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Use What You Have And Don’t Waste Money

There is nothing I love more than using recipes from old cookbooks. This recipe is from The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Cookbook published in 1962. My sister-in law gave me the book for a bridal shower gift. This is not my original copy. Mine fell apart from using it all the time. When we moved here, I figured someone out here in Buffalo would have a copy they were selling and sure enough I found this one. It is in much better shape than mine was although the binding is coming apart. So I may take it to get it rebound. That is how much I love this book. We have used many, many recipes from it. I think the reason is because most of the recipes use simple ingredients, are easy to put together, and taste so good.

So tonight, we are having this dish. But for the first time, I am not following it exactly. I am not going to bake it at 300 degrees for 3 hours. I am going to cook it in the crock pot to save energy. But I will use the electric skillet to brown it and then transfer it all to the crock pot and add the other ingredients.

I did not have a round roast in my freezer so I thawed a chuck roast which I will cut into pieces. I always have flour, salt, and pepper. Since we eat a lot of bacon, I save my bacon drippings to cook with so we have those. The only other ingredient that I will substitute is the cooking sherry. I don’t have it but I do have red cooking wine.

We will see how this comes out. If it doesn’t taste as good as when I roast it in the oven, I will try to cook it in the toaster oven next time.

My mouth is watering just thinking about serving this on rice for dinner. I will try to remember to take a picture when we eat it and show it to you in another blog post. We should be able to have this for at least two meals.

I try to use what I have when I cook all of the time. I don’t always have all the ingredients so I substitute. I definitely don’t run out to the store for a couple of ingredients and waste time and gasoline. If I have a substitute on the shelf, I would much rather use that than spend money on the proper ingredient.

When I was a kid, my grandmother was the cook in our home. She made a roast almost every Sunday. Usually it was a roast beef or a pork loin with whatever vegetables she had on hand at the time. I never really learned how to cook from her but I do remember her using up all of the food. She and my grandfather had a young family during the Great Depression and they never wasted anything. She knew how to stretch a roast into other recipes like beef stew, or beef or pork chop suey, etc. Nothing ever went to waste! So over the years, I have done what she did. I try never to waste a bit of food and to serve the proper portions. For a meal, we would be served a small piece of meat, a small piece of potato and a couple of spoonfuls of whatever vegetable was in season. There were rarely seconds.

We also rarely had any kind of treat. A quart of soda that my Mom would buy would last at least a week for her, my sister, and I. And she would not buy it every week. Once in a while, she would make a dip(Catalina dressing mixed with cream cheese) to go with a bag of potato chips or make popcorn on the stove. We sometimes would share an apple or an orange. And ice cream was a treat that I looked forward to but that didn’t happen often either.

There wasn’t a lot of money when I grew up, but there was always food made and served with a lot of love. The difference between then and now is remarkable. 99% of our food was made from scratch back then, most people weren’t fat, and people really knew the value of a dollar. Today we have an obesity problem, convenience food is the norm, and people waste food and money without even giving it a second thought even going so far as to put food and their wants on a credit card that they can’t pay off each month. If you have to put food on a credit card, go to a food bank. Quit buying wants!

Because of this we have a credit crisis in this country today. Both our government and so many people are collapsing our economy by their frivolous use of credit. Most people didn’t have credit back when I grew up. If they wanted something, they saved cash for it. We would be so much better off if we lived like our ancestors and saved cash for our needs and our wants. Don’t use your credit cards unless you can pay that bill off each month.

Our government tells us everyday that things are just fine. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Things are not fine. Our government is trillions of dollars in debt that we have to borrow from countries that don’t like us. China has started to sell the debt that they bought from us. China, Russia, India and some other countries are no longer using the dollar to buy things. The value of our dollar is going down every day. Soon it will be so inflated that we will be paying $10. for a loaf of bread(not me, I will be baking my own) or $ 15. for a gallon of gasoline.

