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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are our frugal things this past week:

– My treadmill did not survive a move from one room to another very well. I have an elevation error and another error. So rather than try to find someone to come out to fix it, I have been watching You Tube repair videos. I am learning a lot. I think we can fix the problem ourselves and I will be working on it this week.  

– I used my crock pot for most of our meals that I cooked this past week. Other meals were not cooked like salads. Anytime I can save on natural gas and electric I will.

– Finally, we were able to turn off the heat on Saturday. Sunday was humid and 86. Most of my neighbors turned on the A/C. We just kept the windows closed and it stayed quite comfortable all day. It has been cold some nights but 2 blankets on the bed keep us warm.

– I received a $3.00 rebate in the mail. I save the little checks until I get a stack of them and then make a trip to the bank to deposit them when I get our cash for the month.

– Hubby did his weed whacking himself. This is saving us extra money that we don’t have to pay the landscape people we hired. We were able to cut the amount of time that we needed them each month this year.

– I ordered  a set of headphones for Hubby that are wireless bone conduction headphones. You can use them if you have a hearing aid which Hubby does. He has always loved his music and it has been hard for him to hear it. These work beautifully and Hubby is so enjoying his music again. I purchased them for about $97. when they were a special. They are here.
This was priceless to us. 

– We cleaned the garage on Saturday. It had so much salt on the floor from the winter. Hubby was able to get it up with a scraper and then he washed the entire floor with the hose. We swept all of the water out so it dried pretty quickly. I did not see one live bug while we were doing it so having the pest control service is working for us. 

– We did not eat out this week.

– My cherry tree had beautiful blossoms this year and it looks like we will have tons of cherries again. Now we just have to get to them before the birds do. I freeze them to use for baking over the winter. 

– I hung most of the laundry this past week. I bought new underwear at a specialty shop. They told me it will last a lot longer if I hand wash it and hang it to dry. So I am taking their suggestion.

– I took the electric blanket off of our bed. So I needed to dig out the blankets that were stored for the winter. We have a California king size bed and the blankets are huge. But rather than take them to the dry cleaner, I washed them myself doing one at a time. 

– I only ran errands once. We had a return to make via UPS so I took the package there. I also picked up Hubby’s scripts at the drug store and returned a bag of bottles to Fast Cash while I was out. I am enjoying not running around more than once a week and it is saving us gasoline. 

– We have been watching the college softball playoffs for entertainment. 

That is all for this week. Please feel free to comment and tell us what you did frugally this past week so that we may all learn from you too.

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I turned off our furnace a few weeks ago. It has turned cold here again but we just put on a sweater and wear warmer pj's. Our garden lettuce is huge so I am planning on alot of salads in the future. Right now I have a huge package of chicken breasts that I purchased 50% off thawing and I plan on making enchiladas with it. I should be able to make a couple pans for us and neighbors.

The ac has been running on and off for the last two months here. The electric bill is going down before it goes up again with constant use in the summer.This is Linda from , formerly Practical Parsimony.

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