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Today and This Past Weekend

We had a very quiet weekend, 15 inches of snow, and frigid temperatures. Needless to say we didn’t go anywhere.

On Saturday, I cooked the ham that I purchased on sale in December. We had pineapple, brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes with it. On Sunday, I made a ham, noodle, and cheese casserole and served the rest of the pineapple and brussel sprouts with it.

On Sunday morning I fried up mashed potato cakes with those leftovers, scrambled eggs, and fried up some ham.

Saturday night, Hubby took most of the ham off the bone. We left some on to make bean soup. I also made some dices for the soup. That was all frozen until sometime in the future when we want soup.

The rest of the ham was sliced for sandwiches and breakfasts and diced for ham salad and casseroles. Most of it has been frozen.

Our Buffalo Bills playoff game was moved from Sunday to this afternoon because the snow and winds were very dangerous yesterday. We had gusts up to 65 miles per hour. It snowed most of the day and the wind blew it everywhere. I was glad that they changed the game day because I was really worried about my son and daughter-in-law making their way there. Right now, they are making their way to the stadium and hoping to get a parking spot. It is still snowing at the stadium right now but it is supposed to ease up. Just shoveling the roads for people to get there, the stadium, and the parking lots is a huge issue. It will be really, really cold there. But that won’t stop the fans from showing up.

We watched a movie “Let It Go” on Saturday. Then there were other playoff games on. Yesterday was another lazy day and Hubby watched more football and basketball. I did wash a large load of clothes in cold water and hung most of them to dry. Then I read my book.

Later I started looking in my pantries and freezer to see what we could find to eat during the game today. I dug deep in the freezer and found these yummy appetizers that are pictured above. We will air fry them in our 11 in one oven. I also have some ranch dressing and carrots and celery sticks to add for some nutrition. It will all be a nice treat during halftime and will be our dinner.

Not much else going on here now. I am off to read and then watch the game later.

I hope you all has a warm and safe weekend.

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Hi Precious! I saw your game was moved to today and also saw the Bills were asking folks to come and shovel the stadium before the game. I can’t even imagine. I hope your son and daughter in law have a great time. But it is so cold. Your appetizers look yummy. I saw you got snow, but was hoping where you live was not as much. 15 inches is a lot, wow!

Our weekend was busy for part of it. We had a good time with the girls Friday evening and at older granddaughter’s ball game Sat am. We then drove down to attend a memorial service of a friend who passed away. It was held in our former town, and we saw a lot of people we knew. We didn’t have the snow, but did get the wind. I don’t think it was as bad as your area. Hubby did a good job driving. Sunday was church and we just took it easy the rest of the day.

This week is supposed to be pretty cold here, but we aren’t supposed to get weather until Thurs. I am planning to go get my hair cut tomorrow and stop by Kohls to see about getting some new exercise pants with the gift card I got for Christmas. I discovered mine are starting to get a hole in them (not on a seam). I will also see about stopping by Kroger to get the butter. Hubby had some contract work to do last week, but so far this week just has one inspection to do, so he is working on stuff for the house. I am doing towels and sheets today.

Hi Chris,

Yes they always ask for people to shovel when we have snow in the stadium. They pay $20. an hour. But yesterday, it must have been brutal to do that because of the winds and the low temperatures. But they got it done.

Yep, we are alive. I was going to go out today but is in the teens and very cold. Plus it has been snowing since I got up this morning and it is almost noontime. So I am staying home. I am hoping we get at least 4 inches so that the snow plow guy comes.

The appetizers were awful! We hadn’t had any since last year so I bought these last Fall for football games. I don’t know what they have done to them. Perhaps withe shortages they skipped to substituted ingredients. Who knows? But I will never buy them again. I will make my own. Hubby ate one of the crunch wraps, one of the mozzarella sticks, and 2 potato skins. He hated almost all of them. I will go back to doing homemade Buffalo wings this coming weekend,

It is amazing to be that you don’t get the snow. I hate the winds and the cold. I want to move back to AZ or winter there!

It sounds like you had a good weekend. I hope you have a good savings week and stay warm. We are supposed to have crappy weather all week so I am not sure that I will leave the house.

Go Bills!
48″ of snow this weekend and bitter cold temps today and tomorrow. I feel for those fans and players. We had a friend come in from Virginia to ski and we had her stay with us and she had a good time. I cooked simple both nights as its very expensive to vacation here (the lift tickets are 275/day). Chris picked up a few produce items while he was out Saturday and I spent the weekend doing the usual chores, food prep, football watching and reading.

Hi Patti,

They won. On to the next game next weekend!

Wow! That is a lot of snow. We only got 15 inches as of yesterday but it has been snowing almost all day today so I am staying in. It was 12 dgrees when I got up this morning. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

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