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Many Things Have Been Happening Around Here

Even though I have been resting and recovering from my surgery, life doesn’t stop.

I believe I told you that a few days before my surgery, we had damage to our roof from a bad wind storm. The roofer couldn’t match the shingles because they were made in Canada and they no longer make the architectural ones that were on there. The American ones and the Canadian ones were a different size too. So they had to remove all of the shingles on 2 sections of the roof in order to blend them in properly. They also removed the roofing paper under them. The cost was about $ 4,100.+. We have a $1,000. deductible so the insurance company is reimbursing us the difference. We already had it done because we had another wind storm and we were lucky that it didn’t cause any more damage. 

I finally started eating soft foods yesterday. I never knew that scrambled eggs could taste so good. Up to this point I had been on a liquid diet, baby food, and watered down mashed potatoes. I will be on the soft food diet for about a week and then I start the South Beach Diet. Since my surgery about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, I have lost 13 lbs. It gives me a good start to the SB diet where I hope to get down to my normal weight. Hubby is going to eat pretty much what I eat so we don’t have to cook two meals. I have made a menu plan for the first two weeks and we hope to get that shopping done this week. Meanwhile, little by little, I have been going through my freezers and pantries weeding out food that we should not eat. I will be donating most of it to the food pantry after I check with family to see if they want any of it.

I am anxious to get back to my aquafit classes, the treadmill, track, and some other machines at the Y. The surgeon told me yesterday I can start in another two weeks.  

Hubby has been my driver all of this time. He has been game to take me any place I wanted to go. So errands like getting gasoline and banking $45. in rebate checks have been done. 

You all also know that we use the Skinny SF Syrups from Jordan’s in our coffee. We especially love the Irish Cream and the Vanilla Almond. I almost placed an order a week ago. But I decided to wait until we were down to 2 bottles left. I am so glad I waited. Jordan’s is celebrating their anniversary and I got an e-mail from them last Friday saying their top 10 sellers were on sale. Sure enough both flavors that we like were in the top 10 sale. Normally I pay $5.99 for the big bottles. But they were on sale for $ 3.99.

So knowing a great deal when I see it, I placed an order for 24 Irish Cream and 6 Vanilla Almond totaling $ 119.70. By doing so I saved $60.00. These will last us quite a while.  

I have been watching a lot of TV and You Tube, reading, and doing paperwork. I try to stay busy so that boredom doesn’t set in.

This past Saturday, my son and grandson came for lunch and a visit. Not being up to cooking it for them, I sent my son to Ales and Sandwiches to get lunch for everyone. I was even able to get a small portion of mashed potatoes with gravy so that I could mix the gravy in and make them soupy. We enjoyed their company and they brought Nori, their dog, too. I enjoyed seeing her. She hasn’t been out for a visit in  many months. 

I apologize for the rambling but I wanted to let you know that I am still around and hope to be back blogging on a permanent basis soon. Till then, stay frugal!

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Glad you are on the road to recovery and able to eat some different things. It is SO great that you had a nice visit with your son and grandson.
May you be restored to good health quickly.
Thank you for the health update.

Hi AD, this is Chris. It must be the week for house repairs. Our dishwasher is toast, so we have been researching, but haven't bought yet. I am glad you are recovering from your surgery. I looked up to see what the South Beach diet is, and it looks similar to what I learned in my class from the Y, only the SB it looks like you eat less carbs. Today I went to Kroger and got us enough OTC meds to last for a year or so, they were having a good sale with coupons.

Hi Chris,

So sorry about your dishwasher. Didn't you just buy that a few years back? Thanks for the good wishes. Yes, SB is low carb and low sugar. Yeah on the OTC score!

AD, this is Chris again, you have a good memory. Yes, we did buy a dishwasher several years ago, but it was for our old house where we used to live. This house, we have not had to replace any of the appliances yet. When we moved, we brought our appliances since they were tearing down the old house, but didn't bring the dishwasher. When we bought our house here, I kept all the newer appliances. This dishwasher was 13 y/o.

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