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What We Have Done To Save Money The Past Couple Of Weeks

  • Made almost all of our meals from scratch using food we already had in our home.
  • Made lemon bars, carrots and celery sticks to dip in homemade onion or veggie dips, banana muffins, jello and pudding for snacks. We no longer buy junk food. I don’t know what the corporations have done to it but it does not taste the same as a few years ago and it is very expensive.
  • I have been doing only two loads of wash a week done in cold water with 2 tbsp. of detergent for each load and hanging most of it to dry.
  • Instead of changing our tablecloth in the breakfast room every day, I have been using place mats on the cloth. They keep the tablecloth cleaner and I just throw the mats in with the regular wash.
  • I am washing our windows a few at a time using homemade cleaner. Hubby will be doing the outsides soon as this rainy weather breaks using the pressure washer. They have not been done in a couple of years because of all the building of homes behind us. Those are now done so I feel it is safe to wash them now and we won’t get blowing dirt to make them dirty again. I thought about hiring a company to do them but did not want to pay the $850. they wanted to do them.
  • We have not heard from our landscaper about a spring clean up of our property so Hubby has done it himself a little at a time. Hubby will contact the landscaper for mulch to be put down and a new garden put in around the shed in May. We did pay in full getting a discount for fertilization of our lawn this season. They usually start the end of April so they should be coming soon.
  • New York State is providing funding to our electric and gas company to give a one time credit of $ 9.52 on our electric bill and $ 15.66 on our natural gas bill as an effort to address energy affordability due to inflation. It is in the state budget which has not been passed yet, so who knows when that will show up. It will show up sometime down the road under the miscellaneous section where all the fees and surcharges are. It’s not much but as I always say, every little bit helps.
  • We put a metal rack out with our garbage last week and the garbage company did not take it. So I put it back out last night hoping they would take it today. Within an hour of me putting it out last night, a man took it. I am happy that it is gone and I didn’t have to use my gasoline to donate it.
  • I have only used my big oven once recently. Otherwise we use the countertop 11 in one oven for everything.
  • I continue to take navy showers which saves on our water bill.
  • Our son and DIL gave us a daffodil plant for Easter. Hubby will be planting it in our garden soon.
  • Our lawn got so long that Hubby has been mowing it for two weeks now. It looks great really early this year. I believe it is because we had a warm winter and lots of rain the past couple of weeks. Our flowering trees are all in bloom which always makes me happy. Our cherry tree is blooming and setting cherries. We should have lots of cherries this year earlier than normal.
  • We have been using up all of our produce and eating all of our leftovers so as to not waste anything. Food is way too expensive to throw out. We have been eating beef stew, made using homemade beef broth, for the past two nights. We will eat it again tonight and then it should be gone. All made from scratch using a sirloin tip roast that I got on sale many months ago for $ 4.99 a lb. I cut it up into stew beef. I refuse to pay $7- $8. for stew meat. I added fresh potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery and then made gravy towards the end of it cooking.
  • Be aware that the post office is talking about raising the price of a first class stamp again to $ .73 on July 14th after just raising it to $.68 earlier this year. I am so glad that I bought a 100 count roll of forever stamps at $ .66 before the last increase.
  • Some of our winter coats can be washed at home and I will do that. But a couple have to be dry cleaned. So I am keeping my eye out for a discount coupon.
  • My chives are in full bloom so we have been using them on baked potatoes with sour cream.
  • It seems like gasoline is rising almost every day due to the mess in the middle east. So I filled up our gas tank today getting $ .20 off per gallon with my Top’s gas points. After the points I paid $ 3.20 per gallon.
  • Hubby got 4 new all season tires put on our car yesterday. We had to buy new ones due to the fact that our car is 11 years old. The snow tires we bought at the beginning of the winter will be stored on the ceiling in the garage. The tires were $1,000. We have odd sized tires that have to be preordered. The rubber that tires are made from has really gone up. But these tires should now last until we no longer have the car. We paid cash with money we had saved for this purpose.
  • I picked up my prescriptions at my Rite Aid pharmacy for the very last time. They are closing my store in a week or so. Hubby and I have to decide who we are going to use now. We still have 2 Rite Aids in our area but I hate the customer service at one of the stores. The other is much farther away from me. We are considering two other chains and two grocery store pharmacies.

What have you been doing to save a bit of money lately?

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I have switched Amazon Pharmacy after dealing with high turnover, incompetent associates and crazy long fill times. I have been duly impressed. For instance I ordered a refill at 9:15 am and got notice it was shipped at 9:30 and received it the next day. Mind you we live in a small rural-ish area and nothing ever shows up next day. Prices have also been cheaper than the pharmacy even with insurance and we get the 5% back using store card.

Hi Precious, I always love when you do the “what we did to save money” posts, they always give me a lot to think about.

Your tablecloth idea was good. We use placemats in our kitchen and a tablecloth in the dining room. I have a set of 4 and rotate them so I can wash them all at the same time. We had our windows washed last fall and it was $550, not nearly as much as you were quoted, wow! Your comments about your cherry trees gave me some nice memories of my dad and his. Thanks for the reminder about washing the winter coats, I think I will do that next week. I don’t have a recommendation for a pharmacy, we use a mail order for some of our prescriptions and I know you don’t have Meijer pharmacy where you are. I wish you did, I love ours.

As far as saving money, visiting our parents put a crimp in that for us, as well as birthday for older granddaughter. I did get her a gift at Christmas, though. And bought most of the fruit for the fruit salad on sale, except I did get 2 pears and they were 1.85. 😳

Hi Chris,

Thank you! I enjoy doing them.

I don’t know why i didn’t think of using the placemats on top of it before. But this will keep my tablecloths from wearing out so fast. I have a lot of placemats and they can just go in the wash when necessary.

I thought the window estimate was way too high. We will do them ourselves.

I wish I had a Meijer and a Kroger too. I miss my Kroger store(Fry’s) in AZ. But we have to work with what we have so I do my best

Birthdays and travel will do that. You do so well though..

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