use the same glass all day long which cuts back on how many glasses need to be washed. 

Don’t thaw food under running water. Thaw the food in your refrigerator.

If you accidentally drop an ice cube, don’t throw it in the sink. Use it to water some greenery. 

We turn off the water while brushing our teeth and turn it back on to rinse.

Have Hubby plug the sink and put a little water in it to shave. 

Drop your Kleenex in the trash instead of flushing it. 

Monitor your water bills for unusually high use. That is a sign that you have a leak somewhere.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with us what you do to save water. 


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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week.

I cleaned out the refrigerator as I always do before I grocery shop. I do this so that I can incorporate anything that needs to be used up into meals for the week. While doing this, I realized that the limes were getting older. So I washed them and sliced them up, put them in freezer bags, and froze them. I do this with limes and lemons. Then when I need just a few slices for a dish I am making, I just pull them out of the bag. We like the limes on Mexican food and the lemons on fish. I also use them in my ice water that I drink throughout the day.

It was time to make seasoned salt again. I have been using Tawra’s recipe for a long time. It has saved me a lot of money. It uses the ingredients above. 

I put it in a container that matches my other spice containers. All I have to do now is find my labels. Here is the recipe. Up until now I had been using a recyled container. 

I started wrapping my granddaughter’s birthday gifts. It is hard for me to believe she will be 12 soon. I can still vividly see her in the hospital when she was born. Once in a while, I need something at Dollar Tree. When I go there, I always pick up a tube or two of wrapping paper. So all I had to do was go to the bedroom closet where I keep my paper in a wastebasket and grab the birthday paper. That saves me from having to run to the store when I need paper for something. At the beginning of each year, I buy all of the greeting cards I need that year. So I have the card too. 

We got a nice surprise this past week too. It seems that back in 2016, we overpaid our co-pays for prescription drugs at the drugstore. We got a letter from our prescription drug plan refunding us $14.19. That will be going directly to savings. 

We ate all of our meals at home last week. I used the toaster oven and air fryer for some and only used the oven once for the large chicken and veggie sheet pan meal. Now that the heat is off, I am trying to reduce the utility bills as much as I can. We just got our monthly bill which was high for this time of the year.  

We only used the car twice this past week. Once for grocery shopping and some errands and once for Hubby to get a haircut at his barber. 

I cashed in more Fetch points for another $10. Walmart gift card. I love Fetch. 

I had $15. in Kohl’s cash that needed to be used by yesterday. I was not going to be able to use it. So I gave it to my DIL and she got my granddaughter some clothes for the summer using that and some coupons. Priceless! When you know you can’t use something, give it to someone who can so it doesn’t get wasted.

I got an invite to Amazon’s Early Review program and earned a $3.00 gift card for doing a review.

We have had so much rain here that we have not had to turn on the sprinkler system yet. That saves on the cost of water. 

On the few hot days that we have had, we have not turned on the A/C. 

I keep the lights off except at night. We use the daylight to our advantage.

We have a new Goodwill about 3 miles from us near Top’s. When I go to Top’s, I stop in and see if they have anything I need. So far they haven’t but I will continue to look when I am in the area.

Well that is all for the past week. Please feel free to share how you have saved with all of us by leaving a comment. 

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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping and Some Miscellaneous

This past week’s grocery shopping trip was small again. I went to both Top’s and Super Walmart. They are less than a tenth of a mile apart. Pictured is all that I purchased. Eggs are cheap right now so I purchased 2 dozen at $.89 each. I already had 2 and 1/2 dozen in the fridge. The cucumbers were on sale 4 for $5.00. I only needed 3. The hot dog buns were $.87. The 3 lb. package of Sahlen’s hot dogs were on sale for $7.99 with a Top’s coupon. The sea salt refills were $3.83 each. The Sugar Free popsicles were on sale for $2.99. They are a treat for me once in a while. I needed to stock on the sugar Free BBQ sauces. We love these and they go quickly at my Walmart. So the 4 bottles were $ 3.26 each. The 2 Tic Tacs were free after doubled coupon. My total grocery shopping cost me $ 38.08 .

I ate the same breakfast every day this past week with the exception of our family Sunday breakfast. We had regular bacon for that. It was my usual Canadian Bacon and one egg each morning. I skipped lunch every day so that I could fast a little longer between meals. Hubby had either a ham or turkey sandwich every day for lunch. He is a late riser so he does not eat breakfast.

