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Frugal Things the Past Few Weeks

We have really been busy the past few weeks doing a number of frugal things now that summer is ending.

Hubby and my son finally hung the Shaker Style Cabinets in my laundry room. We got such a great deal on these. First we used about $138. in Home Depot gift cards towards the purchase price. I got these gift cards for 80% of the cost about 3 years ago. I hang on to cards until we need something. Then because of a delivery issue that was Home Depot’s fault, they credited us $ 127.01. So these large beautiful cupboards only cost us $ 180.30 including tax out of pocket for the both of them. I really needed the storage space for my laundry products and for some cleaning products that we keep handy. I had drawers under my old washer and dryer. But the new ones don’t have that function. We have hardware on order. I am on the hunt for liner for the shelves, then I can load them up with all the things and decorate the room.

Our tomatoes have been really producing. We have had enough to share. We still have many green ones on them and more blossoms. There have been lots dinners of BLT’s and grilled cheese and sliced tomato sandwiches. I may have to can some for sauce. They seem to be ripening all at once now. They have saved us a fortune over buying them. The cheapest that I have seen them here is $2.99 a lb. Plus mine are organic.

I received $ 6.54 in rebate money. On my last grocery order they substituted 2 $6.+ cans of meat with 2 $ 8.+ cans of meat for the $6. price. Score!

We got our electric and natural gas bill 2 weeks ago and it was only $8.00 more than last year. Considering we had company and it was a lot hotter this July and August, we were happy with that.

Hubby and my son are going to finish a project in the basement. We need large sheets of materials. My son built a trailer that he hauls behind his van so they will be able to fit what we need on it. That will save us the delivery charges. I am very excited to see this get finished.

My grandson came to visit for three days. My back has been giving me “fits” so my plan to take him bowling and to play miniature golf got postponed. Instead we spent an entire day from early morning until about 8PM in the evening playing “Ticket To Ride”. That is such a fun game.

He and Hubby watched “Ninja Warriors” on Friday night. My grandson belongs to a Ninja gym and competes so he was happy to watch this show.

I cooked things that he enjoys like chicken strips, homemade pizza, etc. for dinners. I also made sure that there was plenty of Hershey’s ice cream.

We were invited to our friend’s home a couple of weeks ago for a party. We did not go because there was going to be lots of people there and the Delta virus was spreading like crazy in this area. We wished we could have gone. This was two years in a row that we missed it because of the viruses. She had a second party this weekend and gave us a jar of her homemade pickle dip which is delicious. She also gave us a container of brisket, pulled pork, and stuffed jalapeno peppers all wrapped in bacon all slowly cooked in her smoker. All of the food is scrumptious and has and will make a total of 6 meals for us. She is such a good friend to think of us. We will pay her and her husband back by sending many homemade soups to them this Fall. They love my soups!

I purchased another 100 count roll of Forever Stamps before the price went up.

We changed the furnace filter and put our Green Gobbler liquid down the kitchen sink on the 1st. The filter gets changed when it is dirty but the liquid gets done the first of every month. I hate paying for Roto Rooter.

We have been mostly eating from our pantries. Very few items have been purchased the past few weeks. I only look at the loss leaders in the sale ads now. When we see something that is a great buy, we get a few. We also have made sure not to waste any food. Every morsel gets eaten.

Our 3 month water and sewer bill came and was $63.00 less than last year’s for the same period even though it was hotter weather. I believe the savings was because of all the rain we have had. Our sprinkler system senses when it is raining out and does not turn on.

Our landscape company, on their monthly maintenance visit, trimmed one of our larger trees so that the branches would no longer hit the roof especially when it is very windy. This is not something they have ever done for us before. We were happy because we were going to hire a tree guy to do it.

That is about all we have done except the usual that we do all of the time. What have you done frugally over the past few weeks?

