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What I Did To Save Money The Past Few Days

On Monday we had a high of 71 and on Tuesday we had a high of 73. As soon as the sun came up, I had the shades and blinds up on the sunny windows to warm it up in here. We followed the sun around the house all day each day.

I took our car yesterday to the car wash while I was out running errands. It was filthy from the road dirt and salt from the snowstorm last week. It was a perfect day to do it. Our car wash gives out coupons each time you get the car washed. They never expire. I now have collected 5 of them so my next car wash will be free.

I tried an experiment on Monday morning. I use reusable cups in my Keurig. I added some more grounds to the first cup pod and brewed a second cup. The second cup was perfect. I will be doing this all the time now. I used to do this when I made pots of coffee. Why I never thought to do this with the pods I don’t know.

On Monday I took my navy shower. While the water was warming up, I caught that water in a pail. I used it to wash the bathroom floors.

I ran a lot of errands yesterday in a circle. I started with a doctor’s appointment and some testing in the next town where I got really good news. The doctor also gave me a sample of the drug I take. That sample will last me 30 days. Then I went to the bank to deposit some checks. Next I went to Niagara Produce and purchased about 3 lbs. of fresh asparagus for $ .99 a lb. and 2 boxes of canning lids for $ 5.29 each. These are getting very hard to find so I pick them up when I see them. I also purchased a large value pack of fresh chicken tenders for $ 1.99 a lb. I will be doing them up for the freezer with the food saver today. I got 2 lbs. of strawberries for $5.00, 3 pints of blueberries for $ .99 each, 5 lbs. of carrots for $ 3.69, and a 10 lb. bag of onions for $ 4.99.

Next I went to the drug store to pick up a prescription for Hubby and then to Top’s for some loss leader items. They were out of stock on all them and it was senior citizens discount day. I was shocked at how empty the store was. Since I was there and could get the discount I picked up some hot dogs that were on sale but not by much because we are low on them.

My last stop was because of exhaustion. I was out of the house all day and I forgot to thaw something. I stopped at Subway and got two 12 inch subs with a coupon for $ 12.99 and $1.04 tax. I said to the person making them, do you have a way to put the dressings on the side? She said yes and I was thrilled because it was 3pm when I was getting them and we would not eat until 5pm. I never knew they could do this. I did not want them soggy plus I knew that Hubby and I would only eat 1/2 of each of them so we now have dinner for tonight too.

Today I will be dicing up some gallon bags of onions along with cutting up some apples in the refrigerator that are getting old. I will bag up some of the blueberries and strawberries and all of these things will go in the freezer. Waste not, want not!

Most of the day will be spent reorganizing my pantries and updating my inventories.

What have you done to save money?

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Hi Precious. You were busy! This week has gone pretty well here so far. Yesterday we had Hubby’s Dr appt and the news was better than we had thought it would be. One of our neighbors texted that they were going to have a little impromptu ice cream birthday party for their son and invited us and the girls. So we ended up going to get them so they could be with their friends on our street. I had gotten the little boy a gift awhile back, so wrapped and took it with us. I just feel so blessed that we are included with the going’s on of the young families here. And that our granddaughters are part of the gang too.

This morning hubby and I went to Kroger to check out the Easter candy sale and get the Reester bunnies our kids and grandkids like. They were 3.01 this year, vs 2.67 last year. The inflation is definitely hitting the chocolate aisle like I had been reading recently. We didn’t buy as much candy as we did last year, but spent about the same.

Tonight I am making some turkey noodle soup out of the turkey carcass I had recently from the turkey breast. Looking forward to it, the weather is colder and grayer today.

Hi Chris,

That was so nice of your neighbor! The girls are lucky to have so many friends in your area.

Wow! That is quite an increase but I am glad that you were able to get it. I doubt I will buy any candy this year unless it is 50% off and only for the grandchildren.

I bet that turkey noodle soup was yummy! It is colder here too but the sun is out today.

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