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The Foods I Am Not Buying Anymore

Food prices have gotten so high that there are many things that I am either not buying anymore or cutting back on the amount that we do buy. By posting about these, I hope it will help other people who may be struggling to buy food.

I no longer buy salmon. With all the regulations that the government has put on fishing, the price has escalated way too high. I refuse to pay it. We do have a few cans of salmon for patties but we have no frozen. If I can get haddock at a decent price we will buy that but it is rare that I do. For fish we are using canned tuna and clams. I find this Great Value Tuna that is pictured one of the best. When I purchased it, it was $ 1.58 each last March. It has only gone up to $ 1.67 which is still a great deal. Occasionally, I will buy shrimp but only if it is on sale and I can get at least two meals out of it for the two of us.

We mostly buy ground beef and chicken, but I will get a roast if they are on sale and I will cut it up into beef chunks for stew meat. Then I make it stretch using lots of vegetables. I will get an occasional chuck roast to make pot roast. But I also stretch that with lots of veggies and potatoes. I usually buy my organic 80% lean ground beef when Aldi’s has it on sale which is rare these days. I have purchased some regular ground beef on sale at Top’s to can but I won’t be doing that anymore after getting bad meat there. I can still smell how rancid it was! If I run out of ground beef, I will use ground turkey. It is much cheaper. We do have some in the freezer and occasionally I will use it to make taco salad. We buy more chicken legs, thighs and whole chickens these days rather than breasts. I will buy breasts when they are under $3.00 a lb.

I don’t buy cold cuts. I cut my own from a boneless on sale ham or a regular ham that I have cooked. I am hoping to get some of these on sale during the holidays at a good price. I also do the same with turkey either a breast or tenderloin. Now that turkeys are on sale, I will be getting a few. It is the cheapest meat you can get right now. Walmart and Aldi’s have Butterball Premium turkeys on sale for $1.28 and $ 1.27 a lb. Walmart also has Shady Brook and Honeysuckle White on sale for $ .98 a lb. The prices for store brand have not come out here yet. But after buying a store brand last year that had hardly any meat on the breasts, I am not doing that again. I will stick to the name brands. They are worth the little bit of extra money.

We do have some prepared foods in our pantry but I am trying to get away from those. We will use up what we have but buy no more. It is always cheaper to buy the ingredients and cook from scratch especially if you stick to basic foods.

I am still buying bacon if I can catch a sale or a good price at B.J.’s. I will be shopping there today after my doctor’s appointment. I plan on getting a few badly needed items so that I can get a free Butterball turkey. My membership expires next month and I will not be renewing it. I can do just as well for most things at the grocery stores.

I am not buying any more soda. It is wasted money. I told Hubby how high it has gotten. He has agreed to ration what we have until it is gone. He is happy with iced tea or flavored waters using the SF powders from the grocery store. I haven’t drunk soda in a very long time. I mostly drink coffee, tea, or water with a lemon or lime. Coffee is expensive but I just buy the cheaper brands when they go on sale.

I am no longer buying snacks. The prices are ridiculous and most of the snack foods are broken in the bags. They are either using pieces that they never did before for more profit or the stock boys are throwing them. We can make popcorn using our popper or do it in the microwave. I buy the popcorn at the Amish store in bulk. We eat carrot and celery sticks with homemade veggie dip or apple slices with peanut butter. For a sweet treat, I make homemade pumpkin muffins or breads, donuts, or an occasional cookie, brownies, cobbler or fruit crisp. We are having company soon for a week so I did break down and buy a Party Size bag of Lay’s potato chips on sale for $ 3.99 to go with some meals and as a treat for my granddaughter. Many times I just make SF puddings and jellos and those suffice for something sweet. When I make my own desserts I can substitute monk fruit for sugar.

We are making our own bread and rolls. We don’t eat a lot of bread so this is not a problem. When I make breads, I slice them and freeze them so that we can pull out one at a time when we want it. Otherwise, it would go bad. I do the same for rolls.

