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A Recommendation: The Secret To Not Being Broke

While I am recovering from surgery, I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos while I am resting. I watched one of Tawra’s yesterday and it really resonated with me. I remember Tawra from years ago when we were both on the Frugal Living Boards.

I too have seen some of the things that she talks about in people over the years. Yes, it gets frustrating when people ask for advice and then never put in the hard work to change their lot in life.

But we can only offer advice from our experience and if people won’t do the work to better themselves then perhaps they want to be broke.

I thought some of you might enjoy watching this video: The Secret To Not Being Broke

Tawra has the You Tube Channel and also blogs at 
Living On A Dime 

Tawra has CFF and Fibromyalgia and still manages to run her business with the help of her husband, Mike.

You will see in the beginning of the video that she once in a while gets  a little brain fog because of her illnesses but stick with it because she is so right in what she says. 


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Hi AD this is Chris. I listened to this video. It had a lot of common sense in it. Thanks for sharing. I would be interested to know if there are other folks you like to listen to on YouTube. I have not really checked into this.

Hi Chris,

I love her conmon sense approach. You are welcome. I will put a list up here when I am feeling better. I am honestly not feeling very well today. I have C DIFF from the surgery and the cocktail of drugs they gave me. It basically is all of the bad bacteria taking over my stomach. I got it when I had one of my my knees replaced so I knew what this was when it hit. My doctor just sent a script to the pharmacy for an antibiotic that only targets the bad bacteria in the stomach. Hopefully in a few days, I will feel better again. Off to lay down.

This is Chris, I am so sorry to hear you have cdiff. Please take good care of yourself, that can be dangerous, as you know. Doubling up on the prayers.

I have tried for 40 years to get out of debt and it is finally happening, mostly because the kids are raised and I am seriously trying.

Hope you feel better! I've been lucky in that we've always had a big tool to throw at problems (high incomes), and we've made (mostly) smart choices along the way. While there are PLENTY of things we've done that I wouldn't buy again in hindsight or whatever, we've always spent less than we've earned, and maxed our retirement accounts. Those two things have yielded the biggest rewards. Now that we're marching toward retirement (early or otherwise), we're much more conscious of our spending, & ensuring the spending is aligned with our values & priorities.

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