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Frugal Things The Past Couple of Weeks

These are the things that we have been doing to save a little bit of money these past couple of weeks:

  • We have picked 5 tomatoes so far from our container garden. Unfortunately, we had to throw out a lot more that developed tomato rot. In all the years that I have planted tomatoes, I have never had this before. I had to research to find out what it was. Seems in this heat we need to water them a little more often. We were thinking they were getting plenty of water by soaking them once a day until the water ran out the bottom of the pots. Evidently we need to do this twice a day. Also the soil needed calcium. So instead of going to the garden center to buy it, I found out that I could water the soil with some milk. So I got out my stored dry milk and mixed it up and did that this morning. Hopefully this will solve the problem.
  • A few nights this week, I made chicken BLT’s using cooked sliced chicken, bacon and lettuce that I had purchased on sale, and our tomatoes. They were so delicious and so easy. In the summer, I love easy!
  • I sewed a button back on one of my favorite blouses, right after it came off in the washer, before I lost it.
  • I went to the bank and deposited some checks that had been sitting here into our high interest account until I can decide what we want to invest it in. When checks sit in the office, they make no money at all. I know I have been very busy the past couple of weeks but that is no excuse.
  • I read the current 2 free magazines that I get. Hubby read his Handyman magazine that is gifted to him every Christmas.
  • I contacted my cable company to get credited for an outage of our cable TV, internet, and telephone.
  • I hard boiled a dozen eggs in my pressure cooker. We use them for breakfasts, egg salad, and for snacks.
  • I cooked up a pound of bacon for breakfasts this week.
  • My wedding ring is getting loose again on my ring finger. The ring guard no longer worked. So instead of going to a jeweler to get one, I ordered one online that will suffice until I am sure that I won’t lose any more weight. At that time I will have the ring resized.
  • I traded some fiction books with a neighbor for some books that she had that I hadn’t read.
  • We had quit B.J.’s, which is a warehouse club, very early this year. We decided to rejoin because they sent us a coupon to sign up for a year for $25. I was hoping that their shelves would be better stocked than when I quit. They were. That day I shopped for items that we needed that were a lot cheaper than my grocery stores. I only spent a little over $71.
  • My son switched all of our cellphones to a new carrier. Because of that we got a new G5 phone for free. I researched prices online and got a great price on a protective case and a screen protector. This cellphone is bigger than our last one so we couldn’t use the old case.
  • We are working on using up a huge box of free dental supplies that we have collected over the past couple of years from our dentist. We have way too much toothpaste and floss.

We have also been doing the usual to save on our utility and water bills. What have you been doing the past couple of weeks to save a little money?

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Frugal Things We Have Done Recently

After two funerals in the past week in our extended family, I need some normalcy in my life. So it was time to get back to posting.

These are the things that we have done recently to save money in our household:

  • After a funeral service in a city about two hours away from our home yesterday, we took the scenic route on our way home. It took no longer than taking the Thruway and saved us $ 4.34 in tolls. I am always amazed at how beautiful New York state is.
  • We did not stay for the luncheon afterwards because Hubby’s back was not good yesterday. So we left right after the service. Our plan was to pick up some fast food to eat in the car on the way home. We had not eaten breakfast and when we left the church it was going on 1PM. However, we ended up driving straight home and just ate some leftovers about 3:30pm. We planned to go to Subway later to get wraps for a late dinner but neither of us was hungry.
  • But this morning, we were ravenous. So I ran to Panera and got bagels. It was Tuesday discount day so they only cost $ 6.99 for a dozen. I still have 3 gift cards that I purchased on a discount almost 4 years ago. So I paid with one of those. BTW, for those of you who followed me when I was on the Keto diet for 2 years, I got very bored with it. I needed a new plan. So I count calories every day and try to stay under 1400. The bagels are pictured above after Hubby ate one and I had a half of one. Hubby wanted cinnamon cream cheese but I can’t find it anywhere since Covid started. So I purchased a container of cream cheese and he made his own again for about the fourth time. He says it is better than store bought.
  • While I was out, I stopped at Top’s for a few things since it was 6% off your total bill Senior Discount Day. We got a lot of produce, Kosher salt to make pickles, and milk that was needed.
  • I also filled our car up with gas since we used almost all of it yesterday. The price at the pump was $ 3.09.9. But after Top’s points I was able to get $.50 off a gallon which brought the price down to $2.59.9 per gallon.
  • Hubby ordered what he thought was the replacement filters for our air cleaner in the master bedroom. When he got them, it was the generic that you have to cut to fit. He just traced the old one and he was able to get 4 filters out of one pad. We had purchased two so we got 8 filters instead of just 2. Nothing like stumbling on a bargain to make us happy.
  • Hubby asked our landscape company to do some lawn work. They already do all of our weeding and gardens and fertilize the lawn. But we have some areas on the side of the house where crap grass had taken over. Also the town reseeded the area of our lawn that they dug up to fix the water pipe. They used cheap rye grass and it was full of weeds. Our grass is a mix of blue grasses. So we wanted those areas redone. The landscape company sent us an $1100. estimate. I told Hubby to go for it. But Hubby said no. He is going to do the work himself in the Fall. He felt their estimate was too high for the work he wanted done. I guess that will save us most of the $1100. since we already have plenty of blue grass seed.
  • We got our July natural gas and electric bill and it was for the exact same number of days as last July. Since that time we have had a rate increase. We used a lot more electric than last year but the same amount of natural gas. However the bill was about $ 10. less than last year’s. I was very happy about that!
  • Lastly, we had enough points to get a $100. cashback reward that will show on our next credit card bill.

