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I’ve Been Really Busy

These past few days I have been very busy trying to take inventory and fill in the gaps in the pantry. So that is what I have been up to. I had a few appointments and then didn’t get out much later in the week because of the snowstorm.

I spent a total of $172.00 on all of this but it is all things that will eventually get used up. So it will never be a waste of money. It is just a matter of spending money now rather than later. This was all done after my regular grocery shopping had been done last week.

Preparation is key! The inventory took a long time but I wanted it to be very accurate.

Other than this project, there is really nothing new or that moves me to write.

Many of our stores’ shelves have been stripped of certain items. The only thing I could not get was tall kitchen garbage bags so I ordered them online.  

Are you guys stocking your supplies?

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Grocery Shopping This Week

We are still working on the garage slowly but surely. I went to Valu Home Center yesterday to pick up 4 packs of LED 75W and 60W bulbs. One of the bulbs in our garage burnt out and with the dreary weather, it was making it hard to see out there. We also needed to replace one in the kitchen. Yes, they are all under warranty but it takes a while to get replacements. However, I will be calling the manufacturers today.

I hope all of you are having a good week. It is nice that Fall is finally here in the Northeast. The tree leaves are changing and it is so pretty. 

I did just a small shopping trip this week. We have built up quite a stockpile so didn’t need much. This is what I got at Top’s:

4 pkgs. of Mama Lucia Italian Meatballs – $ 2.99 each after $1.00 off Q’s

2 dozen medium eggs – $ .69 each

Total was $ 13.34. Hubby took back a bag of soda cans to Fash Cash and got $ 3.60 back in deposits which went right back into my grocery budget. 

I almost always make homemade meatballs. But I couldn’t resist the price on these meatballs. We have had Mama Lucia’s before and they are very good. The bags were 26 oz. each. Considering the cost to actually make homemade, these were a no brainer. They work out to $ 1.84 per pound and include all of the spices. But the best part is they will stock me for the winter and I can use our stockpile of organic ground beef for hamburgers, chili, meatloaf, etc. 

We go through eggs like water. I eat two every morning and Hubby loves egg salad for lunch. Between those things and cooking eggs almost every Sunday for our family, I can never have to many eggs. I like to keep about 3-4 dozen in the refrigerator at all times.

I promise I will be back with my frugal things post tomorrow.

Did you get any great deals this week? Feel free to comment and tell us all about it.

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What’s Going On At American Dreamer’s Home?

We have been very busy this month. I have been doing a bit of purging and fall cleaning. So far I have purged and organized my kitchen towels and dishcloths. They are located in a drawer just to the right of my sink.

I also keep my very long handled scrub brushes in that drawer so that Hubby can reach them easily when he is doing dishes, scrubbing potatoes. etc.

I purged my microfiber cloths and organized them. They are in the drawer under the kitchen towel drawer. Various cloths for various jobs.

I have also purged a utensil drawer, our nightstands, our bed linens, our board games and DVD’s, our bathroom vanities, and my spice cabinet which is right next to my stove. 

But the biggest thing going on around here is that our garage floor is being repaired, cleaned, and painted with an epoxy paint. We have contractors here for at least three days.

They spent one day grinding down all of the rough edges, cleaning the floor, and repairing the concrete with more concrete in the places that needed it. That had to cure overnight. The floor is only 9 and 1/2 years old but is chipping in spots. We believe it is because the builder’s contractor poured the floor in January and it froze before it cured. Not much we can do about that but have this work done. This is what it looked like the first day when they were done. 

I will have more pictures as we get to the finish line.  

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A Quick Question

I know I already did my normal Tuesday post today but I have a quick question. I want to know what you think.

Remember Zaycon and how so many of us got burnt by them? Well all of a sudden a group called Farm Fresh LLC has popped up everywhere. I see it on facebook, in ads, etc. Now they are e-mailing me at an address that I don’t give out for most things. They actually called me by name. All I can think is they are Zaycon under a different name and have moved to a different state and that is why they have my info. I can find no website for them nor anything about who they are.

They sell fresh fruit, fresh meat and fresh seafood. You pay in advance and they tell you when they will deliver but no info for a week.

After Zaycon, I am very leery to ever order any food but locally again.

My concern is that these are some of the people who worked for Zaycon just doing it again. What do you think? Does anyone know who these people are? Have any of you gotten e-mails to buy from them and if you have did you order through Zaycon?

