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Grocery Haul and Saving Money

I went to Top’s this week using a 3 day sale coupon. I got Italian bread that was on sale for $ 2.00 and then used a $ 2.00 off Monopoly Q to get it free. I got Porterhouse steaks on sale for $10.99 a lb. and used a $ 2.00 off Monopoly Q for a total cost of $ 42.07. There were 3 steaks in the package totaling 4.01 lbs. The shrimp was pricey but I needed it for a dinner I am making in a few weeks. It was on sale for $ 12.99 and I used a digital coupon for $ .40 off so it cost me $ 12.59. The total for all was $54.66 minus a 3 day sale Q of $5.00 off a $50. purchase for a total of $49.66.

The mayonnaise you just see in the corner of the picture was not bought on this trip. I just took it from my storage to put in the fridge when Hubby empties the jar that has just a little bit in it.

Then I went to Dollar Tree to get 6 qts. of shelf stable milk. We seem to be going through a lot of it between baking, making scrambled eggs, and making puddings for snacks and desserts. Some does get used for cereal once in a while too. These were $ 1.25 each totaling $ 7.50. I really like the whole milk but they had none. The 2% is just fine for what I need it for.

We continue to cut as many costs as we can around here. I started washing my own windows on the inside and one door on both sides and cleaning the blinds in the breakfast room. I have to be really careful because the windows are very tall so I have to climb on a ladder. I am using glass cleaner and microfiber cloths. I did not want to pay to hire someone to do it because it is so expensive. Hubby will pressure wash the outsides when I am done. I will take the screens out and clean them also. In the same room, I cleaned all of the walls and the door. We have a cathedral ceiling in there so that was not easy either. I could not reach our ceiling fan even on a small ladder. So Hubby cleaned that light and all of the fan blades. Onto another room tomorrow.

Hubby has been trimming bushes and weeding. We hired the landscape company to do the spring cleanup and some plantings. But Hubby is hoping to keep up with the maintenance throughout the year. That will save us a fortune. If it gets to be too much, then we will just hire them again.

Our cherries will be ripe in about 2 weeks. We will pick what we can reach and leave the ones at the top for the birds. They love them.

I did our net worth statement yesterday because I do it a few times a year. We are getting very close to our goals.We are so happy about that.

Besides the things we do every day like cook from home, do wash in cold water, cook outside on the grill or in the small oven, etc., that is about it for this week.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Hi Precious, good shopping. I had forgotten that you said Dollar Tree had the shelf stable milk. I will have to check and see if ours has this the next time I am in there. After Covid, I try to keep a few of these for just in case.

I did my usual grocery shopping on Thursday, but the best part was we had older granddaughter that day and she came with me. 🙂 We had a great time. I was showing her how to pick different kinds of produce, how to check for broken eggs, and other things like always checking the clearance area. I let her pick some marked down donut holes there. Whole chickens were on sale and I am looking forward to hubby cooking them on the smoker this weekend.

The other news is that I called our homeowners insurance on Friday. We had a hail storm this spring that we didn’t think was so bad, but many of the homes near to us are getting new roofs. So they are going to send someone out to check ours. Daughter lives close by, so she may do the same, depending what we find out. We had a roof claim at our other house, but the storm was worse then.

Hi Chris,

Thanks. We love that milk. We don’t use enough to buy fresh before it goes bad.

I am glad that you and your granddaughter has such a fun shopping trip. Those lessons for her will be valuable some day.

I am so sorry that you have possible roof damage. Hail is nasty but we have never had a any roof damage from it.

Sorry to hear you may have roof damage, Chris. We had a roof replace last fall due to the high winds we get, plus it was 20 years old.
Good deals last week were
2lb shredded cheese -5.99 x5
Kroger salad dressing – 1.49 x 5
64oz Coffeemate Creamer – 4.99 x 3

Weekend was quiet and semi productive..still haven’t cleaned the windows. But we worked 8-12 on Saturday then I needed a nap. 🙂

Have a great week! Cant believe its already June

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