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I Did Not Do Much Today Because……………………..

So sorry that this is not perfect. I have been taking care of Hubby today who is not feeling well. He woke me up at 1:30am this morning saying he did not feel well. I tried to get symptoms from him but all he wanted to do was go back to sleep. I couldn’t because I was very worried. So I have been up since then. He fell back to sleep and seemed to sleep well.

He got up at 8:30 because he had a late morning dentist appointment. He still did not feel well. He told me some of his symptoms which could have been many things. I gave him a Covid test. He was negative. But I called the dentist and rescheduled his appointment. It could be a stomach bug or something else. I offered to call the doctor or take him to the emergency room but he declined.

So I did the next best thing which is spend the entire day right by his side. I also made him some homemade chicken soup for dinner using a jar of homemade canned chicken and some homemade chicken broth, diced celery, and diced carrots, and added rice. It is the only thing he has eaten today and he ate a bowl full telling me how delicious it was. I made enough for a few days. The pot had just started to boil when I snapped this picture.

Today, my shipment of butter arrived from Amazon. The picture is above. With dairy being a supply chain issue, I wanted to make sure that we had some on the shelf. They were $ 9.48 a can but we like it and it will be on the shelf if the power goes out. So my order was $37.92.

Lastly, Hubby made some hummingbird food this weekend so we could fill up our 3 feeders. It costs him about a $ .25 for this gallon of it vs. $ 8.74 to buy the same size at the store. Every penny counts!

I hope you all had a great day!

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Hi Precious, prayers for hubby. I am sure you were concerned. The stomach bug is going around here too. So far we are ok, but older granddaughter had recently. Your soup looks good. I had no idea you could get butter that was shelf stable. The things I learn from you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

All ok here, I am getting ready to watch Antiques Roadshow.

I hope your husband is feeling better. My husband hates to go to the ER. But a few months ago he fainted at the dinner table and I called an ambulance. Turned out to be nothing but better safe. Youโ€™re a good wife ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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