Here is the address they show they are at:

Fresh Farms
2601 S. Minnesota Ave, Suite 105-184
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Missing In Action

I was just released from the hospital after being admitted earlier in the week. It’s been a rough year. So that is why my posts have been missing. I will catch up on comments next week.

I will be absent from here until after Easter. I hope all of you and your families have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

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Planning For Easter

I love Easter, not only because of the Resurrection but because I love having family and watching the grandchildren enjoy their Easter baskets. It also makes me believe that Spring may finally stick around. Unfortunately, my family in Eastern NY will not be able to come this year. So I have already sent my granddaughter’s gift.

However my son, DIL, and West will be joining us. I was going to cook a turkey dinner but Hubby wants leg of lamb. He loves Australian lamb and you can only find it on sale at this time of the year. Instead of paying $ 9.99 a lb, I found it on sale this week for $ 6.49 a lb. I bought 2 boneless legs of lamb. The semi- boneless are on sale for $1.00 less per lb. However, I felt that it was worth paying that $1.00 per lb to get boneless. 

I purchased a 6.98 lb. one for Easter dinner. The other one which I will save in the freezer for a few months was 5.73 lbs. The larger one will feed 5 of us and give me leftovers for the week.

I have a special recipe that I will share with you on how I cook it. I have made this almost every Easter since we got married.

1 boneless leg of lamb( or you can use one with a bone)

Olive Oil

2 Tsps. Salt

3 Tsps. of Oregano

1 Tsp. Pepper

2 Minced Garlic Clove

2 cans of Beef Consomme

16. oz of Tomato Sauce

Brush the lamb with olive oil and put in a roasting pan. Sprinkle with salt, oregano and pepper. Add the garlic, consomme and tomato sauce to the pan. Cover the pan with aluminum foil. Roast in the oven for about 2 and 1/2 hours at 325. I use a meat thermometer to tell me when it is done. We like it medium rare between 130 & 140. if you like it rare then roast it for less time or more for well done. Then thicken the stock for gravy. 

This is so incredibly delicious that Hubby wants me to cook it today. But he is just going to have to wait until Easter.

I will serve this with rice with the gravy on top. We will also have broccoli and a tossed salad. I am hoping to make a bunny cake for West. I used to make one when my kids were little. So if I can find the recipe, West will get one. 

I had a list when I grocery shopped this morning but I ended up buying more than what was on the list. I actually spent $143.97. When I see a good deal on meat that I didn’t have on my list, then I stock. Especially with beef prices going to rise quickly because of the floods. 

So I purchased 2 Porterhouse Steaks at $ 5.99 a lb.
They will get grilled soon. I also saw Eye Round Roasts on sale at $4.69 a lb. so I got 2 (This price has already risen.) Top’s also had boneless chicken breasts at $ 1.69 a lb. But my inventory tells me that I have over 75 lbs. of chicken in the freezer. So I skipped it.

The rest of my order was some more Lay’s chips for Hubby to have with dip while watching the game tonight. I also got some very expensive Delicious Apples because Hubby wanted them to add them into his coleslaw mix. We were down to 2 SF Jello and I eat this for a dessert or snack sometimes so I got a bunch. I got mushrooms to go with the steak and a cucumber for salads.

I had $ 479.54 left in my grocery budget before today’s shop. I now have $ 335.57. I will not be doing shopping for quite a while unless I see a great meat deal. 

I have never been one to know how much money I have in the grocery budget and go spend it all each month. I try to have money leftover to roll so that when I see meat deals like I did today, I can buy a few to put in my freezer and use at a later time. The one thing I hate is having to buy something at full price. So I try to avoid that although it has happened when I really need something for a recipe.

Today has been busy. Hubby spent some time with a pest control company representative deciding whether to hire them or not. They will set traps for the voles that are digging up our lawn, get rid of bee’s nests, and ants and any other pest that we get like spiders. I hate wolf spiders. The rep just came back and while he was gone we did some research. So we hired them for the season.

Because it snowed one more time since our last car wash, I used those coupons to get a free car wash again today. Now all of the salt should be off it until next winter. I also tanked the car up again getting $.60 off a gallon using supermarket points. 

Have you planned for Easter yet? Feel free to leave a comment and share your plans with all of us.

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A Day In The Life

After getting up really early and getting that one cup of coffee and an egg for breakfast, I got ready to go to the dentist for an 8AM appointment. I just loved dealing with rush hour traffic especially when it had been snowing since Saturday night. Another expensive trip($330.) for cleaning and X rays but the good news is that I had no cavities.

