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A Wonderful Four Day Trip

We went to the Adirondacks on a 4 day trip to celebrate my eldest son’s 50th birthday. We returned yesterday afternoon and brought my granddaughter home with us so stay for the rest of the week.

When we traveled last week, there was barely any traffic on the Thruway which is unusual so it made the 5 hour trip very pleasant. Unfortunately most of the beautiful leaves were already down but there were some to admire.

Of course, we packed a lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches and water in case we got hungry. Hubby ate very little breakfast and I ate none before we left. So we did ended up stopping at a rest area and ate it in the parking lot in the car.

I had gassed the car up before we left, so we did not have to do it on the thruway. Usually the prices are about the same on this toll road but I didn’t see that this weekend. They were much higher than we pay. It was the same way on the trip back. So I will fill up at our cash station before my granddaughter and I run some necessary errands in the next town today.

Our planned celebration for my son did not go the way it should have so I was so sorry for him. We had planned on taking the 4 of us and 3 of his best friends to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We were concerned because there were seven of us and it was a Friday night, that it would be a nightmare of a long wait to get a table. However, they sat us relatively quickly. One of his friends didn’t make it which was unfortunate. But she is a paramedic and got stuck at work.

To try to keep this as short as possible, I will tell you that when our dinner was served my son’s dinner was not what he ordered. His steak was supposed to have sauteed onions on it. It came out with mushrooms on it which he hates. They took it back and said a new one would be right up. I felt bad because it was his birthday and we all had our food but he didn’t. When they brought a new one, it had mushrooms on it again. We sent it back. When he got it back it had most of the mushrooms gone but there were still some. My son decided to not make any more fuss and just eat around them. We are pretty sure that all they did was scrape all of the mushrooms off but they missed some plus at this point the steak was cold. When a manager came over to see how our dinner was, my husband who rarely gets upset told him it was a disaster. The manager was very condescending. My husband asked for the head of the restaurant. After they sent another manager( who I think are a dime a dozen), they finally sent the head. At this point hardly anyone was eating. My son’s dinner was less than half gone. My granddaughter was upset and ate very little of hers. The rest of us left quite a bit on our plates. None of our family were the least bit interested in eating.

The manager came finally and ended up taking my son’s and granddaughter’s meals and drinks off of the bill. That in no way compensated for the way this evening had gone which should have been fun. I felt so bad for my son and my granddaughter. We had the best of intentions and the restaurant ruined it. So I paid the $177.+ bill for 4 of us and we left. The friends left and the 4 of us went back to the house to have his ice cream birthday cake. We had a good time at home watching Private Ryan. I should have cooked a fabulous meal at his home and everyone would have been happy!

I will be writing Corporate to let them know about this disaster and that we will never step foot in one of their restaurants again. They, I am sure will not care but it will make me feel better. The service was terrible and the food was mediocre at best. You have all heard me say that we don’t like chain restaurants. However, we went there the last time we visited my son and we all loved it. That is why I chose them. My son and his business partner eat there a lot and I don’t think they have had a prior problem. But they will not eat there again after this either. I am totally done with any chain restaurants.

We had a wonderful time with our family while we were there otherwise. It is so peaceful, beautiful, and quiet where my son lives. When he and I quickly took a trip to Stewart’s for hamburger buns, he took me to a relatively new built area that is very close to his home. I was showing him which homes we would consider buying if they went up for sale. He has been looking for us for a while but nothing has popped up that we would like. Fingers crossed!

I have some good news for you too! My granddaughter who is 16 has graduated from high school. We are so very proud of her! She will be starting her new office job soon while she figures out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, whether she wants to go to college or work. She is young and will take her time trying to make the right choice. Most 17 and 18 year old graduates don’t know what they want to do.

When we got home yesterday afternoon, I quickly made us all grilled cheese sandwiches. Then Alexa was interested in me making homemade chicken tortellini soup for dinner. So I grabbed 3 pint jars of chicken stock and a quart of homemade chicken stock that I had pressure canned, added fresh celery and carrots, the tortellini and seasoned all. She loved it so much that she wants it for dinner again tonight. That will be easy after our day out! This evening we will watch the Buffalo Bills game.