For 3 dinners, I roasted a big pan of chicken thighs and roasted broccoli and cauliflower along side of them. I just coated everything with a drizzle of olive oil and garlic salt. For 2 nights we ate one hot with the veggies. I warmed 2 of them up quickly in our air fryer the second night as to not overcook them. 

The third night, I took the meat off each thigh and put it on salad. I eat mine with a spritz of olive oil and lemon juice and top with some feta cheese. Hubby likes Caesar dressing.

For 2 nights we each ate 2 hot dogs. Hubby had his on rolls. Those hot dogs aren’t really on my diet but I was craving some. So I decided to eat them without rolls. I served tomatoes and cucumbers for a side.

One night I made Apricot Pork Chops in our toaster oven. I followed this Recipe but substituted the pork for chicken. I also used both sugar free BBQ sauce and sugar free apricot preserves. This was so delicious! I made corn on the cob for Hubby and I had brussel sprouts. 

For Memorial Day, we grilled NY strip steak for dinner. After I took the picture I realized that I forgot to put the sauteed mushrooms on top. I also made Caesar salad for Hubby and some apple, cheddar, and walnut salad for me. We had a very nice peaceful day and I hope you did too. 

When I am not fasting, I eat sliced cucumbers, pepper strips, turkey pepperoni and soft cheese for snacks. This way I get extra veggies and protein. Once a week, I eat a snack bag of popcorn with no butter.

My diet may sound boring to some of you but it works for me. It is mainly meat and veggies. I keep my portion of meat to about 3-4 oz. Hubby and I share things like steak. I have now lost 34 pounds so the diet is working. When I get down to the weight that I want to be, I will never go up again. If I gain a couple of lbs. I will go back on the diet for a couple of days.

I have to share with you my clothes shopping adventures. My clothes were hanging off of me so I had to finally break down and buy some. I had lost three sizes. I could only find one pair of jeans that fit me properly and two tops that I liked. So I ordered two more online along with three more tops.  I purchased some new underwear but also special ordered two more bras. Well, the bras are going to be another 2 weeks or so before they come in. But I am managing with 3. The online clothing was ordered on May 18th and I still haven’t seen it. I got an e-mail informing me that it was stuck in Texas due to the tornadoes and weather across the country. I had no update until this morning and it looks like the order hit my town early this morning. I have no idea as to when I will see that package. It could be today or tomorrow or later. I am hoping for today. I am also hoping not to have to buy anything else until I get down to my proper weight. Then I will buy an entire new wardrobe at the outlets.

It has been a problem working with only 1 pair of jeans and 2 tops that fit. I only wear them in public and hang them up the minute I get home. When I am at home, I resort back to my really baggy clothing. UGH! 

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question which I will try to answer in a timely manner.

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I Was Just Thinking………………

I was just thinking how nice it is to have no debt. Sure we use our credit cards so that we can earn rewards points and cash back. But those credit card balances get paid in full every month. It is so nice to be stress free and not have to worry about money.

What brought this to mind this weekend is that a friend was telling me how they will always be in debt and never get it paid off. She told me that we are very lucky to have no debt. Comments like that get my dander up.

Luck had nothing to do with it. It was a lot of hard work to get where we are today. It was years of careful spending and not spending beyond our means. We didn’t buy a lot of stuff that “The Jones” thought was necessary to buy all of the time.

We were careful with our money because we knew we wanted to retire earlier than 65. My Hubby’s parents died at young ages and never really got to enjoy a retirement. Hubby wanted a few years in retirement. We will be retired 18 years in August. Amazing how quickly that has flown by.

You too can have a good retirement if you plan properly and pay off your mortgage, pay off your credit card debt, and pay cash for your cars.

Many seniors are living pretty well in retirement on just social security because they paid off all of their debt before they retired. I can’t stress that enough. 

After you pay off that debt, plan for emergencies instead of charging things. Things will break and have to be repaired. Cars don’t last forever. Homes need repairs and taxes are always an expense as long as you own a home.

