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My Weekly Grocery Haul and Upcoming Posts

Yesterday, I went out and did my weekly grocery shopping. I needed the berries and the avocados which I purchased at Aldi. The berries were $1.99 and the avocados were $ 2.69. The avocados will be eaten with my eggs for breakfast. The berries will be put in sugar free jello for dessert.

My best deal was at Top’s. They had sirloin tip roasts for $ 4.99 a lb. The larger one will be cut up into stew meat which will give us 8 meals. The smaller one will be ground into hamburger with my Kitchen Aid mixer grinder attachment. That will give us 5 meals. I paid $ 11.03 and $ 19.41 for the roasts.

The bacon cost me $4.99 and will be used for a Sunday breakfast when my family comes. The tuna was on sale for 3 cans for $ 5.00. I bought 6 cans.

My total was $ 50.11.

While I was out I filled our SUV up at the Top’s station using $.30 off a gallon in Top’s points. I paid $ 3.40 a gallon after the points. The per gallon price was cheaper after the points than my cash station.

I also finished my Christmas shopping. It feels good to have that done.

This week we have no appointments which is amazing. So I plan on doing some laundry, cleaning, and a lot of work on my finances and budgeting for the 2023 year. I hope you all are working on your budgeting for next year also. Posts on what we are doing will be coming up in December. It has been a rough year for all of us with inflation. I want to save as much money as possible next year and stop giving it to these large businesses who are making ridiculous profits. They are getting rich while the rest of us are getting poor. We are experiencing the largest transfer of wealth that I have ever seen. We can’t do a lot about what they and our government are doing but we can tighten up our households and hang onto some money.

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Hi Precious. Good shopping. I like how you cut up/ground the meat you bought to stretch it. I don’t have a Kitchen Aid, but wonder if I could find something else to use. We still have quite a bit of hamburger from the 1/4 cow we bought earlier in the year so I have time to research.

We are done except to finish Hubby’s parents for our Christmas shopping. Daughter wanted us to get the girls a new play kitchen that Hubby will have to put together. It came yesterday.

We have started talking about next year’s budget. It should be the last one before Hubby retires. We will continue the savings we are doing. I saw recently that the Roth IRA limits are going up, so we are considering the extra $1000 we could put in them. We also talked about what to do if he gets an end of the year bonus like he has. One of the local banks is offering a 14 mo CD for 4% so we are considering this. We had re-done our sinking funds earlier this year, and will re-visit next year b/c the county is doing reassessments so I am guessing our property taxes will go up. I will be interested to hear your thoughts and what you and your hubby plan to do with your budget.

Hi Precious. While I am writing this, we are getting a fill-up of propane. It cost $3.09 last year per gallon and this year, our distributor of 21 years is charging us still $3.09 a gallon. Praise the Lord. I could kiss him on the lips. BUT, and there is always that BUT, we have to pay him in full within 15 days. UGH!! That means NO more spending for the rest of the month. We’ll have to eat out of our stockpile for the rest of the month.
That’s a fantastic price you got on gas. We had to cancel our Florida plans with the RV because towing and the price of gas has made it impossible to travel (with the RV). We’re staying at my sister’s home instead. She has an attached apartment that we can use. I’ll have to pay for our electricity usage and anything else but so worth it!!
We have a Shop Rite near us, so I watch their flyers for sales. The discounts seem to always be the same, six weeks apart. They sell that tuna for $1 a can, must buy 10 cans, each type (oil or water) so we get 20 cans (10 of each). Hubby has tuna salad sandwiches once per week. Also, Aldi was selling low sodium bacon, 16 oz size for only $3.99. I picked up six of them.
Every little bit helps.

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