We will be enjoying our granddaughter this week so I may not be blogging much. But if I have time in the morning when she is sleeping in, I will jump on. I hear her getting up now, so I need to get ready for our day out.

You guys have a wonderful week!

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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we did to save a little money this week.

I finally uploaded a pile of receipts to Fetch. I usually use the rebates for Walmart or Amazon gift cards.

Philips who makes Hubby’s C Pap machine had a recall a while ago. They replaced Hubby’s current machine with a brand new one. However, we had a second back up machine which they said they would send later. It finally arrived last week. Hubby took the old machine to Fed Ex to send back to them. It was postage paid. Philips really stepped up on this recall. We always keep a back up in case one machine breaks.

Hubby replaced the bad outlet in the kitchen.

I did one load of wash in cold water and hung most of it to dry.

I ordered a $100. cash back rebate using reward points from our credit card. They will apply it to next month’s bill.

At a doctor’s appointment, he gave me a new medicine to try. He gave me enough samples to get me through a month. If it works well for me, he will then give me a prescription to fill. I always ask for samples when I go. They usually have a ton of them in this office.

I made a meal using homemade chicken broth this week. When I don’t have broth, I use bouillon cubes and water. Meals this week were homemade chicken soup for brunch. Bacon macaroni goulash was made for dinner for 2 meals( only used 1/2 lb. of diced bacon) and turkey tenderloin for 2 meals. Leftovers were used from the freezer for others: used up frozen homemade lasagna and some French Fries.

Hubby took bottles back to Fast Cash and got $5.90 in deposits returned to us. He had to leave 2 bags of bottles here at the house because he had no more room in the car. I will take those back tomorrow when I run errands.

I placed a Walmart delivery order this weekend and used a $10. gift card earned from Fetch to help defray the cost of a handheld calculator. Mine bit the dust!

Hubby gave me the best haircut he has ever given me this week. I just love it! I love saving all that salon money I used to spend even more.

I received a $5.00 liquor rebate in the mail.

I have been needing to go to B.J.’s to get some bulk items that are cheaper right now than other stores. It is in another town so I waited until I had other errands and appointments to run there. In the meantime, their sale flyer came. They had a deal that if you spend $150. on certain days you can redeem a coupon for a free Butterball turkey valued at $25. or under. My bulk items came to $ 178. so I will be getting a free turkey. Free turkeys are rare these days! I also clipped a number of e-coupons to my B.J.’s card and saved $ 12.50.

Hubby has finished all of the yard work finally for the year. He cut down all of the irises yesterday. We still had a few heavier things that needed to be put away. My son helped with that when he and West came to visit on Sunday. I made a nice breakfast of French toast and sausage for Hubby and West. My son had scrambled eggs and sausage. Since I am not a huge fan of sausage, I ate some eggs and Fage yogurt. My grandson is taller than Hubby now. He is only 14 and I suspect he is going to be well over 6 ft.

We watched The Kansas City vs. Miami Dolphins football game on Sunday with a Free Trial on Fubo. Then we watched the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game in the evening on local TV. Those games were our entertainment this weekend.

Not a frugal thing but our snowplow guy came yesterday to collect our check for the winter and mark our driveway so that he knows where things are. He went up in price this year by $100. but he is still cheaper than most. He does a great job and is very reliable. We are very grateful to have him.

I made my grocery list for this coming week, butter at $ 2.49(limit 6) and organic 80/20 ground beef for $4.99 at Aldi’s. B1G1F shrimp and Tim Horton’s coffee are on sale at Top’s. They have the decaf on again so I will get some for Hubby. And I think that will be all this week.

I called my baby sister last Monday night and will call her again tonight. It is so nice to have free long distance calling. I remember the days when we paid for that.

Hubby and I have made a decision to switch our cellphone service to Mint Mobile. They are going to be offering a Black Friday deal so we will probably switch with that. We have one cellphone but will need another. So it will be two lines instead of the one we have but it will be about $ 26. a month cheaper than we pay now and on the same network.