I don’t think that people think about the real cost of credit card debt. They go out to dinner and spend $50. and put that and another $10. for the tip on their card. Then they don’t pay it in full when the bill comes due. They repeat it over and over again whether it be dinner out or clothing, or anything else that they want. They are paying exorbitant interest rates. They don’t thing about the true cost of that dinner that they didn’t pay in full or all of the other things they charge. That dinner didn’t really cost them $60. It costs them the interest on it until they actually pay it off. That can take months if you are only paying minimum payments. That dinner ends up costing them a small fortune.

Mortgage interest rates are a lot cheaper so that is the last thing you should pay off. Pay the credit cards and the car loan and when those are done, pay extra every month on the principal of your mortgage loan. It is truly amazing how many thousands of dollars in interest you can save by paying it off years early.

When you have the car loan paid off, start saving that same payment in an investment vehicle so that when you need a car again, you have the cash.

All of this is not rocket science people. It is pretty straight forward. Do you have to sacrifice? Yes, if you truly want to get rid of your debt! But a lot of people I believe do not want to do the hard work to get rid of it. They don’t want to cut expenses or make more income to do it.  

I have actually had people tell me that they deserve to go out to dinner a few times a week, go to the movies or concerts or whatever else they pay to do, because they worked hard. No one deserves anything that they can’t pay cash for. If you are spending your paychecks before you get them, you are headed for trouble in the long run. And some day it will catch up with you.

This may sound harsh to you but sometimes people need a reminder about how they are ruining their lives.

Since I have been blogging(over 12 years) I have had many people write me to say they just paid off their homes and it was the last debt they had. They cannot believe how freeing it is to own everything and not owe the bank. We had one reader who has become a good friend pay off hers recently. I was so proud of her and her husband and so happy for them.

There is another reader who has paid off “a ton of debt” and is now working on paying off their home. I love watching her progress. They will get there sooner than they think.

We are coming up on the month of June. By the end of that month, half the year will be gone. How many of you made resolutions to pay off your debt and haven’t been actively working on it? It is never to late to start. Start right away. Cut those expenses and put the money you save on your debt each month.

I would love for all of you to be debt free. That is one of the reasons that I have blogged for over 12 years. If I can help just one person, all of the time that I have spent blogging is worth it.  

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Are You Going To Spend A Lot Of Money This Holiday Weekend?

Are you going away for the weekend? Are you planning on blowing a wad of money?

We are not planning on doing that. There are so many free things that we can do. A number of close by cities(20-30 minute drive) are having Memorial Day parades. They are free to watch.

We could go up to Olcott on Lake Ontario to the park and have a picnic lunch that we would make. Or we could go to Canalside(which we love)  in downtown Buffalo and just enjoy Lake Erie while sitting on a bench. That is all free. Since we have an almost full tank of gasoline, we won’t even have to buy that to go.

There are so many other free things that we could do in the area too. Just google your hometown or home city weekend schedules and I am sure you could find some free things too. You don’t always have to spend money to have a great time. 

We will also make a trip today to our public library and take out a few movies to watch one of the days this weekend and a couple of good books to read next week. Most likely movie day will be Saturday since it is supposed to rain. 

I also hope that my son and West will come for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. I make that with food we already have in our stockpile. 

But the best thing that brings back memories from so many Memorial Day weekends is having a cookout. Hubby will grill some strip steaks and I will roast some veggies. We will enjoy our dinner and then depending on the weather, we may have our first fire of the season in our outdoor fireplace.

So it will be a fun and no spend weekend for us! How about you? 

I hope all of you have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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Saving While Doing Laundry

Laundry is something that we do over and over again. Why not do your best to save dollars where you can.

I have an HE washer and dryer. Let’s talk about the washer first. How many of you wash your clothes in hot or warm water? Hubby and I don’t get very dirty. I wash almost all of our clothes in cold water and rinse in cold water. The only time I use warm or hot is if one of us has a bad cold or virus or we have been playing in the mud. If you have jobs where you get very dirty then I could see using more than cold water. But for us, cold works! I also would not wash cloth diapers with cold water. I read somewhere once that using hot water instead of cold all year is like leaving your refrigerator door open 24 hours a day for a year. That has always stuck with me.

The second thing I do is use the Express Cycle for 90% of our wash loads. It takes less energy than a regular wash cycle because it takes less time and it uses less water. Since we pay a hefty price for both electricity and water that makes a big difference over a year’s time.

