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It’s Been A Long Holiday That Didn’t Go As Planned

My son was going to have us for Christmas. He lives about 1 and 1/4 hours from us. However, between my illness and Mother Nature’s wrath, we couldn’t get there.

It started raining on Friday which turned to ice and then snow. The temperatures dipped down to about 7 degrees. The windchill was about -1l We got so much more snow than Buffalo. The snow band sat over us for two days. The winds which gusted up to 71 mph were horrid and lasted 2 days. A State of Emergency was declared all weekend. No one could go on the roads. The blowing snow made it difficult for even an ambulance or anyone else to drive. Sadly a number of people died because they couldn’t get emergency vehicles to them in time.

It stopped Christmas morning. By that time we had about 5 ft. of snow on our front porch which the wind had picked up and deposited. The same against our garage and about 2 ft. everywhere else. Fortunately, we never lost our power. It blinked a few times one day but we never lost it.

Our snowplow driver showed up about 2pm and got all of the snow away from the garage doors and then plowed the driveway. At least we had a way out in case of an emergency.

I had nothing thawed for Christmas dinner. So I took a small pork tenderloin out to thaw and I made a hoisin sauce concoction for it. Hubby was happy and so was I. We had about half of it leftover so I froze it and a small dish of the sauce to make a meal in a week or two.

My son and granddaughter are on their way out here right now. The trip is usually 4 and 1/2 hours but it is snowing here and has been for about 5 hours. The Thruway was still closed this morning from Exit 36 to the PA border but it is supposed to open soon which will make it easier for my son to drive here. I don’t know what kind of snow they will encounter on the way out. So I am praying they get here safely. My son has a class to teach for his business in Brockport tomorrow so we always look forward to them coming out after Christmas.

I had planned on baking a ham for them for dinner tonight. However, my son called yesterday and he had baked a ham for he and Alexa. So I didn’t want to feed them ham again tonight. I took a large turkey tenderloin out to thaw and I will roast that and serve it with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn, and honey carrots. I have ice cream and cookies for dessert. All of this will be easy for me and Hubby will help.

The 13.44 lb. ham will get baked later in the week to give us a nice dinner and I will use the food saver to make many meals with the leftovers.

Our Christmas with our other son has been moved to the middle of January barring any snow storm. He is going to have us and Katie’s parents and brother for the fondue dinner that we always have there because we all missed Christmas. He is even keeping the tree up. Katie’s parents live in NH and they couldn’t get there either. We will exchange all of the presents then.

One more thing: Walmart cancelled my delivery order that was supposed to come today. They did that on Saturday due to weather. It had all the special things in it to treat my son and granddaughter. I was very disappointed but understood it was because of the weather. Luckily, I was able to get a delivery from Top’s this morning with what I needed. Top’s was closed from Saturday until this morning. Wegman’s is still closed and I have no idea if Walmart has reopened.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just wanted to check in while I had a few minutes before my family comes. Stay warm and stay safe. I will be back posting on Thursday to talk about the New Year.

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Boy oh boy. You had your hands full! But at least everyone is safe and you’ll be able to see each other later on. It’s all good. We had to cancel our Christmas Eve plans due to my nose complication. We spent it home alone. But hubby did a great job buying some fish and creating some nostalgic fish platters. We had a nice, quiet time. Just the two of us. We’ll see the family later on this month. It was what it was, right?

Hi Precious, you guys have had a lot with this weather, so much more than us. Thanks for letting us know you are ok. I hope by now your son and granddaughter are there and you are having a great time. We had a good Christmas with our family and are visiting our elderly parents for a few days. We will be home Thursday.

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