Next it was a trip to the bank to get cash out for April’s groceries and eating out. After tracking spending on healthy food last month, I decided to get $500. for the month. My trial run in March was $800. which got us some items that will last more than a month or two plus let Hubby buy some goodies for himself. I had $ 77.90 left from March to roll into April. So after doing my withdrawal, I had a running balance of $577.90. I will be taking any monies that are left each month and just rolling it into the next month. That way I can build up a balance so that if I find a great meat sale, I can stock.

It will also allow me to build up some monies for a nice dinner out. We are cooking all of our meals right now but I am sure after a month or so, we will want to go out. I have looked at most of the menus for the restaurants we frequent and I believe it will be pretty easy for me to stay on South Beach while eating out. 

Easter has been on my mind since family is coming for dinner. I have a spiral sliced ham and a large turkey in my freezer that I purchased at rock bottom during the holidays in 2018. However, Hubby wants a leg of lamb. Lamb usually goes on sale closer to Easter. I will be keeping my eyes open for that perfect sale price. If it is really good, then I will buy one for Easter and a spare for the Fall.

But I did start getting things for an Easter basket for West. I had a $3.00 ECB and a $2.00 ECB that CVS just gave to me. So on the way home from the dentist I stopped and got some candy to start it. Free was terrific! I am doing something different for my granddaughter. 

Next I went to Niagara Produce to pick up some produce. We are going through a lot of produce these days. I also picked up some cold cuts and free au jus for Hubby. And I shopped at Walmart. Jelly beans are more for West’s basket and some for Hubby too. Hubby wanted wraps to go with his cold cuts. 

I started with $ 577.90 in my budget and after deducting the Walmart and Niagara Produce shop I have a balance of $531.00. I will most likely do a Top’s shop tomorrow since it is Senior Citizen Discount Day(6% off).

I am beat after all of the shopping and the dentist. So I will most likely settle down with a book and my lemon water for a while. Hubby needs to go outside and rake up the glass from our table on the patio. It broke during the wind storm a few weeks ago and he hasn’t gotten to it yet. He started one day but he said it was too cold. So we will be replacing it with a new patio dining set soon. 

The other surprise we got today was a notice from our town that our assessment on the house went up $33,000. for 2019. They nailed everyone in here most likely because the houses were selling the end of last year for 28-40% more than they had been. I expect we will get hit again next year because they are extending our neighborhood behind us. So lots of new homes will be for sale. They started selling them about two weeks ago and have sold 6 so far. I will be happy to have a large home behind us to break up the wind. 

Now that I am losing so much weight, I was afraid I would lose my wedding ring. I almost lost it last weekend. So I stopped and got a ring guard. That will work until I am down to the weight I want to be and can get it made smaller. 

Tonight I will be making a South Beach recipe for gingered chicken and steaming some asparagus. I will make some rice in the rice cooker if Hubby wants some.   

I hope you are having a great day! Have you gotten any great deals lately? Please feel free to tell us all about them in comments.

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I Am So Grateful

I want to thank everyone here who prayed for me and wished me well during my surgery and recovery. Thanks for sticking with me while I am recovering.

Since 2007, I have blogged under various blog titles and I have enjoyed every moment of it. My only hope when I started was that I would be able to share with you frugal things that would help you along your life’s journey.  However, something unexpected happened. So many of you who have frequented my blogs for so many years have taught me many valuable things in your comments. Some recipes and things that I still use today. For all of those things I am very, very grateful! 

I am also very grateful for the many friends that I have made. Some of you I know but others I have never met. But I feel like I know you all after so many years.

So as I start the next chapter of my life, I will be here for you and I hope you for me. 

I have been so rejuvenated after having this surgery. I am grateful for the wonderful surgeon and his team who repaired me. For 4 years, I was in chronic pain. I did the best I could to manage it without pain killers. Yes, I went to a specialist who only seemed interested in sending me for every test known to man. But the one that would have told them the real problem they never ordered. My surgeon ordered two that told the whole story. I am so thankful to him. He sent the test results to my gastro doctor who was shocked when she saw them. She actually called me to wish me luck with the surgery. However up to that point she tried to talk me out of the hiatal hernia surgery. So I did an “end run” around her and found my surgeon. Needless to say I am done with her.

My brain is telling me that I can do anything but I can’t. I still tire out late afternoon every day. But I am getting better at being less tired every day. I am driving now and running some errands. I still have restrictions on lifting anything for another month. I am enjoying the South Beach diet. I have less than a week to go and will be on Phase 2.

