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Small Grocery Haul

I only needed a couple of items this week. Fortunately, both stores were next to each other.

Do you guys have a Running’s? I don’t shop there a lot but they have a great sale once in a while. They had these Mt. Olive pickles for $ 4.49 each. I got the last 64 oz. bread and butter pickles they had. It is perfect for the holidays. I also bought the 80 oz. dill spears because Hubby and I love them with a sandwich or just for a snack. My total there was $ 8.98.

At Top’s, I purchased a head of local cabbage for $ .79 a lb. I paid $ 2.66 for it. Hubby can’t wait to make his Waldorf coleslaw. The celery was $2.29. We use it it for snacks, soup, stew, and diced in chicken or ham salad.

The can of corn was on sale with a Super Coupon for $ .49. We use these in our homemade soups such as chicken, turkey, and taco.

The white thing you see is 2 whole haddock fish. It was on sale for $ 10.99 a lb. I paid $ 13.41 for both. Haddock is Hubby’s favorite. I am a salmon girl and I am looking for a good sale.

Lastly the sweet pepper bags were on sale for B1G1F. I paid $ 6.49 for both. My total at Top’s was $ 25.34.

I was noticing in Top’s just how much the prices have gone up in a just a week. I again saw items that I usually buy that I would not buy at the prices they are asking. UGH!

Did you get any good deals this week?

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Hi Precious. Not a huge week at Kroger here. I did get some of the BOGO
Pillsbury rolls and biscuits for Thursday night family dinners. I know it is cheaper to make myself, but sometimes on that day I need quick. All of what I bought are good until after Christmas. Also got some of the .99 frozen veggies. Tilapia was $5 for 12 oz here, so I got one. Also a few bags of the Keebler cookies for 1.49. Sometimes I break these out on Thursdays also. Otherwise I just got the usual produce and milk stuff. They did have PlayDoh for .40/can in the clearance aisle so got a few of those for the girls to play with. I had $50 of my grocery money left, it was a quick in and out so was thankful for not a great ad week anyway since we had so much going on this week.

Hi Chris,

You did well. It is always handy to have easy things for busy nights, I wish Hubby liked tilapia. It is so much cheaper than haddock. But he does not.

Nice score on the Playdoh for the girls.

Hi again, Precious. I wanted to report I finally found a cat food deal on the dry food for Kitty and we stocked for the winter. The kind she eats has not been on sale anywhere for a long time, but last week Meijer had $10 off any Purina if you bought $50 worth so we did that deal twice. At least we saved $20 and I got some rewards points on my mperks. We have stocked on everything she needs and shouldn’t have to buy anything until March or April. She eats the Purina One.

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