Hubby and I were looking at our net worth yesterday and realized that we are almost to another new milestone. So we are saving like crazy to reach it. So you will see a lot of money saving posts the rest of the summer right up to the end of winter so that we can reach that goal.

Feel free to leave a comment and share with us what you have been doing to be frugal and let your savings add up!

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Frugal Things We Have Done The Past Couple of Weeks

These are the things we have done frugally:

  • We have stayed home since Hubby injured his foot. Since he did not want to go to an emergency room or urgent care, I did some research and spoke with a medical person. We came to the conclusion that he either has a minor fracture or a tendon injury. I have made him rest his foot and wear his orthotics in his shoes when he does have to move around the house. Ice and ibuprofen are on the agenda too. This is what a doctor would have told him to do. It is slowly but surely getting better each day.
  • I received a free $10.00 Amazon gift card.
  • I mailed a Christmas gift to my sister using my 5% discount at UPS. I reused Amazon packaging for it.
  • I wrote and mailed 27 Christmas cards using cards I purchased cheap after Christmas a few years ago. I will need to buy some more Christmas cards this year at the after Christmas sales.
  • I used Forever stamps that I purchased a few years ago for the cards.
  • We have cooked all of our own meals. No takeout.
  • We received a $100. gift card for Christmas last year for our favorite restaurant. It expires on Christmas this year. So it looks like we will have to order takeout or waste the card. I have to figure out how to keep the food hot while I am bringing it home. We live quite a distance from the restaurant.
  • I ordered some household items from Amazon and got $10.00 off my $40.00 order.
  • I have done quite a bit of wash lately using the HE’s. Everything was hung to dry except sheets, towels, and blankets. I dried those in the dryer using the wool dryer balls.
  • I made Hubby an apple pie because he was craving it and I have been spoiling him while his foot is healing.
  • I made a new tuna casserole that Hubby loved. I have also made macaroni bacon goulash, shrimp cocktails, Buffalo chicken wings, NY strip steaks, loaded hamburger nachos, stir fry chicken, and turkey soup for recent dinners.
  • We have been rotating the food in our pantry using the oldest first. I have also been keeping the inventory list up to date.
  • I ordered a Walmart + order to be delivered.
  • We have been keeping the heat at 68 during the daytime and 64 at night.

Feel free to share in comments what you have done frugally recently.

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Frugal Things The Past Couple of Weeks

These are the frugal things that I am doing around our home these past few weeks.

This is the turkey that I purchased for $.48 a lb. this week. I put it in the oven before I ran some errands this morning. I did not stuff it because we are not eating it tonight. When it comes out of the oven, I will let it cool and put it in the refrigerator overnight. That will make it easier to slice and dice. Then I will food saver the meat up into portions for our future meals. I will also make gravy to freeze for future meals.

I will cook down the bones and skin in my crockpot to make chicken bone broth. Mine always tastes better than the ones you can buy in the store.

I have finished all of my Christmas shopping. I picked up the last gift that I needed today.

Yesterday I shipped two large Christmas packages. I wanted to get that done before the rush of packages after Thanksgiving. I used my AAA card to get a 5% discount on the ground shipping. That saved me $1.41. Not much but it all adds up!

I have finally finished my last grocery trip until the Spring. When we need fresh things, I will order it and have it delivered from Walmart. It snowed here two days this week. And even though it has all melted, I know the big one is coming.

I am working on writing my Christmas cards. I purchased them last year after Christmas on discount. I will be using Forever stamps from way before the last stamp increase.

I have watched about 5 episodes of “Little House on the Prairie”. It is full of commercials which is driving me crazy but I am handling it.

I made my last trip to the bank until after the New Year and maybe well into the year. I like doing this once every few months instead of monthly because it saves me a lot of gasoline.