I have a # of errands to run today. So dinner will be coconut shrimp that is frozen. We are trying to eat down the freezer to be able to fit more turkeys in it. If I can find decent romaine lettuce, we will have a salad with it. Lettuce has been a real issue here. It is already going bad no matter what store I try to get it in. I could find none worth spending the money on last week so fingers crossed for this week.

What did you do to save some money this past week?

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The Foods I Am Not Buying Anymore

Food prices have gotten so high that there are many things that I am either not buying anymore or cutting back on the amount that we do buy. By posting about these, I hope it will help other people who may be struggling to buy food.

I no longer buy salmon. With all the regulations that the government has put on fishing, the price has escalated way too high. I refuse to pay it. We do have a few cans of salmon for patties but we have no frozen. If I can get haddock at a decent price we will buy that but it is rare that I do. For fish we are using canned tuna and clams. I find this Great Value Tuna that is pictured one of the best. When I purchased it, it was $ 1.58 each last March. It has only gone up to $ 1.67 which is still a great deal. Occasionally, I will buy shrimp but only if it is on sale and I can get at least two meals out of it for the two of us.

We mostly buy ground beef and chicken, but I will get a roast if they are on sale and I will cut it up into beef chunks for stew meat. Then I make it stretch using lots of vegetables. I will get an occasional chuck roast to make pot roast. But I also stretch that with lots of veggies and potatoes. I usually buy my organic 80% lean ground beef when Aldi’s has it on sale which is rare these days. I have purchased some regular ground beef on sale at Top’s to can but I won’t be doing that anymore after getting bad meat there. I can still smell how rancid it was! If I run out of ground beef, I will use ground turkey. It is much cheaper. We do have some in the freezer and occasionally I will use it to make taco salad. We buy more chicken legs, thighs and whole chickens these days rather than breasts. I will buy breasts when they are under $3.00 a lb.

I don’t buy cold cuts. I cut my own from a boneless on sale ham or a regular ham that I have cooked. I am hoping to get some of these on sale during the holidays at a good price. I also do the same with turkey either a breast or tenderloin. Now that turkeys are on sale, I will be getting a few. It is the cheapest meat you can get right now. Walmart and Aldi’s have Butterball Premium turkeys on sale for $1.28 and $ 1.27 a lb. Walmart also has Shady Brook and Honeysuckle White on sale for $ .98 a lb. The prices for store brand have not come out here yet. But after buying a store brand last year that had hardly any meat on the breasts, I am not doing that again. I will stick to the name brands. They are worth the little bit of extra money.

We do have some prepared foods in our pantry but I am trying to get away from those. We will use up what we have but buy no more. It is always cheaper to buy the ingredients and cook from scratch especially if you stick to basic foods.

I am still buying bacon if I can catch a sale or a good price at B.J.’s. I will be shopping there today after my doctor’s appointment. I plan on getting a few badly needed items so that I can get a free Butterball turkey. My membership expires next month and I will not be renewing it. I can do just as well for most things at the grocery stores.

I am not buying any more soda. It is wasted money. I told Hubby how high it has gotten. He has agreed to ration what we have until it is gone. He is happy with iced tea or flavored waters using the SF powders from the grocery store. I haven’t drunk soda in a very long time. I mostly drink coffee, tea, or water with a lemon or lime. Coffee is expensive but I just buy the cheaper brands when they go on sale.

I am no longer buying snacks. The prices are ridiculous and most of the snack foods are broken in the bags. They are either using pieces that they never did before for more profit or the stock boys are throwing them. We can make popcorn using our popper or do it in the microwave. I buy the popcorn at the Amish store in bulk. We eat carrot and celery sticks with homemade veggie dip or apple slices with peanut butter. For a sweet treat, I make homemade pumpkin muffins or breads, donuts, or an occasional cookie, brownies, cobbler or fruit crisp. We are having company soon for a week so I did break down and buy a Party Size bag of Lay’s potato chips on sale for $ 3.99 to go with some meals and as a treat for my granddaughter. Many times I just make SF puddings and jellos and those suffice for something sweet. When I make my own desserts I can substitute monk fruit for sugar.