We are not buying any more steaks because the prices are horrid. We still have some filet mignon in the freezer but we will be buying no more for now.

We are using up our condiments and I will be making them as I need them. I have made Italian and Ranch salad dressings and will be trying others as we run out of them in our pantry. We make out own cocktail sauce for shrimp and our own tartar sauce.

I only buy cereal when it is on sale and that is a rare purchase. Hubby likes granola so I make it. I do buy some wheat and rice Chex and Cheerios during the holidays to make our party mix.

Nuts have gotten really expensive so we are rationing what we have. I keep pecans and walnuts in the freezer for salads and cookies. Usually, I pick up 3 lb. of mixed nuts to put in our party mix. This year I found a very large can at B.J.’s which will do my entire batch. So I saved a number of dollars on that.

We never buy take out pizza or frozen pizza anymore. It is so much cheaper to use Naan bread from Aldi’s to make our own.

We no longer purchase chicken, turkey or beef broth. I make and can my own. When I don’t have any on the shelf, I use bouillon cubes or powder because it is cheaper and takes up less room on the shelf.

We only buy Tillamook ice cream when it is on a great sale. It is also a rare purchase for holidays or when we have the grandchildren here.

When I buy fruit or vegetables, I price out the fresh, frozen, and canned and buy whatever is the best deal at the time. I do freeze/and or can some of each when they are in season.

There are many more things that we no longer buy but that is for another day. I have a hectic day today or should I say it has been a very hectic week.

But I do want to add that we do not buy fast food. McDonald’s just announced that they are raising their prices again. Their Big Mac meal will be as high as $18. Just ridiculous! We have not gotten take out at McDonald’s for years…at least 8-9. The last time it was because West wanted some. There isn’t any fast food that I can’t make a lot cheaper whether it is burgers, chicken, subs, pizza, or Chinese food.

We only go to restaurants for celebrations. It is way too expensive otherwise. Don’t waste your money when you could be buying a lot of ingredients for the same amount you would buy at a restaurant. I have never understood how people could go out once a week or even twice a week. We would much rather invest those savings or stock our pantry.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with us what you are no longer buying.

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My food shopping strategies have also shifted. I am cooking more from scratch than ever before. I am also shopping mainly the loss leaders in multiple stores now versus just one store. (I have access to quite a few stores in a two block radius.) I have become much more price conscious to get the best deals and am stocking a pantry full of scratch cooking. This is a good time of year to stock up on basics.

I stopped buying snacks (we are eating healthier and the snacks had tripled in price while shrinking) and all drinks (we are big water drinkers but I’ll buy sugar free lemonade or Tropicana when on sale). I cut down on bread as almost nobody was eating it. I buy one knock off Dave’s killer bread from aldi and store it in the fridge. That’s been lasting 2 weeks.

We do not buy lunch meats for sandwiches…just half a pound of turkey a week for on top of salads.

We do not buy any meats that aren’t on sale. We are eating from the freezer(s).

I dont buy anything that has shrunk just on principle. It’s driving me nuts that prices keep going up while sizes shrink.

I cook daily or we do a help yourself and find something to eat. Any eating out at all is for a special occasion and usually on a discount or gift card. We have a few restaurants who do burger night or taco night and it has to be both a special night and a specials night to qualify! The last one was in August for a birthday so you know we’re sticking to that.

I usually let the guest of honor choose a meal and we make it for a fraction. The last one was a hibachi night and we did chicken, beef, veggies and fried rice. I priced it at our local hibachi place to be $19/person which would have cost us $100 plus drinks and tip so likely close to $150. Instead I spent probably $20-25 on all the ingredients. We ate, our parents ate and we had leftovers!

I’m not as shocked as much at the store but there’s still some shocking prices here and there.

Hi jackeey49,

I am with you on the shrinkage. Can’t stand it and won’t buy it either. I like your help yourself night. I may use that here. Thanks!