We are opening the shades and blinds when the sun is out to help with the heating. At night they are all closed up.

I had been having a hard time finding tissues. I finally found Scotties today and even though they were expensive, I purchased the last four that I think we will need for the winter.

A couple of the buttons on my good winter coat were loose so I sewed them on tighter before I lost them.

I washed all of our lighter weight coats in warm water and soap before we put them in storage for the winter.

Our boots are all ready to go in the seating bench in the garage which is where we take them on and off if we go out. The brush and scraper are in the car for the winter and the snow tires are on.

Two of our bedrooms have been closed up for the winter and the snakes are ready to be put in front of the bottom of the doors. I will do that tomorrow.

I went to B.J.’s and got bacon, guacamole, Skinny Pop, cans of corned beef, powdered ranch dressing, and Hubby’s favorite Caesar dressing because the prices on these items are cheaper there. I did it on the same trip to the bank.

I scanned all of my recent grocery receipts into Fetch to get reward GC’s.

And as usual, we are careful about how much energy we use in the house.

I continue to work out on my treadmill and recumbent bike here in our home.

That is it for now. What have you guys done frugally the past few weeks? Feel free to share with all of us in the comments.

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Frugal Things The Past Couple Of Weeks

 These are the things that we have done frugally the past few weeks:

– We have only gotten take out once which I got a dozen free shrimp with a meal and I also was able to use a $5.00 off coupon that I received for my birthday. All other meals have been cooked at home from our stockpile.

– I did some more Christmas shopping. I only have a couple of things left to purchase. I try every year to have my Christmas shopping done by the end of October.

– I received a $5.00 rebate in the mail.

– I believe I got the last 12 pack of Samuel Adams Octoberfest in town. My son drinks this. My beverage center has the best price too.

– Hubby set up his office so that Alexa could do her virtual schooling while she visited. This worked out very well. She was comfortable and had her privacy.

– She loves spaghetti and meatballs. So I made a huge crockpot full from scratch one night. Another night we had hamburgers and French fries. We kept the menu teenager friendly.  

– My son had business that was 2 hours and 30 minutes away round trip from where we lived. He was willing to drive it every day so that we could all spend time together. We were very thankful for that. The last day that they were here, we took Alexa to him there after her school day ended at 3PM. At least that saved him driving back here and then all the way across the state again. I filled up the car before our trip getting $ .60 off a gallon using Top’s gasoline points. 

– Hubby returned bottles and got $ 5.60 in deposits back. 

– We went to the dentist for our 3 month checkups and cleanings. We have paid for the insurance plan again this year so they were discounted. I also convinced my dentist that I do not need to go for cleanings every 3 months. He agreed to me coming every 6 months so that will save us a lot of money. 

– We have decided to change our cellphone plan. I have been paying my son $596. a year because I am on his plan. However we have found a plan that is satisfactory for us for $180. for a year. This will also give us a telephone number that is in our area code. My son’s is not.  

– Our monthly electric and natural gas bill came and it was $10.00 less than the same time last year. Since there has been a rate increase in that period, I think we did well keeping it under control.

– I have done minimal grocery shopping. I am still saving money to shop for Thanksgiving turkeys and other sale items.

– I mended a pair of pajamas and hemmed a pair of slacks.

– I continue to do my fall organizing and cleaning. It is getting done slowly. I should be done in a couple of weeks.

– I continue to use the HE washer and hang most everything to dry.

– I use whatever appliance is the cheapest energy wise to do our cooking. So the toaster oven, air fryer oven and pressure cooker get used a lot. I am going to hard boil a dozen eggs this morning. 

– I have been doing very well using up produce before it goes bad and using up all of our leftovers.

– Our son and granddaughter visiting was PRICELESS.

What have you been doing frugally? Please feel free to share with all of us in the comments.   


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Frugal Things The Past Week or So

 These are the frugal things that we have done around our household recently.

I have been cooking all of our meals from our stockpile. There has been no restaurant or take out food.

We got our one month gas and electric bill and it was about the same amount as this time last year which was $ 95. We did our best to keep it low since we used a lot of A/C and the dehumidifier was constantly running in the basement. I was happy with this since there had been a rate increase this year. 

We had our sprinkler system blown out by the company that installed it. This keeps the water in the system from freezing which causes costly repairs in the spring. A bit of prevention is usually cheaper in the long run. I am also happy knowing that our huge water bills for the summer will start going down. 

