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Updating You On Why I Have Been Missing In Action The Past Couple of Months

Some of you know that I have not felt well for over 4 years now. The last couple of months I have been in complete agony. After finding the best surgeon in the world, I had to go through a lot of tests the past couple of months. Last Thursday, I entered the hospital to get a hiatal hernia repaired with a wrap. Today I came home from the hospital for an 8 week recovery process. 

My diet is basically “homemade baby food”, jello, clear high protein drinks, popsicles and broth. Not real appetizing!  But I am so happy to  be without pain when I eat. And I plan to follow this diet until my surgeon tells me differently.

I am tired and won’t be back blogging full time until I am better. But then I hope to be blogging like my old self. So give me some time to heal and I promise good blog posts in the future.

American Dreamer known as Precious in the Past

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks so much for the update on how your surgery went. Thanks to God for answered prayers, and I am glad you are home already. Continued prayers for a safe and speedy recovery. <3

OH, Precious, you have been on my mind. It's Linda. It is so unlike you to be missing so long. I have been praying for you and yours.
Hoping you find great relief after your surgery, and you improve really quickly. Please take care of yourself.
Most sincerely,

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

Hubby is taking good care of me. I am sleeping a lot. Still very sore!

Good evening, I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery and I hope it gives you much improvement.
Rest and follow doctors orders. Blogging will be here when you’re better.

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for your kindness. I am resting so much that sometimes I can't sleep anymore. Hubby is taking good care of me and I am following the surgeon's orders to a T.

Hi American Dreamer…I used to post on your old blog (my name is Olga) and I am just finding you again. Please take very good care of yourself! We are all anxious for you to get back to sharing your knowledge with us, but most important is that you are feeling better and stronger!

Goodness gracious! Didn't know you needed/had surgery. Rest and recover as long as you need to. Don't worry about your Hubs, he'll get through having to fend for himself. '-)

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