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What I Haven’t Told You Over The Past Year

So many of you have wondered why I disappear so often and don’t post for days. Well I am going to come clean today.

First getting old is a pain in the rump! If it isn’t one ache or pain, it is another. I had another birthday this week and I will soon be 80! To get there is a few years but time flies.

Last Fall, I ended up in the hospital with severe sciatica. I could not walk for 4 days. That pain comes and goes and right now it is giving me a very hard time. I found out at my Dr.’s appointment yesterday that it may have caused another issue. I need to go to physical therapy so I will be setting those appointments up today.

But that isn’t the worse part. Just a year ago I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease in the ER of one of our hospitals. This lung disease took my mother’s life. I immediately found a great lung doctor. He looked at the cat scan and has been following me. So I have a lot of appointments there too. He does not believe that I have this disease. But now that it is a year later, he has ordered and gotten approved a specialized cat scan that should tell us for sure. I am having that done next week and following up with him a couple of weeks later. This doctor is good and in high demand so appointments are a wait.

So if any of you pray, please pray that my CT scan does not show that the area involved has spread. I am having it done on next Tuesday. Thanks for your prayers.

Meanwhile, I post when I am up to it and when I actually have anything of value to say. I have to go to pick up some prescriptions today(pain patches are a big help when going out) so I will stop at the market and let you know what I got later.

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Oh dear. Of course you will be in my prayers. Every.single.night!! Everything is going to be fine. You’ll see. These things are just God’s way of reminding us to be thankful for everything and to appreciate each other. I do. And I will. Keep us posted.

Hi Precious, I am glad you confided in your readers about your health issues. I know so many of us feel a bond to you after all these years and care about you. So I think it is good you let everyone know what is going on. I had figured things must be flaring up again when you didn’t post this week, but didn’t have time to check, since this was the week we had the girls and daughter/son in law in California. They got back Thurs night 2 am and we had little granddaughter all day yesterday. Love you, and you can be assured of my continued prayers for you and hubby. ❤️

Hi Chris,

I decided that it wasn’t fair that readers didn’t know why so many absences. I do my very best. There is a new post up this morning that Word Press gave me fits over. I could not post it. I even sent a message to my son who is also an admin on my site. He keeps this blog running perfectly and fixes any problems for me. In the meantime, I finally figured out what was going on and got it posted. Word Press changed some settings on me so after some changes I was able to post it. I hope to post another one today.

Thanks for your prayers Chris! You are such a good friend!

Dearest Precious. You are so much to so many people – you will never know. You have helped me and taught me through the years when you weren’t even aware. Thank you. I said a prayer for you just now and will continue. Sending positive thoughts and love your way.

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