We now have our heat on but we have it set 2 degrees lower than last year. We also have it set to go down to 62 while we are sleeping.

Our entertainment has been Netflix which we are enjoying at the moment with a free month. Since we just got Netflix after a many year hiatus with them, are there any must see shows or movies that you have enjoyed?  We are also watching Amazon Prime shows. Of course it is football season too which is always enjoyed in our home.

Hubby got a huge crossword puzzle book for his birthday which he is enjoying immensely. He also got a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Niagara Falls. We are both working on that.

As you all know, I have been reorganizing our home to make things easier for both of us. I have been using as many containers as I can that we already own. I have had to buy a few but I have tried to get the best price I can on them. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a can riser shelf for my pantry. I love it because I can see what I have with a quick glance. I had two wire contraptions that let me store cans that rolled down one after the other. Since there are only two of us, I didn’t use enough product to be able to always see what I had. I grew to hate them more and more. So they are now gone and I am very happy with the new riser. 

I continue to wash clothes with cold water in our HE washer and hang most of them to dry.

Hubby saw a beautiful winter coat that he wanted me to buy for myself. I had to remind him that I found a beautiful black coat at the end of last winter that I had kept even though it didn’t fit me for a few years. I will be using it for many years since it has hardly been worn.

I continue to work out on the treadmill and recumbent bike for my exercise.

I have purchased very few groceries the past few weeks. This is so that I can save our grocery money to stock up on the Thanksgiving sales. More on that in another post. 

I have been rereading some of the books that we already own and enjoying them again. This lets me avoid going into the library.

I did not renew my It is expensive and I am just not interested in working on it over the winter.

Hubby will be making me a nice birthday dinner this weekend. He is going to grill some grass fed lamb chops(which I love), make some baked potatoes with sour cream, and roast some broccoli. He is also making me a Keto peanut butter pie that we can share with my son and grandson when they come this weekend. I just love it when Hubby cooks.

When my son comes this weekend, he is going to help Hubby put all of our patio furniture into the shed for the winter. The winds are getting brutal again and I am not up to chasing chairs and furniture all over our and our neighbor’s yards. It is October and time to prepare for winter. It won’t be long before it is snowing here. We really appreciate all of the help our son gives us.

That is it for now. I have to get back to my cleaning and organizing.

What have you done frugally the past couple of weeks?

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Frugal Things This Past Week

 These are the things we have done frugally the past week:

All meals were made at home. No takeout or restaurant food was consumed. We enjoyed Cobb salad, lamb chops, Chef’s salad, turkey club BLT’s, tacos and soup.

We only spent $ 62.92 on food at the grocery store.

We washed the John Deere lawnmower to get most of the grass and dirt off from the spring and summer.

I received $ 11.00 in rebates in the mail.

I took cans and bottles back to Fast Cash and got $3.20 in deposits.

We had to turn on the heat because the temperature has dropped into the 40’s at night here. But we have it set low enough that it barely runs during the daytime.

I cut chives from our garden to put in a couple of omelets and on potatoes.

We watched the Bills game and a couple of Prime movies for entertainment. 

I washed some windows on the inside. With winter coming it is senseless to wash them outside in the Fall.

I purchased a couple of gifts that were on sale for Christmas.

We have decided our protection is important so we will not give candy out on Halloween. This breaks our hearts because we have done trick or treating for the kids the entire time we have been married. But since we are in the high risk group, we have decided it is not worth the risk. That said, I purchased two big bags of organic animal crackers that I will take to my two neighbors for their little ones to share. 

I am reorganizing my refrigerator so that it will be easier to not waste food. I am spring cleaning it while I am doing it. This is a slow process because I pulled my back out a couple of days ago. I have been spending most of my time on the heating pad. When I just can’t lay down any more(which is very hard for me), I do a shelf or door bin. I will show it all to you when I am finished. 

Hubby washed all the dirt and grime off the front door to get that done for the winter. So many things need to be done and they are getting done but slowly. We need to speed it up because the month of October is predicted to be way colder this year than normal. 

I decided we will no longer eat microwave popcorn that you buy in the grocery store. Not only is it expensive compared to popping your own but the list of ingredients is not very healthy. So I have set up a popcorn area of my pantry with kernels, paper bags to use in the microwave, coconut oil, and an assortment of shake on flavorings. The flavorings probably aren’t healthy but are a lot better than the list of ingredients on what we have been using.