We are making our own bread and rolls. We don’t eat a lot of bread so this is not a problem. When I make breads, I slice them and freeze them so that we can pull out one at a time when we want it. Otherwise, it would go bad. I do the same for rolls.

We are not buying any more steaks because the prices are horrid. We still have some filet mignon in the freezer but we will be buying no more for now.

We are using up our condiments and I will be making them as I need them. I have made Italian and Ranch salad dressings and will be trying others as we run out of them in our pantry. We make out own cocktail sauce for shrimp and our own tartar sauce.

I only buy cereal when it is on sale and that is a rare purchase. Hubby likes granola so I make it. I do buy some wheat and rice Chex and Cheerios during the holidays to make our party mix.

Nuts have gotten really expensive so we are rationing what we have. I keep pecans and walnuts in the freezer for salads and cookies. Usually, I pick up 3 lb. of mixed nuts to put in our party mix. This year I found a very large can at B.J.’s which will do my entire batch. So I saved a number of dollars on that.

We never buy take out pizza or frozen pizza anymore. It is so much cheaper to use Naan bread from Aldi’s to make our own.

We no longer purchase chicken, turkey or beef broth. I make and can my own. When I don’t have any on the shelf, I use bouillon cubes or powder because it is cheaper and takes up less room on the shelf.

We only buy Tillamook ice cream when it is on a great sale. It is also a rare purchase for holidays or when we have the grandchildren here.

When I buy fruit or vegetables, I price out the fresh, frozen, and canned and buy whatever is the best deal at the time. I do freeze/and or can some of each when they are in season.

There are many more things that we no longer buy but that is for another day. I have a hectic day today or should I say it has been a very hectic week.

But I do want to add that we do not buy fast food. McDonald’s just announced that they are raising their prices again. Their Big Mac meal will be as high as $18. Just ridiculous! We have not gotten take out at McDonald’s for years…at least 8-9. The last time it was because West wanted some. There isn’t any fast food that I can’t make a lot cheaper whether it is burgers, chicken, subs, pizza, or Chinese food.

We only go to restaurants for celebrations. It is way too expensive otherwise. Don’t waste your money when you could be buying a lot of ingredients for the same amount you would buy at a restaurant. I have never understood how people could go out once a week or even twice a week. We would much rather invest those savings or stock our pantry.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with us what you are no longer buying.

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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week:

  • Made a return to Walmart of a dented can from a grocery delivery
  • We had a small hole in the basement wall where the new A/C unit stuff comes in from outside. The A/C guys filled it on the outside but I could see daylight from the hole on the inside. Hubby went down to the basement and filled it with plumbers putty. I don’t want that freezing cold air this winter coming into my house.
  • The winter fertilizer has been put on the lawn so the lawn should winter the weather well.
  • When Hubby put the new motor in the furnace he noticed that one of the screw holes was stripped. He has been researching how to fix that and he will be doing it tomorrow.
  • We have a magnetic closer on our mailbox and the postman knocks if off once in a while. Hubby repaired it again.
  • We had a freeze here so Hubby and I trimmed bushes that need to be trimmed in the Fall and threw out most of our annual flowers. We put our hanging baskets in the garage to store them.
  • We ate every meal at home this week. With the prices today that saves a boatload of money. I made beef stew, shrimp fra diavolo, a night of odds and ends from the refrigerator, and Chef’s salad. I even had some beef stew leftover to freeze for another meal.
  • We invested in another large CD.
  • All our patio furniture has been put away in the shed.
  • I waited until our gasoline tank on the car was almost empty. I filled it using $.80 off a gallon from Tops Rewards.
  • We took the screen door off of our back door and put the storm door on.
  • Hubby went up to our tire place to get the regular tires changed over to the snow tires so that the car is ready for the snow we are supposed to get next week. However, there is now a manufacturer’s rule( because of liability issues) that the tire places can’t put snows or even regular tires back on the car if they are over 10 years old. So he had to purchase 4 brand new snow tires which cost us $ 750. Since we will have to purchase 4 new regular tires when the snows come off in the spring, Hubby left all 8 tires with them. So that was an expense that we weren’t thinking about. Fortunately, we save for major expenses. FYI, our SUV was 10 years old last April and had all the original tires. We only have 46,000 miles on the SUV. The man who we always deal with said he was sorry about that. Then he joked with Hubby and said no one keeps their car 10 years. Hubby says I have always kept my cars for a long long time. We have always taken very good care of our cars doing the maintenance when it needs to be done and keeping them very clean. This 2013 car we have now has never had to be repaired. It has had minor body work done when a lady hit it in a parking lot at the aquarium. Otherwise it has just gone into the dealer for recalls.
  • Talking about recalls, Hyundai sent us one yesterday to have the entire underside seal coated. They are doing them because they are rusting out. Since they want to do that free for this 10 year old car, Hubby got an appointment to have it done.
  • I have been taking 3 minute showers this week.
  • We have not used lights in the daytime
  • We have had a warm spell so we saved on heating for about 3 days.
  • I found a bunch of printed grocery lists that are over 20 years. I will be using them up for my lists the next few weeks.
  • I picked up some Halloween cookies that my friend, Jessica, made custom for me at her bakery. I will be giving them to the 4 little kids that live on either side of me for Halloween. I will take them over this weekend for their parents to give them on Halloween. We are not doing Halloween trick or treating because of our age. The schools out here have Covid again. We just can’t take the chance of getting it from someone we answer the door to.
  • I did one load of wash using cold water and hung most of it to dry. The dishwasher was run twice this week.

