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Are You Going To Spend A Lot Of Money This Holiday Weekend?

Are you going away for the weekend? Are you planning on blowing a wad of money?

We are not planning on doing that. There are so many free things that we can do. A number of close by cities(20-30 minute drive) are having Memorial Day parades. They are free to watch.

We could go up to Olcott on Lake Ontario to the park and have a picnic lunch that we would make. Or we could go to Canalside(which we love)  in downtown Buffalo and just enjoy Lake Erie while sitting on a bench. That is all free. Since we have an almost full tank of gasoline, we won’t even have to buy that to go.

There are so many other free things that we could do in the area too. Just google your hometown or home city weekend schedules and I am sure you could find some free things too. You don’t always have to spend money to have a great time. 

We will also make a trip today to our public library and take out a few movies to watch one of the days this weekend and a couple of good books to read next week. Most likely movie day will be Saturday since it is supposed to rain. 

I also hope that my son and West will come for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. I make that with food we already have in our stockpile. 

But the best thing that brings back memories from so many Memorial Day weekends is having a cookout. Hubby will grill some strip steaks and I will roast some veggies. We will enjoy our dinner and then depending on the weather, we may have our first fire of the season in our outdoor fireplace.

So it will be a fun and no spend weekend for us! How about you? 

I hope all of you have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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For Saturday, both the kids have soccer, so we will shuffle them around to a tournament, so no out of pocket costs.

On Sunday, I leave for a vacation with my mom. It's my Mother's Day/birthday gift for several years for her. We're going to Las Vegas to participate in a slot tournament together. The room is free for the stay, but I don't expect it to be a frugal trip other than that. The money is coming out of my saved "have fun on my sabbatical account", so all is planned & covered.

My mom is SO excited. Beyond excited. We don't typically get a lot of time together, and definitely not a lot of time without the kids around, so she's very happy for mother/daughter time.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Hi Hawaii Planner,

Oh the memories! My boys played soccer and I loved to go to their games. It's such a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

Enjoy that trip with Mom. Spending time with her is priceless.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Hope you had a good Memorial weekend also. We had a cookout on Sat with some family members of our son in law. I made the Asian slaw with the ramen noodles and a dessert. The dessert was some of the puffcorn (fake popcorn) like MikeSells. A bag of that and mix with 1 bag of white chocolate chips that you add 1 T Crisco and melt those 2 things together, then pour over the puffcorn and add some sprinkles. Spread on wax paper to cool. I had made some of this for our granddaughter's birthday and I had some ingredients left over. The family had really liked it at the birthday party, so I was happy to use the rest of it up. It was inexpensive b/c I had gotten the chips and the puffcorn on sale.

The rest of the weekend we have just been hanging out at home. I took naps yesterday and today. Hubby has been working on trimming some of our bushes. We have also taken some walks. Today he made some ribs on his smoker and they were really good. Tomorrow it is back to the usual, it has been nice to take it easy this weekend.

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