However, tomorrow I can go back to the gym whenever I want as long as I stay away from any weight machines. I am so looking forward to the Aqua Fit exercises. I also love the treadmill. My treadmill at home needs repair. That is one of the things on my to do list this week. I have to call someone to come and repair it because I like how handy it is to just jump on it when I am in the mood.

I am feeling like I did when I was in my forties. I actually made a bucket list yesterday. There are so many things that I want to do and places that I want to see. I want to live every day in the moment and just enjoy it all. Hubby and I have already made some plans for the summer. So many places to explore right in our own backyard.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my wonderful Hubby! But I do every day. He has been such a blessing to me our entire marriage and whenever I have had surgery he is always there for me. He waited on me hand and foot and still is helping when I need it. And I enjoy his help even just doing the dishes together! I also have to thank my youngest son who has helped us when I was in the hospital and around here since. And my oldest son who has checked in with us every few days since my surgery. I so enjoy talking with him. 

The other thing that has happened to me is that I no longer have any stress. Being in that much pain gave me constant stress and now it is gone. I just do what I am doing and don’t thing about anything else. I don’t stress about what needs to be done. I just take it moment by moment and that has been good for me.

So it is time to end this post. However, I will be back tomorrow with a frugal post! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 

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Many Things Have Been Happening Around Here

Even though I have been resting and recovering from my surgery, life doesn’t stop.

I believe I told you that a few days before my surgery, we had damage to our roof from a bad wind storm. The roofer couldn’t match the shingles because they were made in Canada and they no longer make the architectural ones that were on there. The American ones and the Canadian ones were a different size too. So they had to remove all of the shingles on 2 sections of the roof in order to blend them in properly. They also removed the roofing paper under them. The cost was about $ 4,100.+. We have a $1,000. deductible so the insurance company is reimbursing us the difference. We already had it done because we had another wind storm and we were lucky that it didn’t cause any more damage. 

I finally started eating soft foods yesterday. I never knew that scrambled eggs could taste so good. Up to this point I had been on a liquid diet, baby food, and watered down mashed potatoes. I will be on the soft food diet for about a week and then I start the South Beach Diet. Since my surgery about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, I have lost 13 lbs. It gives me a good start to the SB diet where I hope to get down to my normal weight. Hubby is going to eat pretty much what I eat so we don’t have to cook two meals. I have made a menu plan for the first two weeks and we hope to get that shopping done this week. Meanwhile, little by little, I have been going through my freezers and pantries weeding out food that we should not eat. I will be donating most of it to the food pantry after I check with family to see if they want any of it.

I am anxious to get back to my aquafit classes, the treadmill, track, and some other machines at the Y. The surgeon told me yesterday I can start in another two weeks.  

Hubby has been my driver all of this time. He has been game to take me any place I wanted to go. So errands like getting gasoline and banking $45. in rebate checks have been done. 

You all also know that we use the Skinny SF Syrups from Jordan’s in our coffee. We especially love the Irish Cream and the Vanilla Almond. I almost placed an order a week ago. But I decided to wait until we were down to 2 bottles left. I am so glad I waited. Jordan’s is celebrating their anniversary and I got an e-mail from them last Friday saying their top 10 sellers were on sale. Sure enough both flavors that we like were in the top 10 sale. Normally I pay $5.99 for the big bottles. But they were on sale for $ 3.99.

So knowing a great deal when I see it, I placed an order for 24 Irish Cream and 6 Vanilla Almond totaling $ 119.70. By doing so I saved $60.00. These will last us quite a while.  

I have been watching a lot of TV and You Tube, reading, and doing paperwork. I try to stay busy so that boredom doesn’t set in.

This past Saturday, my son and grandson came for lunch and a visit. Not being up to cooking it for them, I sent my son to Ales and Sandwiches to get lunch for everyone. I was even able to get a small portion of mashed potatoes with gravy so that I could mix the gravy in and make them soupy. We enjoyed their company and they brought Nori, their dog, too. I enjoyed seeing her. She hasn’t been out for a visit in  many months. 

I apologize for the rambling but I wanted to let you know that I am still around and hope to be back blogging on a permanent basis soon. Till then, stay frugal!

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Living On Just Social Security

While I am recouperating, here is another video that I thought might be of interest to some of you who are or will be living on Social Security only in retirement.

This is Tawra’s mother, Jill, who is showing you how she lives on $750. a month of Social Security only.

Again stick with them. It takes them a couple of minutes to get into the conversation.

But the tips may help some on Social Security and others with small fixed incomes too.   

Living on $750. a Month