That was it for this week. Feel free to share with us what you did to save money this week in the comments.

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The Best Laid Plans……

Ever have one of those days where the best laid plans seem to go off track? I am sure that everyone has had a day like that.

On Monday, I told you that I was planning on canning the meat I purchased on Tuesday. So I got up bright and early that day. The first thing I did was put the chuck roast along with fresh potatoes, carrots, celery, and beef broth in the crock pot. I turned it on so that we would have a nice dinner after my day of canning.

I washed all of my jars to can the ground beef and got my accessories and vinegar ready. I put half of the ground beef in a huge fry pan to cook it. As I was standing over it, I got the strong smell of vinegar. I then smelled the meat that was not in the pan and got the same vinegar smell. I knew immediately that Top’s had sold me bad meat. I checked the date on the label and it was the same day I was cooking it. I had not checked that at the store because one of the meat ladies was putting it all out and handed me a package because she was in my way. I assumed it was all fresh for the sale. That was a mistake on my part! Never again will I not check the date.

I called Top’s and they told me to throw the meat out and bring my receipt and their label from the package. They said they would refund my money. So after taking the time to throw all the meat out and put it in the garbage can in the garage, I went up to the store. A woman refunded by money. I had paid $ 18.90 and she said to me I will give you $ 19.00 like she was doing me a big favor. I spent more than that in gasoline and time to correct their mistake. I was tempted to say something but I let it go. I decided I would not go back and buy another package. At that moment I did not trust what Top’s was doing with their meat. The meat was totally brown when I opened it except that the outside part was red. Are they selling old meat, putting a new date on it, and just putting pink slime on the outside? I don’t know but I was not taking any risk again.

My sister had mentioned to me that Aldi’s had chicken on sale for $2.49 a lb. They had no tenderloins so they put their chicken breasts at the same price. I got 2 large packages.

I came home and cut all the chicken up to can it. As I was getting ready to do so, I noticed that there was no heat radiating from the crock pot. I felt the side and it was ice cold. I unplugged it and plugged it back into another outlet. Sure enough it heated up. Hubby has to replace the other outlet. But there was now no way that this stew was going to be ready to eat for dinner. UGH! So when it was finished by 8pm that night, I put it in a stock pot and cooled it down before I put it in the fridge. We ate odds and ends from the fridge that evening. Last night I heated the stew up and it was delicious. We will eat it again tonight.

I canned 4 quart jars of chicken. They held the entire 2 packages of chicken. I decided not to can the pork so I froze it for Hubby to grill it outside over the weekend. I was just too tired after the chicken was done.

