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A Wonderful Four Day Trip

We went to the Adirondacks on a 4 day trip to celebrate my eldest son’s 50th birthday. We returned yesterday afternoon and brought my granddaughter home with us so stay for the rest of the week.

When we traveled last week, there was barely any traffic on the Thruway which is unusual so it made the 5 hour trip very pleasant. Unfortunately most of the beautiful leaves were already down but there were some to admire.

Of course, we packed a lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches and water in case we got hungry. Hubby ate very little breakfast and I ate none before we left. So we did ended up stopping at a rest area and ate it in the parking lot in the car.

I had gassed the car up before we left, so we did not have to do it on the thruway. Usually the prices are about the same on this toll road but I didn’t see that this weekend. They were much higher than we pay. It was the same way on the trip back. So I will fill up at our cash station before my granddaughter and I run some necessary errands in the next town today.

Our planned celebration for my son did not go the way it should have so I was so sorry for him. We had planned on taking the 4 of us and 3 of his best friends to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We were concerned because there were seven of us and it was a Friday night, that it would be a nightmare of a long wait to get a table. However, they sat us relatively quickly. One of his friends didn’t make it which was unfortunate. But she is a paramedic and got stuck at work.

To try to keep this as short as possible, I will tell you that when our dinner was served my son’s dinner was not what he ordered. His steak was supposed to have sauteed onions on it. It came out with mushrooms on it which he hates. They took it back and said a new one would be right up. I felt bad because it was his birthday and we all had our food but he didn’t. When they brought a new one, it had mushrooms on it again. We sent it back. When he got it back it had most of the mushrooms gone but there were still some. My son decided to not make any more fuss and just eat around them. We are pretty sure that all they did was scrape all of the mushrooms off but they missed some plus at this point the steak was cold. When a manager came over to see how our dinner was, my husband who rarely gets upset told him it was a disaster. The manager was very condescending. My husband asked for the head of the restaurant. After they sent another manager( who I think are a dime a dozen), they finally sent the head. At this point hardly anyone was eating. My son’s dinner was less than half gone. My granddaughter was upset and ate very little of hers. The rest of us left quite a bit on our plates. None of our family were the least bit interested in eating.

The manager came finally and ended up taking my son’s and granddaughter’s meals and drinks off of the bill. That in no way compensated for the way this evening had gone which should have been fun. I felt so bad for my son and my granddaughter. We had the best of intentions and the restaurant ruined it. So I paid the $177.+ bill for 4 of us and we left. The friends left and the 4 of us went back to the house to have his ice cream birthday cake. We had a good time at home watching Private Ryan. I should have cooked a fabulous meal at his home and everyone would have been happy!

I will be writing Corporate to let them know about this disaster and that we will never step foot in one of their restaurants again. They, I am sure will not care but it will make me feel better. The service was terrible and the food was mediocre at best. You have all heard me say that we don’t like chain restaurants. However, we went there the last time we visited my son and we all loved it. That is why I chose them. My son and his business partner eat there a lot and I don’t think they have had a prior problem. But they will not eat there again after this either. I am totally done with any chain restaurants.

We had a wonderful time with our family while we were there otherwise. It is so peaceful, beautiful, and quiet where my son lives. When he and I quickly took a trip to Stewart’s for hamburger buns, he took me to a relatively new built area that is very close to his home. I was showing him which homes we would consider buying if they went up for sale. He has been looking for us for a while but nothing has popped up that we would like. Fingers crossed!

I have some good news for you too! My granddaughter who is 16 has graduated from high school. We are so very proud of her! She will be starting her new office job soon while she figures out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, whether she wants to go to college or work. She is young and will take her time trying to make the right choice. Most 17 and 18 year old graduates don’t know what they want to do.

When we got home yesterday afternoon, I quickly made us all grilled cheese sandwiches. Then Alexa was interested in me making homemade chicken tortellini soup for dinner. So I grabbed 3 pint jars of chicken stock and a quart of homemade chicken stock that I had pressure canned, added fresh celery and carrots, the tortellini and seasoned all. She loved it so much that she wants it for dinner again tonight. That will be easy after our day out! This evening we will watch the Buffalo Bills game.

We will be enjoying our granddaughter this week so I may not be blogging much. But if I have time in the morning when she is sleeping in, I will jump on. I hear her getting up now, so I need to get ready for our day out.

You guys have a wonderful week!

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Hi Precious! Glad you made it back ok. I am so sorry about the restaurant debacle. I am with you about chain restaurants. Other than fast food we always go to one of the restaurants in daughter’s company. I wish you lived where we do, you would have had such a good time. And agree you should have made him a good meal at home. A lot of times that is what we do anyway. But I know it was his 50th birthday so you wanted to celebrate with something special.

Wow! I can’t believe your granddaughter has already graduated HS at age 16! Good for her! And congratulations too. Enjoy every minute with her this week.

We had a good weekend. The highlight was going to a local craft show and getting some Christmas shopping done. There is an older lady who comes every year who makes beautiful doll clothes for the American Girl and Bitty Baby dolls. I buy from her every year so our granddaughters will have their dolls and some nice clothes for them when they grow up and hopefully will pass down to their children. Older granddaughter has her mama’s Bitty Baby and is getting her first AG doll this Christmas. Little granddaughter will get a Bitty Baby of her own. Daughter found some Bitty Baby nursery furniture on Facebook marketplace and it is hidden in Grandpa’s shop for them.

Later this week I will get the turkey and ham for Thanksgiving, hubby is going to cook both of them. I am also still working on signing up for Medicare and faxed some needed forms in this morning. I wanted to let your readers know to check their local UPS Store if they are having a hard time finding a place to fax something.

Thanks Chris!

She is so grown up now and so smart! I am sure she will make the right choices for her,

I love dolls and especially homemade clothes. You have nice gifts for them.

I hope you get a good price on your turkey and ham.

Thanks for the tip on faxing.

We all should know by now NOT to go into restaurants anymore because most of them suck anyway….but we still go. LOL! We got a free Roadhouse gift card but got take out. We both refused to go inside and sit down. The food, as you say, was mediocre. We won’t be going again either.
I can’t believe you have a 50 year old son! My kids are inching their way up there also. Oh my goodness. And I’m still 39. How’d we do that? LOL!
Glad you had a good semi vacay! I didn’t know you wanted to move? The Adirondacks are so spiritual and peaceful, for sure!

Hi Cindi,

You are so right about the restaurants. We rarely go unless it is to family Russell’s.

I can’t believe that he is 50 also! He is only 5 years younger than Hubby when he retired. I really don’t know where the years have gone. I wish I felt like 39!

I am in no hurry to move. But we would like to be closer to one of our kids when we get older. Since property up that way is so hard to find, we have him keeping en eye open for us.

My daughter moved to CT and I would like to move closer to her. Unfortunately CT is more expensive than NY. Ouch. But the retirement communities are cheaper. We’ll see how it goes.

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