Your hibachi night sounds wonderful and so reasonable. Good job!

We’ve never bought soda to keep at home (or, let me restate, we haven’t in the last 15 years or so), but we do love sparkling water & that can be expensive as well. I only buy it on sale. The teens love it, but there are cheaper options for sure.

It has been a very, very busy season of life for us. Lots of work travel for me, college applications for DS 17, soccer tryouts & SATs for DS16, DH is working a ton. So, our goal lately is to not let perfect be the enemy of good. We are buying more easy to make entrees (think Trader Joes or Costco style) & making those at home a few nights/week vs takeout. We also try to cook a few nights/week. I normally bulk cook on weekends, but with traveling, that gets harder.

We try to treat eating out as a special occasion experience. The teens have their own money (from summer jobs) & definitely eat out with some regularity (e.g. after a soccer game today, they will likely all go to In & Out). We talk about budgeting, but it’s also really good for them to start understand how expensive dining out is, and how they can eat so much more at home. They often bring friends over for meals (and, ask me too cook ;-)), so they can avoid eating out. Some flex for them is good, so they can also learn the high cost of food.

Hi HP,

Do you still have your blog? I lost the link I had for it.

We tried sparkling water and we didn’t like it. But I do keep some on hand for my son who loves it for the Sundays he comes. It is expensive.
That is a good plan when you both work. It is hard! I remember when we both worked and had 2 boys in football, basketball and track. I lived with my crock pot. I miss In and Out Burger. We have Five Guys here but not as yummy!

You are teaching the boys well.

Hi Precious, great and thoughtful article. I am trying to think of things we don’t buy anymore with the inflation. Of course, there are things we don’t buy now that the kids are grown, and I try not to buy a lot of junk for the grandkids. They don’t need it and neither do we. Hubby is still taking his lunch for work, so he gets some of the little bags of chips at Costco sometimes, but he won’t need after the first of the year.

I am thinking I am doing more of the not being brand loyal thing, and if I am brand loyal (on a few things), I try to get at rock bottom prices. So as an example, I like Dunkin Donuts ground coffee, but have been buying other brands and trying to hit the clearance at Kroger for good markdowns and freezing. That has worked well and I have a good stock now so really only check the clearance. And I have been buying the Kleenex lotion tissues at Kroger when they have the “buy 2 save $10” promotion. They are running it now, but I don’t need any this time. You can get the tissues for $1/box, which is less than Dollar Tree.

Another thing I wanted to mention that I am doing is with orange juice. I don’t drink juice, and try not to give to the grandkids (don’t usually buy them juice boxes), but Hubby likes OJ in the morning and is particular about what he likes. He doesn’t like the concentrate, and wants the refrigerated containers that are more pricey. He is not too picky about the brands, so I get what is on sale that week. He also is willing to drink apple, cranberry or V8 juice occasionally, so I buy that also when it is on good deals to help defray the cost. A lot of times I can get those for less than the OJ price. I try to use this train of thought with other things I buy also.

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much! I try!

I love that Hubby takes his lunch. That is a great price on the Kleenex. I have found that most of the Great Value brands are as good or better than the brand names.

That is a good train of thought. The only juice I buy is Top’s apple juice in case Hubby has a low blood sugar. I do buy it on sale always.

Good job!

I found myself out late, unexpectedly, in a different town – 70 miles from home – for work this week. I usually keep food and water in my car, but didn’t restock after eating it on the road. I stopped at Wendy’s on the way home and got a single cheeseburger and medium fries – no drink. It was $9.20……. I about died. Paper thin patty. Good thing I get reimbursed since I was traveling for work.

I am transitioning to an autoimmune protocol so spending more on better food, while eating up what’s here but not replacing the crap food. Diet soda will soon be in the past at least for me. I’m not willing to give up our Friday date nights at our favorite local place that we get half off. It’s the only social time we have and enjoy.

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