The next morning I noticed all of the can lids were popped. However I always take the rings off and then lift the jars by their lid to make sure they sealed. The very last one I lifted did not seal. I had to throw that jar of chicken out. I was so disappointed but it is the first time in 2 years that I have not had a jar seal. So I count myself fortunate. I have no idea why it didn’t seal. I did everything right. No cracks in the jar or lid and I wiped the rim with vinegar. Oh well!

My week is getting better and better, yet very busy. I have been helping Hubby cut and trim a lot of our flowering bushes to get them ready for the winter. We also threw out our hanging baskets of flowers. We kept the actual baskets though so that we can reuse them next year. I am going to try to grow impatience to put in them next spring. I got some seeds to do that. Those two baskets were $39.99 each this spring at Niagara Produce. If I can grow them myself, it will save us a lot of money. But anyhow we did so much work that with grass clippings and all of the stuff from the gardens we put out the equivalent of 6 barrels of those and garbage.

I will post our weekly Frugal Things post sometime this weekend.

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Meat Shopping This Week

All I am buying this week is meat. Top’s deals today were good. At Top’s I got 2.84 lbs. of all natural boneless pork ribs for $ 4.49 a lb. Chuck roasts were at a good price so I got a package of 2 big ones that weighed 5.12 lbs. for $ 5.49 a lb. The ground beef was 6.52 lbs. at $2.99 a lb. Last was 2 packages of Tyson Chicken patties on sale for $5.57 for each package.

Walmart is selling the chicken patties for $ 6.96. So I got a good deal and that is why I purchased 2. We love to make a sandwich with the Chick Fil A sauce. My granddaughter is coming soon to visit and she will like these. They make such an easy meal in our air fryer.

I used the food saver to put one of the chuck roasts in the freezer. The other one I will use tomorrow to make a beef stew in the crock pot. That too will be an easy meal since I will be pressure canning most of the pork ribs and all of the ground beef. I cut up some of the pork to make fajitas for dinner tonight. I thawed a bunch of chicken breasts that were in my freezer to can also. Little by little I am canning up meat from my freezer.

I am trying to make room for turkeys. This year I am going to pressure can a turkey for the first time. BTW, I noticed that Walmart has the Butterball Premium turkeys for $ 1.28 a lb. I will check everyone else’s sale prices when they are advertised but I think the Butterball’s won’t be any lower than this price which is a good price for these times.

Anyone seeing turkey prices in your area yet?

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Frugal Things We Have Done Recently, Etc.

These are the things we have done recently:

  • All lights have been off during daylight hours
  • All grocery lists have been based mostly on sale items
  • My laptop is unplugged when not in use
  • Made meatball casserole with a salad on the side; made 4 lunch and dinner meals
  • Took 3 minute showers to see if they took less than navy showers
  • Folded towels right away when dryer goes off; towels are one thing that I usually always use the dryer for
  • Our heat had been on for a while; we are carefully keeping it a little lower than last year and down to 64 during the night
  • I froze about a dozen eggs for future meals
  • We received our gas and electric bill for the past month yesterday. We used 393 KWH of electric which was 3 more than same period last year. We used 23 ccf’s of gas. Last year we used 41 ccf’s. This year was much warmer. The average temperature was 60 degrees vs. 53 degrees last year. Our total bill was $ 114.27. Last year’s bill was $ 143.79. Besides it being warmer, I really tried to not use the stove top and oven which is gas. Small appliances were used 95% of the time. It would be nice to see all of our bills go down this year. However we are facing a rate increase starting with next month’s bill.
  • I cleaned our refrigerator and made sure that nothing would spoil. I sliced up the fresh peppers that I purchased recently and froze them for winter stir fries. I found extra bags of cheese in my deli drawer even though I already had one open. I froze those also. They thaw overnight in the fridge when I need them. I consolidated the two open jars of wing sauce into one.
  • We continue to eat down our chest freezer and can the meat that we can. I scanned the sales that are starting tomorrow. Ground beef will be $ 2.99 a lb. and chuck roasts will be $ 5.49 a lb. I will be canning some of those. Since it is getting colder here, I will put a chuck roast with some vegetables in the crock pot next week.
  • My son and grandson took us out to breakfast to our favorite Greek restaurant to celebrate our birthdays which we recently had. It was delicious and a nice change from cooking breakfast.
  • Hubby filled the cracks at the edge of the driveway with blacktop filler. Fortunately, we had 24 hours of dry weather after that. It has been raining ever since.

