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Wegman’s South Beach Haul

I managed to get to Wegman’s for my first South Beach grocery shopping haul. But I had to cut it short because it exhausted me. I hope to go to Top’s later this week to pick up the things that I didn’t get.

My brain is telling me that I can do anything but my body is not letting me. I get tired very easily.

Here is my receipt because it is easier for me right now than to list it all here. I got a few things that Hubby wanted that aren’t pictured. The picture is just of the South Beach items.

This diet is very important to me for my health. I am not trying to be frugal when I spend for it. I will be shopping at a number of different stores over the next 10-12 weeks so that I can get a handle on who has the best prices. I used no coupons today. I had one for the Cheerios but because I was so tired, I forgot to use it.

I am having the people who wait on me in the fish market cut my organic salmon into 3 oz. pieces which is perfect for my diet. I love salmon and have decided to splurge on it. Hubby likes haddock and we have a few whole ones in the freezer for him. Tonight, I am having baked salmon with fresh lemon and steamed asparagus for dinner. This meal is not only SB but on my soft food diet this week. So while eating the soft foods, I am trying to stay SB.

I also picked up some sirloin steak which Hubby will grill some day next week. This is two portions. On this diet I can have steak once or so every 2-3 weeks. Most of the time, dinner will include chicken or fish and sometimes pork. We have a lot of chicken in the freezer to go through before I will have to buy more. I also have pork and more salmon in the freezer. 

We will have lots of salads and veggies. I plan on ricing the cauliflower. I will be trying a new veggie, the jicama, in a recipe. And there will be lots of tuna on salad for lunch.

We are very aware that our grocery bill will rise but it is worth it. We saved our entire married life so that we could afford to pay more when need be.

Are any of you getting warmer weather? Today is the first day of spring and cold temps in the 20’s and 30’s are forcasted for the next week. I am so over winter!!!  

As always click on the pics to make them bigger. I will try to post again soon.  

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