The third thing is to always use the extra high spin cycle on the washer to get as much water out of your clothes as possible. So when you use your dryer, they take less time to dry. 

The fourth thing is that I never use a second rinse. One is enough when using the Eco Ball or when using soap. I never overdo the soap. I had an appliance repair man tell me that people use way too much soap when they follow the laundry soap directions. Manufacturers of soap want you to use more so you have to buy more. He told me to never use more than 3 tablespoons. Too much soap is not good for the machine. Since our washing machine and dryer were purchased second hand from relatives who I knew took good care of them, our machines are getting old and are still going without having to be repaired. We have used them ourselves for over 9 years. I believe they were 5 years old when we bought them. We take good care of them and have even vacuumed the dust out from around the motors.

The other thing we do to save both electricity and water is wear our clothes more than once. Jeans do not have to be washed very day. Assess your clothing each day when you are getting ready for bed and decide if you can wear it again. If so hang it up; don’t just pile it in a chair or drop it on the floor.

You also do not have to take a clean towel every time you take a shower. Think about it people. You just cleaned your body with soap and you are drying it with a clean towel. You can use that towel more than once. Hang it up and let it dry until the next time you need it. Teach your children to hang it up after their showers. They should not be dropping them in a heap on the floor. The only towels that we replace at the end of a day are dish and hand towels in the kitchen which I do every night. However, I save the dirty ones until I can add them to a less than full load. I don’t wash them every night.
If you can’t buy laundry detergent cheaply or almost free, use an ECO egg to wash your clothing or make your own detergent. There are tons of recipes online for making your own detergent. I have an ECO egg and I love it. I pre-treat any stains and that and the ECO egg gets them out. Do I ever use detergent? Yes, when I have purchased it for just pennies after coupons and Ibotta or Checkout 51. I have a supply in the basement that I am working to get rid of right now. Then unless it is free or a money maker, I will only use my ECO egg. I also make my own detergent for hand washing any delicates. 

When I see a rock bottom sale on stain removers, I will buy as many as I have coupons for and stockpile them. That way I do not have to ever pay full price. 

Now let’s talk about drying your clothes. The best way to save money on that is to not use your dryer. Hang up your washed clothes on a clothesline, on a drying rack, or on hangers hung on your shower rod.

Do I always hang clothes to dry? Not always. So when I use my dryer, I try to use it economically.

First, I always clean the lint filter after every load. I also use 6 wool balls in my dryer which help my clothes dry faster. These are the ones I have:Dryer Balls

Second, I use the best drying cycle for the load I am washing. I use the Express Cycle for most loads. For things like blankets or heavier items, I use the timed cycles so that I don’t over dry them. 

Third, I always fold them or hang them the minute the dryer signals to me that they are done. I never have to go back and dry them again for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out. I don’t use my dryer as an iron. Our iron takes much less electricity.

Would I buy an HE washer and dryer again? Absolutely! But I would look at the energy saving top washers too to see which is the best savings.

Please feel free to leave a comment or tell us how you save money when you do your laundry.  

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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are our frugal things this past week:

– My treadmill did not survive a move from one room to another very well. I have an elevation error and another error. So rather than try to find someone to come out to fix it, I have been watching You Tube repair videos. I am learning a lot. I think we can fix the problem ourselves and I will be working on it this week.  

– I used my crock pot for most of our meals that I cooked this past week. Other meals were not cooked like salads. Anytime I can save on natural gas and electric I will.

– Finally, we were able to turn off the heat on Saturday. Sunday was humid and 86. Most of my neighbors turned on the A/C. We just kept the windows closed and it stayed quite comfortable all day. It has been cold some nights but 2 blankets on the bed keep us warm.

– I received a $3.00 rebate in the mail. I save the little checks until I get a stack of them and then make a trip to the bank to deposit them when I get our cash for the month.

– Hubby did his weed whacking himself. This is saving us extra money that we don’t have to pay the landscape people we hired. We were able to cut the amount of time that we needed them each month this year.

– I ordered  a set of headphones for Hubby that are wireless bone conduction headphones. You can use them if you have a hearing aid which Hubby does. He has always loved his music and it has been hard for him to hear it. These work beautifully and Hubby is so enjoying his music again. I purchased them for about $97. when they were a special. They are here.
This was priceless to us. 

