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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Corned Beef and Cabbage

This was our dinner last night and will be tonight. I put a 3.75 lb. round corned beef in my slow cooker along with 2 cans of Yuengling lager. Then I threw in the spice packet that came with the corned beef. The beer tenderizes the beef while it slow cooks. I cooked this a total of 8 hours on low. You couldn’t taste the beer when it was done. I would have preferred Guinness but I already had a case of the Yuengling lager which I use in recipes and Hubby drinks when he wants a beer. So I used what we had.

When the corned beef had 2 hours to go, I threw in 1/2 of a whole cabbage. I wanted to use fresh potatoes but they were too soft to use. They seem to go bad quickly these days. Not wanting to go to the market, I made mashed potatoes from flakes. It was all delicious.

Our brunch yesterday was homemade turkey soup that I had in the freezer.

This morning we went out to breakfast with our son and grandson at our favorite Greek restaurant. Three of us had eggs or an omelet, home fries, toast, and our choice of steak, bacon, sausage or ham. West had 4 of the largest pancakes with maple syrup that I have ever seen with lots of sausage. My son is Keto and since he does not eat starches, he gave his toast to Hubby and I brought his big plate of home fries home to have as a side for dinner tomorrow or breakfasts this week. Breakfast was so expensive. The cost for the food was $ 74. and a $15.00 tip for a total of $89.00. It had really gone up in price since we ate there a few months ago. But it was all delicious and a nice break for me from cooking. The cost was paid out of our cash envelope for Eating Out.

When Hubby got up this morning, he went to print the crossword from his online newspaper subscription on his desktop computer to find it was dead. When we got back from breakfast, my son confirmed that it was truly dead. So he helped Hubby decide what he will order from Dell tomorrow. We are hoping that we can pay extra to get it overnight when it is built. Hubby needs it to monitor some healthcare issues. In the meantime, he can download the software on mine and use it.

I hope all of you are having a nice St. Patrick’s Day. Are you doing anything special today?

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Hi Precious! Happy St Patrick’s Day! I have our corned beef and cabbage cooking as we speak. I like how you cook yours, it is easier than I do. Hubby is helping son and it has been quiet here with just kitty and me. He will be so happy to get his meal when he gets home. I have been doing some reading about taxes in retirement also, but took a break, it gets dry after awhile. LOL!

I sure am sorry about your computer. I hope I didn’t jinx you telling about our computer woes last week. It is hard to be without one these days.

Eating out is sure getting expensive, we see that also and bring home what we can, too. We went last week to a new restaurant in daughter’s company and she paid most with her benefit. Hubby paid the rest and a generous tip. I expect we will not go out to eat again until our anniversary in May.

I am going to make chili tomorrow, it has been cold here this weekend and tomorrow supposed to be a high of 39. Brrr!

Hi Chris,

Thank you. You guys enjoy that meal. Hubby pulled out the indoor grill and he is going to make himself a reuben sandwich for dinner. i am going to eat the leftovers: corned beef, mashed potatoes and the cooked cabbage. I so loved it last night. Retirement taxes are a pain. I hate them because we have to pay taxes on income that we already paid taxes on. UGH!

You didn’t jinx us but you were in our thoughts when we realized it was broken. It was getting old. Mine is just a year or so younger so I am hoping mine hangs in there for a while. It is hard to be without one but fortunately we have two.

I knew the fast food had gone way up but not the restaurant breakfast. We really don’t go out very often so didn’t know. But I guess it makes sense with all the meats skyrocketing and the eggs.

Chili sounds wonderful! It is cold here and will be through the week. You have a nice dinner.

Hi guys. I bought our corned beef at Shop Rite. It was 2.50 pounds for $12.43. With the sale and a digital coupon (one per customer) the final cost was $4.98. I got it for $7.45 off!! Woo Hoo!! I made it in the slow cooker in my own home-made chicken broth, the spice pac and then a bunch of carrots, onions and cabbage that I got, on sale, for only ,19 a pound. I cooked it for around 8 or 9 hours. It was delish! I still have some leftovers. Maybe I’ll have it for breakfast with a few scrambled eggs.
Precious, I can’t believe how much that restaurant meal cost! Wow. Probably one of the main reasons we no longer go out to eat at all anymore. When our friends want to meet at some restaurant, we decline and invite them over for coffee, home made cake and maybe some cut up sandwiches or a quiche. That’s what they did during the Great Depression and that’s what we are doing now. Truthfully, we’re having a better time. This morning I made home-made chicken soup from some stored up frozen chicken back bones I free up in my freezer (when we buy a whole cut up chicken, I save the back section for soups) It was cold today and def soup time! Throw in some tiny pasta, carrots, onions and celery (sometimes spinach) and it all works out just fine.

Hi Cindi,

Wow! What a deal on the corned beef!

Yes I was shocked at how much breakfast cost. We hadn’t been in a while but it makes sense with the price of meats and eggs! We will be eating breakfasts at home from now on.

It is definitely soup season right now. It has gotten very cold again. I love chicken soup. Enjoy!

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