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A Small Grocery Haul

I ran a few errands this morning one of which was stopping at Top’s. They had a few good deals that I wanted to take advantage of.

We like these Knorr sides especially when we have had a busy day. They were 8 for $ 10.00 which is only $.80 each. When you bought 8, you got the rotisserie chicken for free. I checked the price at Walmart for the Knorr sides and they were $ 1.12 each and no chicken. This was one of the biggest chickens that I have ever seen at my Top’s. I was surprised because they are usually very small. We will be having some of this for dinner since I have had a very tiring day. If I have to go out for any other reason this week, I may do this deal again.

I purchased 4 Cabot cheeses for $10.00 and 2 Crowley cottage cheese for $3.00 each. This deal also gave me 200 free gasoline points or $ .20 off a gallon.

The blueberries were $ 1.99 using a Super coupon. Tillamook Ice Cream was on sale for B1G1F. I bought 4 at a cost of $15.98 for all. This will be our stash for when the grandchildren visit this summer.

It was Senior 6% off Discount Day which gave me $ 2.73 off my order. My order total was $ 42.82.

I have another cost cutting post that I am working on for tomorrow. For the first time ever I am going to tell you what goal I am working on and how much I have left to save to reach it. It is a hefty amount but we can do it! Because of this, you will be seeing many cost cutting posts.

Did you get any good good deals this week?

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Good deals, Precious. We went to Meijer on Monday b/c they have a new kiosk for the BMV to get our car registration/sticker. It was so much more convenient than waiting in line, even though we could only get a 1 year sticker. They were out of the 2 year ones.

While we were there we had a few things we wanted to buy. They were having a really good produce sale on raspberries for .99/lb. Also peaches for the same price. We also got some celery for tuna salad, mushrooms and hubby wanted a big bag of vidalia onions for 4.19. We also got some yogurt and went to the summer toys section to get a big jar of bubbles and a container of sidewalk chalk for the girls. We were getting low on both of these since all the little kids on our street play with them. We spent $50 and I took out less cash to do my Kroger shopping tomorrow. Their ad is not great, so I should be able to stay in budget.

Hi Chris,

That is a handy way to get your registration. Sorry you couldn’t get the 2 year. We do ours online every 2 years.

Great prices on all the fruit. I was hoping that peaches would come down in price this year. I spent a fortune canning them and making freezer jam last year but Hubby loves them.

You did well with that $50.

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