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I Have To Ask Why?

I don’t normally publish anything like this but I think everyone should see this

I looked at the news at 4am when I got up this morning and this is what shocked me. I have to ask why would they do this and on our soil? And why put the information out there so close to the midterm elections?

Perhaps now some of the conspiracy theories out there don’t look as outrageous.

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Hi Precious. I read the article but didn’t click on any of the videos or links. My only thought would be that maybe they want to use for vaccine research? We are living in a crazy world these days.

The government wants to keep its people (us) in a constant state of fear. That’s how they get to control us. I wouldn’t be afraid of this information. Don’t you think there have been other contaminants and viruses already concocted in test tubes that can wipe out humanity in a heartbeat? This is nothing new. Just another cause of keeping the masses in a constant state of fear. It did work on you, didn’t it?
The masses have come to realize that covid was a hoax. the vaccines didn’t work. no one is lining up for the current booster. it’s over Jonny. and how many lives and businesses has the government already destroyed over this nonsense? Oh and BTW, my brother died of cold. or did he? Once they put the ventilator down his throat, he didn’t have a chance to survive. personally, I think the frantic inexperienced, terrified nurses and doctors at that time, killed him. Not covid.

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