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I’ve Been Really Busy

These past few days I have been very busy trying to take inventory and fill in the gaps in the pantry. So that is what I have been up to. I had a few appointments and then didn’t get out much later in the week because of the snowstorm.

I spent a total of $172.00 on all of this but it is all things that will eventually get used up. So it will never be a waste of money. It is just a matter of spending money now rather than later. This was all done after my regular grocery shopping had been done last week.

Preparation is key! The inventory took a long time but I wanted it to be very accurate.

Other than this project, there is really nothing new or that moves me to write.

Many of our stores’ shelves have been stripped of certain items. The only thing I could not get was tall kitchen garbage bags so I ordered them online.  

Are you guys stocking your supplies?

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I am getting things I might have needed in three weeks. I have lots of food, maybe enough meat to last a month, milk for two weeks, bread for a month, fresh, fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables. So far, I am not afraid to go to the grocery store. If things really get bad, I will "ration" the things I have that we like to eat. For instance, I have lots of cheese, but will make sure it lasts by not overindulging. The overindulging is the problem with me not having enough.

Hi AD, this is Olga. Like you, I did focus on taking inventory (again) and filling in the gaps. We live in CA and the flu fear is going strong here…TP, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, water…all off the shelfs. I am very thankful for a full pantry and soon to be full freezer (Costco run tomorrow). People are definitely panicking here. Luckily, we are set, so if they ask people to stay home we will be fine.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks for showing the pictures of what you got to help stock up. I went to Aldi and got some things today, mostly when I saw you got applesauce, I remembered that we were low. LOL! I try to get 4-6 jars of it at a time since it is a favorite of our granddaughter.

We are still pretty stocked up, I am like you and try to do a big stock before winter in case we can't get out, and also b/c I try to stock up on kitty's litter and food so we don't have to bring those big things into the house in the snow. I think we still have plenty of OTC meds, I try to get for a year when there is a good sale, but will check to be sure.

Hi Chris,

You've got to have applesauce for that granddaughter. She is so precious.

I am still pretty stocked on food too. I really needed the other things especially if we have to quarantine ourselves in our home. We are in the high risk category and the state is testing a couple of families out our way.

I am off to respond to your recent e-mail.

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