Well it is time to go and marinate a whole bunch of chicken breasts in some Italian dressing. Hubby will grill some for our dinner tonight and some that I can cut up and put in the freezer for some future quick meals. 

What have you done frugally this past week? Are you doing trick or treating this year at your home?

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Frugal Things The Past 10 Days or So

These are the things we have done frugally in our home recently.

We received another $ 13.00 in two rebates. They are always worth the few minutes it takes to fill them out and send them in.

My Amazon order came and it was leaking. I had ordered 4 bottles of 32 ounce hand sanitizer. One bottle had the cap off when it arrived. What a mess it was in the box. Half of one bottle had leaked all over the other three and the box. I cleaned it up and contacted Amazon. I got the best customer service ever from them. They told me to either keep, throw out, or donate the order. They credited me for the entire order. So I now have free sanitizer. I believe that Amazon is very leary of the new Walmart Plus so they have really upped their game on their customer service. You can see how much is gone in the bottle on the right.

That roast beef that you saw me cook yesterday has a story behind it. It was dated in 2018. Somehow it got away from me in the dungeon of my chest freezer. Except for turkeys, I rarely keep meat that long. I was wondering if I should toss it or cook it. So I gave it the test. I thawed it, checked to see if it looked okay, and smelled it. It passed those tests, so I cooked it. Then I quickly tasted a small piece when Hubby cut it. It was as good as if it was a new piece of meat. It was delicious and we have another two meals we can get out of it. I am so glad that I didn’t toss it which was my original thought. Waste not want not is my motto.

I washed 3 loads of clothing and towels. I washed the towels in my HE washer using warm water and dried them them using my wool balls which allows me use less time in the dryer. I washed the clothing loads in cold water and hung them to dry.

I redeemed a free to me $10.00 giftcard at Walmart.

My free Better Homes and Gardens magazine came in the mail. I am glad it was free because I skimmed it for about 4 minutes and there was nothing I was interested in.

The pest control company came and got us all set for the winter months. I hate bugs of any kind and the spiders are trying to come inside now that it is cold. 

I washed the car in the driveway. Soon I will be going to the car wash so I want to do as many as I can in the driveway before it gets too cold. I actually have enough reward tickets from getting the car washed last winter, that my first one will be free when I go.

We have been watching You Tube and movies on Amazon Prime for entertainment along with watching football.

I have been cooking all of our meals at home using the best energy saving appliance for the job. 

Lastly, but not money saving, I had to take a picture of the aster bush that I did prior in a post. It is in full bloom now and so beautiful!

What have you been doing frugally?

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Frugal Things The Past Two Weeks

These are the things we have done frugally the past two weeks:

– We paid our school taxes from our sinking funds account for them. It is always nice when that large bill comes to know that the money has been set aside for those each month for the past 12 months. Even though we were reassessed again, the taxes only went up by $ 102. 

– Since I had to go to a bank to pay them, I stopped at the town hall and paid our quarterly water and sewer bill. It was on the route and saved me using a stamp. 

– I also stopped along my route at Top’s and picked up on sale Hellman’s mayo using a $1./1 Q and a raincheck. This was out of stock the other day. 

– I purchased two pair of denim shorts on clearance for $ 9.00 each. That was a whole lot better price than the $27. each that they were before they went on clearance.

– I am cooking mostly from scratch again since West went home. We did not buy take out this week. I am cooking two meals at a time when I can.

– I signed up for Tasty Rewards last week and look what I got in the mail this past Monday. I already used the 3 $1.00 ones on sale Poppables this week. 

– I wrote another company and they are sending me some coupons for a product that we use all the time. It never hurts to ask. 

– We received $ 9.28 in rebates in the mail.  

– I did two loads of wash this week using cold water, minimal detergent and the laundry sanitizer. One was hung to dry. The other consisted of sheets and towels and was dried in my dryer using the dryer balls. 

– Hubby maintains our hardwood floors for us and we have a lot of them. He uses Bona cleaner and a mop with a reusable head to do it. That saves us a lot of money by not hiring outside help to do them. They look magnificent even though they are over 10 years old.

– I continue to organize and maintain our pantries.

– Hubby and I sat down yesterday and went through our container of OTC medicines. I need to get 5 more for the fall and winter just in case they are needed. I will be researching sales and prices for them.  

So what did you do frugally this past couple of weeks? Feel free to comment and tell us all about it.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!