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A Little Of This And A Little Of That

I am finally peaceful because I got some important financial things done this morning. Between those types of things and my recent doctor and test appointments, I have been very stressed out the past couple of months. I don’t have another appointment until May and then one in August. My time is finally mine, Hubby’s, and my sons and their families. What a relief I feel. I should be around here more often too.

This afternoon I cooked up some bacon to make Turkey BLT’s for dinner. That will make them easy to put together.

The middle of last week, I contacted a few companies whose products I buy and whose products I was getting low on. I didn’t know if they would send me some coupons but it was worth a try since paper coupons are rare these days. These all came in the mail today. I am loving all of them especially the free one. The $.50 ones will double at my Top’s. All of them do not expire until the end of December so I will be saving them to combine with a sale. Score!

Some other things that I have done in the last few days are:

I scanned 2 weeks worth of receipts into Fetch.

Instead of paying $ 25. including tip for 2 fish fry dinners at Chiavetta’s last Friday for dinner, I baked some coconut shrimp I found in the bottom of my freezer.

The only waste I had was a slice of a tomato that got buried in the crisper drawer.

I am using up food in the freezer and pantries for the next few weeks so I am only buying sale items that we need or reduced priced deals. Matter of fact I will be going out to shop for my corned beef and cabbage and going to the drugstore for a prescription after I post this. I will also bring a bag of bottles to Fast Cash. My menu’s with the exception of the corned beef and cabbage will be made from what I already have in the house.

I almost forgot to talk about February’s budget. I spent $ 490. of my $534. food budget last month. The remainder will be saved to stock on good deals when I see them. Also we only spent $ 24.92 on fish fries for take out on one Friday dinner. Our gas and electric bill was $ 235.66. We saved $233.83 this past year compared to last year’s bills. That has to be the warm winter we have had and keeping the heat so low from 10PM to 9AM.

What have you guys been doing to save money?

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Hi Precious, it was a spendy weekend here, unfortunately. Our 11 year old computer finally bit the dust. Hubby tried to get it going himself, but no go this time. He took it to MicroCenter, which is our computer place of choice, and talked to them about a fix vs a new one. He decided to get a new one since it was so old and no guarantee it could be fixed (he can speak their computer language, unlike me. Ha! Ha!). He likes the store brand that MicroCenter builds. This is the third one of their computers we have had and the other ones have lasted at least 10 years for us. The cost out the door with the needed softwares, virus protection, etc was $950. It sounds like a lot, but hopefully will last another 11 years, so the cost per year to use it would not be bad. These days it is hard to be without a computer. I trusted Hubby to be a good steward of what we would need and what would last a long time. But the cost still hurts. It is a good thing he is working part time and we have savings.

I wanted to let you know we got our gas and electric bills and they were $210.xx this month, so a little less than yours. But you live more north than we do, so it makes sense.

I can’t remember if I told you we had both the little girls last Friday since older granddaughter was off school. We took them to the local history museum where we have a membership. They love to go there. The museum has a large second floor eating area where the groups of school kids and other patrons eat their lunches, so we brought our lunch and ate there, too. Hubby bought ice cream for a treat for us and we did NOT stop by the gift store this time. 😉 Our membership is good until the end of July so we will take them again after school is out.

Hi Chris,

Emergencies do come up! So sorry about your computer! But hopefully the new one will last a good long time.

Your utility bill was not bad. Let’s hope it warms up in a few weeks and stays that way.

The museum sounds wonderful. You did send me some pics. Smart move to bring your lunches.

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