Please don’t waste food or your money because bad times are coming. I don’t believe that we have seen the worst yet. I follow a person who has dealt in commodities for many, many years, and he is predicting a bad recession globally by 2025 which will go into a depression that could last 7 years or longer. He believes it will start around April of 2024 when the stock market will crash. At first I took his word cautiously but I am seeing more and more bank CEO’s warning us and many economists too.

So I will take them at their word and you should too. I have no debt but if you do, get it paid off as fast as you can especially your home. During the great depression, many people not only lost their money but they lost their homes. I have been beating this drum for years but I don’t know how many people have listened and it is just scary for me knowing that this will happen to people.

The only other advice I can give you is to stop spending on anything except food and other items that you will need to keep your home and car in good running order. If you can find some room, stock up some food and medicine. Don’t waste any of it. If your furnace or any other appliance needs some repairs do them now. If we do go into a recession or depression these things will become extremely unaffordable.

I apologize for getting somewhat off topic but my heart told me that I need to warn you. If you would like to see the video from the man I follow here it is but I will warn you that it is not for the faint of heart:

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Hi Precious. I listened to the YouTube video on your recommendation. I had never heard of these folks, but it was very interesting. Mr Hunt, the older gentleman, had some thoughts about our world’s situation that I found fascinating. I know about the BRICS nations, and I was really interested in what he said about the conflicts going on in the world now, I thought he was spot on in his thoughts. Thanks for sharing this, so many times we think of things from a US point of view and it is so important to think globally.

I agree with what you said about people getting out of debt. I sleep well every night knowing that since we have our house paid off that we would have a place for our family if things went to cr*p. Of course, we would have to pay the property taxes, and who knows how much they would go up? Also, I am happy that both of our kids got low interest mortgages before the rates went up, so hopefully they would be ok? They are not over extended. I also am still very thankful for my stockpile and how it could sustain us during bad times.

Only 3.5 weeks until Hubby retires now. His company wants him to continue on a (very) part time basis and he signed a contract to do last night. He will be considered a part time W2 employee and will still be covered by their liability insurance. So we don’t have to make a company for him. He also set his hourly rate high enough that hopefully they will only call him when he is absolutely needed.

I went to Kroger and got groceries this morning. I didn’t need as much this week. No real stellar deals, but I did get some Bigelow tea flavors for $1.44 in the clearance. We like to have some of the decaf tea in the evening when it is cold this time of the year. The other big news is that daughter took a Covid test last night and it was +, so that has messed up their and our rest of the week and weekend. Hopefully the rest of the family stays well.

Hi Chris,

Simon has been spot on everything through the years. So I take him very seriously! It is very important to think globally because we have been in a global economy for years. Whether we wanted it or not that is what happened and we are paying the consequences now.

I so agree with the house being paid off if things do go to cr*p. That is why I save so that I can pay the taxes and other things we need. I am happy that you are stockpiled too. Food will go way up. Nice that Hubby can do some consulting. Congrats! Hubby did that for while too until he got sick of it. I will write more later. Dinner is ready!

Hi Precious. I started looking at the video. One of the calculations the author seems to have missed is that Trump will again elected president of the United States. If and when that happens, the formula will change. Trump will know how to avert such a calamity and the end result will not be as bad as globally predicted.
It’s useless to talk to people. Many of them are living in a bubble and believe no harm can come to America. Let them think the way they want. As for the rest of us, let’s keep preparing. I know hard times are coming but just how hard is still a guess. I’m thankful I still have a sewing machine. Been doing a lot of mending and sewing. Using what we have!

Hi Cindi,

Trump would not become President, if elected, until 2025. I am worried that it will be too late. But I hope you are right.

Hard times are definitely coming. We remember the 70’s but this is much worse. Using up what we have is the way to go. Waste nothing!

Precious, I think our blogs got tangled again. Can your son take a look again?? I think it’s because I started a new photography blog and your entries keep popping up. WordPress fault. Not ours!

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