– We cleaned the garage on Saturday. It had so much salt on the floor from the winter. Hubby was able to get it up with a scraper and then he washed the entire floor with the hose. We swept all of the water out so it dried pretty quickly. I did not see one live bug while we were doing it so having the pest control service is working for us. 

– We did not eat out this week.

– My cherry tree had beautiful blossoms this year and it looks like we will have tons of cherries again. Now we just have to get to them before the birds do. I freeze them to use for baking over the winter. 

– I hung most of the laundry this past week. I bought new underwear at a specialty shop. They told me it will last a lot longer if I hand wash it and hang it to dry. So I am taking their suggestion.

– I took the electric blanket off of our bed. So I needed to dig out the blankets that were stored for the winter. We have a California king size bed and the blankets are huge. But rather than take them to the dry cleaner, I washed them myself doing one at a time. 

– I only ran errands once. We had a return to make via UPS so I took the package there. I also picked up Hubby’s scripts at the drug store and returned a bag of bottles to Fast Cash while I was out. I am enjoying not running around more than once a week and it is saving us gasoline. 

– We have been watching the college softball playoffs for entertainment. 

That is all for this week. Please feel free to comment and tell us what you did frugally this past week so that we may all learn from you too.

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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping

I only grocery shopped once this week. That shop is pictured above. I purchased three dozen eggs at $ .89 each, vidalia onions at $.69 a lb., 2 jars of olives, some shaved Parmesan cheese, and 5 packages of turkey pepperoni. I spent $ 20.86.

We go through eggs like crazy. They get used mostly for breakfasts but I do hard boil some for snacks and to put on salads. The pepperoni is for snacking. Hubby has decided he no longer likes Parmesan cheese in a shaker like Kraft makes. So he is trying this shaved Parmesan. I wanted a block to grate myself but my store had none. The onions and olives were needed since we are almost out. I don’t like green olives but Hubby loves them.

Now for what we ate this week.  Almost every breakfast was either eggs with Canadian bacon or turkey bacon. I added a 1/2 of avocado to most breakfasts. Sunday’s family breakfast, I cooked turkey bacon for me and regular bacon for Hubby, my son and West. I also served the Cranberry orange bread that I made for the boys. I make eggs over easy or scrambled depending on who wants what. 

I made mashed cauliflower and shaved beef for a couple of lunches this past week. I am trying to use up an old package of Steak Umms that was in the freezer. Other lunches were salads with lots of veggies and sometimes a sliced hard boiled egg on top. I only use a little olive oil or lemon juice on my salads. Hubby usually make himself a sandwich -cold cuts, egg salad or tuna.

Dinners were simple. When I am dieting, I find that simple is better. So we eat a lot of the same meals a few days in a row. I made a huge crock pot full of homemade spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage. We ate that 3 nights in a row. Half of the sauce I froze for future meals. Hubby has his on spaghetti with some Italian sausage and I have mine on zucchini noodles with no sausage.

One night, Hubby made Chef’s salads and two nights we had salads without meat or cheese. The last night of the week, Hubby grilled NY Strip steaks outside. I sauteed some crimini mushrooms to go on top. We had eaten large salads for lunch that day so the steak was all we ate for dinner. 

We are getting plenty of salads and veggies every week so I didn’t mind going without a very large meal on steak night. Many snacks are things like celery stuffed with soft cheese, turkey pepperoni, pepper strips, sliced cucumbers, etc. so I know that I am getting enough veggies each week.

We had such a busy week that I was not able nor did I remember to take a lot of pictures. I promise more next week since we have a very easy week for the first time in a very long time.   

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Weekly Schedule

I finally have worked out my weekly schedule for blog posts. It will be as follows:

Monday: Miscellaneous 

Tuesday: What we ate the prior week and any grocery shopping the same week

Wednesday: Frugal Things The Past Week

Thursday: Saving on Utilities

Friday: Savings on Other Items

We finally got some nice 80+ weather this weekend, so we turned off the heat. We do not have the A/C on yet. I would love a month without it.

Today has been a quiet day at home doing a myriad of tasks and some online shopping.

If you have any suggestions or questions for any of these categories, please feel free to leave them in comments and I will try to answer them on the appropriate days.