I want to thank so many of you who prayed for me for the lung CT scan that I had last Tuesday. I was diagnosed on a regular CT scan last year with Pulmonary Fibrosis. My mother died of this disease so I knew all too well what I was in for. It is terminal. My primary doctor recommended a lung doctor that he said he and his family would go to if any of them had an issue. I went to him immediately. He looked at the CT scan which the doctor at the hospital said showed some honeycombing in my right lung. He told me that he would follow me and send me for this specialized scan at one year. After a number of tests and 3 month appointments this past year, my doctor sent me for this scan which scans the lungs in segments so they can really look at them well. I found out the results late yesterday.

I do not have pulmonary fibrosis. The area that the doctor a year ago said was pulmonary fibrosis was a small amount of scarring in the right lobe. It could have been caused by pneumonia, bronchitis or even an injury. I did have a skiing accident that broke a number of ribs many years ago. Who knows? But I was so relieved that it is not pulmonary fibrosis. Hubby and I celebrated with a drink last night. So again thanks so much for all of your prayers. God was listening.

Please feel free to add your frugal things in comments. Those comments lately have been so helpful to so many people including me!

Every Day

Do It Now Before It Is Too Late

I tried to get a 60 count box of eggs from Walmart last week. I was getting really low on eggs. We go through a lot of them since we eat them for breakfasts, on salads, and for snacks. When my grandson and son come for a Sunday breakfast, we can go through a dozen easily.

I also tried to get a number of Clear American flavored waters, and some Coke for company. My granddaughter is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. They did not have many of the waters and none of the cola I had wanted.

We have done many delivery orders in the almost 3 years that I have had Walmart +. Never have I had so many items out of stock. I received 7 out of the 21 I ordered. I was shocked especially when they did not have the eggs.

Since I had to go out yesterday, I decided I would actually go into Walmart about 8 AM to see what was going on in my store. I immediately went to check out the eggs. They got a truck last night but they only had 3 of the 60 count eggs. I grabbed one and then went to the waters. There were only 3 of the flavor that my granddaughter loves. I purchased 2.

I wandered around the store and saw a lot of items out of stock especially canned items. The dairy isles were sparse also. They are no longer carrying the Perdue twin pack of chicken that I was getting for $ 1.14 a lb. They had single Perdue chickens but they were very small and $ 1.32 a lb. I passed on those because there was much more bone than meat. The prices were up again on a lot of items that I usually get there.

The reason I tell you this is that if you have not stocked on a few months of food, now is the time to do it. Things in the stores are not looking good.

You all know, I am sure about the war between Israel and Hamas. Oil prices are going up and I believe they will sky rocket. If it goes up to $200.- $ 300. a barrel, gas will cost us a fortune. The middle eastern countries are already raising the price of a barrel of oil. This all reminds me of 1973 when I would take our car and go sit with my infant son in gasoline lines to fill it up. The prices were always going up per gallon and there were shortages everywhere. Hubby carpooled to work. So on the day that the car was home, I would go search out gas. I can’t tell you how many times I would wait in line for over an hour and finally end up a few cars away when they would put up a sign that said they were out of gas. You could pass by a number of gas stations in our town and finally find a station that had some. It was so frustrating. Unless this war ends soon, we are headed in that direction.

Inflation, which is ongoing, is raising the price of food. However if gasoline prices keep going up that will also affect the price of your food. That is why I am telling you that if you do not have extra food in your home get it now. I know prices are high right now but this war could raise them so much higher. Even if you can only get a couple of cans of basic vegetables, fruits, meat, or fish a week, do it and start building a stockpile. Can you imagine going to the store and not being able to get what you need because there are so many shortages? I can. I don’t believe that there will be no food but I do believe that food will become unaffordable for most people.

