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What We Did To Cut Costs The Past 10 days

The flowers in the picture are for Mother’s Day from my son who lives in the eastern part of NY. They are just beautiful with so many roses and lilies. Seven lilies had yet to open when they came. Today they are all open. I have been enjoying them while we eat our meals.

I use a car wash that gives a free wash after you collect 5 coupons for other washes. I had 5 so I went up and got the SUV washed. That saved us $12.00 and they also gave me a coupon for the free wash. When I got home I cleaned the inside of the car and vacuumed it out. It is amazing how many stones were on the mats.

While I was out, I went to Fast Cash and redeemed $ 3. 50 worth of bottles.

Hubby never cut my hair because he had an achilles problem and can’t stand for too long. Since my hair was so bad, I found a $ 12.99 coupon for Great Clips and had it cut. The stylist did a great job so I will continue going to her when I need to. I got a $ 2.00 off my next cut coupon.

We got a refund check from the hospital for my last CT scan for almost $29.52. I wasn’t sure why and was about to call them. Then I remembered that they made me pay my co-pay up front. That is unusual because between Medicare and my health plan, you never know what they will pay. So it was a refund of that over payment.

Top’s had NY premium strip steaks on sale again for $10.99 a lb. I picked up 3 more packages of 4 each. We really love these.

This past week, Hubby grilled steaks, and fried haddock. I made chicken fajitas and red beans and rice. We ate all the leftovers the other nights. No take out or restaurant meals for us.

We always have leftover steak from dinner so Hubby sliced it up and cooked it with butter and garlic. He made eggs to go with it for a late breakfast.

The landscapers came a week ago Friday and weeded all of our gardens, put a new garden in by the shed, and mulched all the gardens. Then they transplanted two bushes from the garden that has our spruce trees in it to the new gardens near the shed. The garden with the 3 spruce trees was planted over 14 years ago and they have kind of taken over. So the smaller things needed to be moved. The garden that was done last year needed a couple of more bushes. Hubby knew exactly what he wanted but the landscaper said he would have to have the nursery order them because they don’t carry them. Hubby said no he would order them and plant them. They came last week and he has done that. That saved us quite a bit of money.

We also had two bushes in the garden out front that had gotten big and scraggly over the years. So the landscaper removed them and replaced them with smaller bushes that are similar.

Two loads of laundry were done: one load of clothes which I hung and one load of winter blankets that I washed, dried, and stored for the winter.

Because I am doing so much scratch cooking, I am using my dishwasher more often unless I use paper plates. So it has been run every other day.

Have you done anything to save a bit of money?

I want to wish all of you Mothers on here a wonderful day tomorrow. We will be staying home and Hubby will most likely grill filet mignon and I will put some baking potatoes in the small oven and cook some broccoli. This is my very favorite meal.

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Hi Precious, Happy Mother’s Day. Your flowers are beautiful, and your dinner for the holiday sounds wonderful. I was so happy to see your landscape folks have finally come. Hubby is working on a new trellis in his garden. It is a different way to do the tomatoes instead of the cages. Hopefully it will help him get a better yield. He got the second bag of the yard stuff from Scott’s and marked on the calendar when to apply it. He told me the last time he mowed the lawn that something broke and he is not sure he can get the part since the lawnmower is so old. I hope he can maybe figure something out and make the part himself, maybe on his 3 D printer? The piece he made for the window blind recently is holding so far. 🤞

We have been doing well to eat all of our leftovers. I love to cook for a few days and then eat leftovers for a few days. We still have some to use up, so I won’t have to cook for a few more days. I made a bunch of cookout food on Thursday when the kids came over.

Did you get to see the Northern Lights last evening? It was cloudy here.

Hi Chris,

Thank You! Enjoy your day! Hubby and I think this is the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that we have ever seen. The roses are a deep pink and the lilies are a deep yellow. Just gorgeous.

The trellis sounds different. I hope you get an abundant yield. I hope he can make it with the 3 D printer. My son had one and had put it to good use more than once.

You and I are so much alike. I love leftovers and the fact that I don’t have to cook when we have them is my favorite part.

We have not seen the Northern Lights at all. Too overcast the past two nights. I will have to ask my sons if they did. The one in the Adirondacks seems to get clearer weather.

Precious, your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!! I’d be staring at them all day. We haven’t spent any money these last two weeks, other than groceries, a little gas and some repair work (which hubby did himself). Because of this we were able to save a good amount of money into our savings account. For that, I am very grateful and thankful. It’s been a long time since we were able to do something like that!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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