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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week.

I cleaned out the refrigerator as I always do before I grocery shop. I do this so that I can incorporate anything that needs to be used up into meals for the week. While doing this, I realized that the limes were getting older. So I washed them and sliced them up, put them in freezer bags, and froze them. I do this with limes and lemons. Then when I need just a few slices for a dish I am making, I just pull them out of the bag. We like the limes on Mexican food and the lemons on fish. I also use them in my ice water that I drink throughout the day.

It was time to make seasoned salt again. I have been using Tawra’s recipe for a long time. It has saved me a lot of money. It uses the ingredients above. 

I put it in a container that matches my other spice containers. All I have to do now is find my labels. Here is the recipe. Up until now I had been using a recyled container. 

I started wrapping my granddaughter’s birthday gifts. It is hard for me to believe she will be 12 soon. I can still vividly see her in the hospital when she was born. Once in a while, I need something at Dollar Tree. When I go there, I always pick up a tube or two of wrapping paper. So all I had to do was go to the bedroom closet where I keep my paper in a wastebasket and grab the birthday paper. That saves me from having to run to the store when I need paper for something. At the beginning of each year, I buy all of the greeting cards I need that year. So I have the card too. 

We got a nice surprise this past week too. It seems that back in 2016, we overpaid our co-pays for prescription drugs at the drugstore. We got a letter from our prescription drug plan refunding us $14.19. That will be going directly to savings. 

We ate all of our meals at home last week. I used the toaster oven and air fryer for some and only used the oven once for the large chicken and veggie sheet pan meal. Now that the heat is off, I am trying to reduce the utility bills as much as I can. We just got our monthly bill which was high for this time of the year.  

We only used the car twice this past week. Once for grocery shopping and some errands and once for Hubby to get a haircut at his barber. 

I cashed in more Fetch points for another $10. Walmart gift card. I love Fetch. 

I had $15. in Kohl’s cash that needed to be used by yesterday. I was not going to be able to use it. So I gave it to my DIL and she got my granddaughter some clothes for the summer using that and some coupons. Priceless! When you know you can’t use something, give it to someone who can so it doesn’t get wasted.

I got an invite to Amazon’s Early Review program and earned a $3.00 gift card for doing a review.

We have had so much rain here that we have not had to turn on the sprinkler system yet. That saves on the cost of water. 

On the few hot days that we have had, we have not turned on the A/C. 

I keep the lights off except at night. We use the daylight to our advantage.

We have a new Goodwill about 3 miles from us near Top’s. When I go to Top’s, I stop in and see if they have anything I need. So far they haven’t but I will continue to look when I am in the area.

Well that is all for the past week. Please feel free to share how you have saved with all of us by leaving a comment. 

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Electric rates go up 5/1-10/1 so its back to using major appliances only between 6pm and 9am, but the lowest rates are 9pm-6am. Of course, I try for the latter. We repaired both the Reverse Osmosis faucet and my water pik by replacing a broken O-Ring. Sent back a pair of Cabela boots from 1/2018 that the tie mechanism was fraying. They initially said it wasn't under warranty but we showed them the "lifetime warranty" info and they acquiesced. Lots of little things that add up

Hi Patti,

Amazing how such a little thing as an O-ring can repair something! I don't know where you live but we had TOU rates when we lived in AZ. I loved them. I did everything in the off hours. We even had a timer on our water tank so that it was off during peak hours.

Nice job on the Cabela boots. Little things do add up.

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