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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we did to save a little money this week.

I finally uploaded a pile of receipts to Fetch. I usually use the rebates for Walmart or Amazon gift cards.

Philips who makes Hubby’s C Pap machine had a recall a while ago. They replaced Hubby’s current machine with a brand new one. However, we had a second back up machine which they said they would send later. It finally arrived last week. Hubby took the old machine to Fed Ex to send back to them. It was postage paid. Philips really stepped up on this recall. We always keep a back up in case one machine breaks.

Hubby replaced the bad outlet in the kitchen.

I did one load of wash in cold water and hung most of it to dry.

I ordered a $100. cash back rebate using reward points from our credit card. They will apply it to next month’s bill.

At a doctor’s appointment, he gave me a new medicine to try. He gave me enough samples to get me through a month. If it works well for me, he will then give me a prescription to fill. I always ask for samples when I go. They usually have a ton of them in this office.

I made a meal using homemade chicken broth this week. When I don’t have broth, I use bouillon cubes and water. Meals this week were homemade chicken soup for brunch. Bacon macaroni goulash was made for dinner for 2 meals( only used 1/2 lb. of diced bacon) and turkey tenderloin for 2 meals. Leftovers were used from the freezer for others: used up frozen homemade lasagna and some French Fries.

Hubby took bottles back to Fast Cash and got $5.90 in deposits returned to us. He had to leave 2 bags of bottles here at the house because he had no more room in the car. I will take those back tomorrow when I run errands.

I placed a Walmart delivery order this weekend and used a $10. gift card earned from Fetch to help defray the cost of a handheld calculator. Mine bit the dust!

Hubby gave me the best haircut he has ever given me this week. I just love it! I love saving all that salon money I used to spend even more.

I received a $5.00 liquor rebate in the mail.

I have been needing to go to B.J.’s to get some bulk items that are cheaper right now than other stores. It is in another town so I waited until I had other errands and appointments to run there. In the meantime, their sale flyer came. They had a deal that if you spend $150. on certain days you can redeem a coupon for a free Butterball turkey valued at $25. or under. My bulk items came to $ 178. so I will be getting a free turkey. Free turkeys are rare these days! I also clipped a number of e-coupons to my B.J.’s card and saved $ 12.50.

Hubby has finished all of the yard work finally for the year. He cut down all of the irises yesterday. We still had a few heavier things that needed to be put away. My son helped with that when he and West came to visit on Sunday. I made a nice breakfast of French toast and sausage for Hubby and West. My son had scrambled eggs and sausage. Since I am not a huge fan of sausage, I ate some eggs and Fage yogurt. My grandson is taller than Hubby now. He is only 14 and I suspect he is going to be well over 6 ft.

We watched The Kansas City vs. Miami Dolphins football game on Sunday with a Free Trial on Fubo. Then we watched the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game in the evening on local TV. Those games were our entertainment this weekend.

Not a frugal thing but our snowplow guy came yesterday to collect our check for the winter and mark our driveway so that he knows where things are. He went up in price this year by $100. but he is still cheaper than most. He does a great job and is very reliable. We are very grateful to have him.

I made my grocery list for this coming week, butter at $ 2.49(limit 6) and organic 80/20 ground beef for $4.99 at Aldi’s. B1G1F shrimp and Tim Horton’s coffee are on sale at Top’s. They have the decaf on again so I will get some for Hubby. And I think that will be all this week.

I called my baby sister last Monday night and will call her again tonight. It is so nice to have free long distance calling. I remember the days when we paid for that.

Hubby and I have made a decision to switch our cellphone service to Mint Mobile. They are going to be offering a Black Friday deal so we will probably switch with that. We have one cellphone but will need another. So it will be two lines instead of the one we have but it will be about $ 26. a month cheaper than we pay now and on the same network.

I have a # of errands to run today. So dinner will be coconut shrimp that is frozen. We are trying to eat down the freezer to be able to fit more turkeys in it. If I can find decent romaine lettuce, we will have a salad with it. Lettuce has been a real issue here. It is already going bad no matter what store I try to get it in. I could find none worth spending the money on last week so fingers crossed for this week.

What did you do to save some money this past week?

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Hi Precious. I did the reward thing with Hubby’s credit card last week also. With his you can cash out at $50 rewards and I always put it in our sinking fund in case something goes up. And it seems it always does. I will cash mine out in the next few weeks. I save mine all year and cash out in November to help with the added expenses at the holiday season. I will transfer the Christmas money from the sinking fund then also.

I use bouillon cubes and water sometimes also as a substitute for chicken broth. I got the BOGO b/s chicken breasts this week and cooked all of them for family dinner Thursday. The leftovers we are using for lunch sandwiches this week and I may make chicken casserole. If we don’t eat it fast enough, I will cube and freeze the rest.

My hubby did the leaves on Sat. He mulches them up in his mower and puts on his compost pile. This way he doesn’t have to pay for the big paper bags for the yard waste. He also moved the dirt that had formed from last year’s leaves and put it on his garden. It was beautiful. He was sore after all that work, though.

I can’t believe your grandson is 14 and so tall already. I remember when you announced on your other blog when he was born and you posted a cute picture of his nursery. We have known each other a long time now.

We didn’t watch the Bengals/Bills game, but it has been on the news here about the scholarships your player gave in honor of the first responders in Cincinnati who saved his life last year. And also a nice segment of him re-connecting with the Bengals players who were involved in the play where he was injured. I thought of you and hubby when we saw them.

I took advantage of the good Thanksgiving sales at Kroger last week when I got groceries and saved 47% on my bill, which is good for Kroger.

We had the granddaughters for part of the weekend while their parents attended an out of town wedding. We also kept their dog all weekend.

Hi Chris,

You just have to love cash rewards, Nice job! I always wished that they would just transfer the money to our bank account. But nope it goes to our credit card. But it does work out because many of our bills are automatically charged on this card. We pay it in full when it comes. So next month it will just be credited off our bills. Meanwhile, whatever we charge adds up for more cash back.

The bouillon cubes are so much cheaper than the boxed stuff too! Cooked chicken is so handy in the freezer. Meals just about made for you.

I’ll bet he was sore. I hope he is recovering.

Yes, my friend we have known each other for a long time and we will finally meet next year. We are looking forward to that. That nursery was so adorable. It’s hard for me to believe that they moved out of that house in 2014. So many years have flown by.

I could not get mad that you guys beat us last night. The entire team, coaches and medical staff at the hospital were so good to Damar Hamlin when he was injured. There are such good people in Cincinnati. I love that Damar is sponsoring those scholarships. Many of our players and your players have kept in touch and become good friends.

Nice score on those Thanksgiving sales.

You have been busy. Now take some time for you!

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