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Weekly Schedule

I finally have worked out my weekly schedule for blog posts. It will be as follows:

Monday: Miscellaneous 

Tuesday: What we ate the prior week and any grocery shopping the same week

Wednesday: Frugal Things The Past Week

Thursday: Saving on Utilities

Friday: Savings on Other Items

We finally got some nice 80+ weather this weekend, so we turned off the heat. We do not have the A/C on yet. I would love a month without it.

Today has been a quiet day at home doing a myriad of tasks and some online shopping.

If you have any suggestions or questions for any of these categories, please feel free to leave them in comments and I will try to answer them on the appropriate days.    

4 replies on “Weekly Schedule”

I was posting about my money savings every Monday and found that no one read it and very few comments, although these are my favorite posts to read. Weird, I like the schedule.

Hi Kim,

They are my favorite too and they get read a lot here. Thanks. I am hoping this works for me so that I can write some posts ahead of time for busy weeks.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I like your schedule. I thought of a few things to maybe talk about in upcoming posts. First of all, I would like to know the process you use when you need to buy a major purchase, like how we had to recently buy a dishwasher. We mostly used Consumer Reports and I asked for recommendations from friends on my Facebook page. We found most of the stores charged the same price for what we wanted to buy. I am just wondering if we missed another way to save? Secondly, I know you sometimes watch videos on You Tube and wondered if there were some people on there that you think it would be beneficial for us to watch. Thirdly, I know you have several small kitchen appliances, and was wondering if you could do an article about which ones you think are worth the cost. We have a basic hand mixer, toaster, blender, food processor and I think that is all. My 30 + y/o stand mixer (Sunbeam) died recently. So far I have decided to not replace it, but have borrowed my daughter's the one time I really needed something stronger than the hand mixer.

If I think of some other things, I will comment again. Thanks for asking for suggestions, I always learn so much from your articles.

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