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Living On Just Social Security

While I am recouperating, here is another video that I thought might be of interest to some of you who are or will be living on Social Security only in retirement.

This is Tawra’s mother, Jill, who is showing you how she lives on $750. a month of Social Security only.

Again stick with them. It takes them a couple of minutes to get into the conversation.

But the tips may help some on Social Security and others with small fixed incomes too.   

Living on $750. a Month 


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I hope you are feeling better today. What you are going through is tough. I have an aunt that lives on that little. But she sews quilts, watches elderly women and she herself is 84. My sister and I pay her taxes and help her with travel, buy all her clothes.

Thanks for your kindness. It is much appreciated. It is tough but I just inch along each day. One thing is for sure, I am getting plenty of rest.

God Bless your aunt and the help you give her. Jill does make gingerbread men at Christmas and sells them and she is a marvelous seamstress like you and does a little bit with that. That gives her a little bit extra some time of the year.

Hi,,thanks for the link but gees, do they ramble, I finally saw a comment that said the mother starts detailing her $750 spending at the 20 minute mark. Sigh. I sat through another long rambling session and gave up. If anyone knows these women, please pass along a hint that they need to ramble less…or do a summary at the start and then ramble. I would have loved to see the $750 details but the overall YouTube was over an hour and I couldn’t spend that much time on the detours….

Hi Hilogene,

They do ramble sometimes especially Jill. I have plenty of time right now since Hubby is doing everything while I recover.

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