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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping

I only grocery shopped once this week. That shop is pictured above. I purchased three dozen eggs at $ .89 each, vidalia onions at $.69 a lb., 2 jars of olives, some shaved Parmesan cheese, and 5 packages of turkey pepperoni. I spent $ 20.86.

We go through eggs like crazy. They get used mostly for breakfasts but I do hard boil some for snacks and to put on salads. The pepperoni is for snacking. Hubby has decided he no longer likes Parmesan cheese in a shaker like Kraft makes. So he is trying this shaved Parmesan. I wanted a block to grate myself but my store had none. The onions and olives were needed since we are almost out. I don’t like green olives but Hubby loves them.

Now for what we ate this week.  Almost every breakfast was either eggs with Canadian bacon or turkey bacon. I added a 1/2 of avocado to most breakfasts. Sunday’s family breakfast, I cooked turkey bacon for me and regular bacon for Hubby, my son and West. I also served the Cranberry orange bread that I made for the boys. I make eggs over easy or scrambled depending on who wants what. 

I made mashed cauliflower and shaved beef for a couple of lunches this past week. I am trying to use up an old package of Steak Umms that was in the freezer. Other lunches were salads with lots of veggies and sometimes a sliced hard boiled egg on top. I only use a little olive oil or lemon juice on my salads. Hubby usually make himself a sandwich -cold cuts, egg salad or tuna.

Dinners were simple. When I am dieting, I find that simple is better. So we eat a lot of the same meals a few days in a row. I made a huge crock pot full of homemade spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage. We ate that 3 nights in a row. Half of the sauce I froze for future meals. Hubby has his on spaghetti with some Italian sausage and I have mine on zucchini noodles with no sausage.

One night, Hubby made Chef’s salads and two nights we had salads without meat or cheese. The last night of the week, Hubby grilled NY Strip steaks outside. I sauteed some crimini mushrooms to go on top. We had eaten large salads for lunch that day so the steak was all we ate for dinner. 

We are getting plenty of salads and veggies every week so I didn’t mind going without a very large meal on steak night. Many snacks are things like celery stuffed with soft cheese, turkey pepperoni, pepper strips, sliced cucumbers, etc. so I know that I am getting enough veggies each week.

We had such a busy week that I was not able nor did I remember to take a lot of pictures. I promise more next week since we have a very easy week for the first time in a very long time.   

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