So if you have not prepared for you and your family, start now. Nothing is more important than food.

Every Day

My Heat Has Been Running A Lot Today. Are You Ready for The Winter?

As I sit here this morning working on blog posts, I am hearing the furnace running and wondering what those bills will cost this year. We got down to 34 yesterday outside here recently. We are seeing more and more 30’s and 40’s. at night. I am thankful that we changed the air filter to get ready.

Last week on our TV news channel, National Grid said their customers would see about a 20% drop this coming winter in their heating bills for people who heat with natural gas. Wow! That was a surprise! There are two utility companies in our western NY area. National Grid is one and NYSEG is the other.

We have NYSEG. I kept waiting to hear the same information from our company. They finally said that they expected heating costs to go down by 18%.

Yesterday, we got this surprise. The PSC( the NYS agency which regulates our utility companies) approved a rate increase for NYSEG: .Our governor is saying that the company was asking for double this amount so she is happy with the increase. Huh?

So this rate increase takes effect in November. Interesting timing!

Plus with two wars now escalating, I believe we will see everything go up especially if the U.S. gets involved. This is the first time in all of my years that I believe that war will be coming to our country. I pray not but all the signs are there. With the middle east at war, we will most likely see oil prices escalate which will send the heating bills much higher. So I think we are in for really high bills this winter if you heat with natural gas, oil, or propane. We need to drill and open the pipelines here. But I won’t hold my breath for that to happen!

These are the things that we have done or are doing to keep our heat bill down:

  • Lowered our thermostat to 64 at night
  • Caulked windows where it needed it
  • Replaced weather stripping at the bottom of doors where needed
  • Get window kits and a door kit to help keep the cold out
  • Stocked on filters for the winter and will change them once a month
  • Reversed our ceiling fans to go clockwise for the winter
  • Put two warm blankets on every bed in the house so that 64 is comfortable at night
  • Keep warm throws or blankets where you sit during the day
  • Put cloth snakes at the bottom of outside doors
  • Stocked up on warm sweaters to wear in the house
  • We will be opening our oven after we roast anything to let the heat seep into the kitchen
  • We only open window shades and blinds on the sunny windows. We close them when the sun is off of them.
  • No air vents are blocked
  • We cleaned the air vents and cold air returns
  • We keep our gas tankless hot water heater at 120 degrees
  • Only use your oven or range top if absolutely necessary. Use other small appliances when you can
  • Insulate the hot water pipes in the basement
  • Close all heating vents in the basement
  • If you need some new insulation do it. It will save you a lot of money on your heat bill

I hope my list will give you some ideas to get ready. If I have missed something, feel free to add to it in the comments.

Every Day

Small Grocery Haul

I only needed a couple of items this week. Fortunately, both stores were next to each other.

Do you guys have a Running’s? I don’t shop there a lot but they have a great sale once in a while. They had these Mt. Olive pickles for $ 4.49 each. I got the last 64 oz. bread and butter pickles they had. It is perfect for the holidays. I also bought the 80 oz. dill spears because Hubby and I love them with a sandwich or just for a snack. My total there was $ 8.98.

At Top’s, I purchased a head of local cabbage for $ .79 a lb. I paid $ 2.66 for it. Hubby can’t wait to make his Waldorf coleslaw. The celery was $2.29. We use it it for snacks, soup, stew, and diced in chicken or ham salad.

The can of corn was on sale with a Super Coupon for $ .49. We use these in our homemade soups such as chicken, turkey, and taco.

The white thing you see is 2 whole haddock fish. It was on sale for $ 10.99 a lb. I paid $ 13.41 for both. Haddock is Hubby’s favorite. I am a salmon girl and I am looking for a good sale.

Lastly the sweet pepper bags were on sale for B1G1F. I paid $ 6.49 for both. My total at Top’s was $ 25.34.

I was noticing in Top’s just how much the prices have gone up in a just a week. I again saw items that I usually buy that I would not buy at the prices they are asking. UGH!

Did you get any good deals this week?