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Frugal Things We have Done the Past Week

These are the things that we continue to do to save a little money here and there:

  • Received a $6.00 rebate in the mail. That will be put into our savings.
  • We continue to use cloth napkins for meals.
  • We are using these containers instead of paper plates. I purchased them a while ago at Sam’s Club. We will use them over the summer when we cook outside. They are so much cheaper than paper plates:
  • I returned a part that Hubby didn’t need to Home Depot.
  • It has been cold and rainy for about a week here. The fertilizer people came during that period to do our lawn. I was happy because we didn’t have to water our lawn to wash it in.
  • We ate all homemade meals at home. Not buying expensive fast food or restaurant food when we can make better and healthier food at home.
  • One of the meals that lasted a few days was chicken soup made with our home canned chicken.. It is so much tastier that store bought canned chicken. Hubby made Keto breaded haddock one night. It was so delicious.
  • The only groceries I purchased this week at Top’s were 2 packages of 85/15 ground beef on BOGO sale. Each package was about 1 and 3/4 lbs. and ended up costing about $ 3.25 per package. I had not been buying ground beef at Top’s for months because it tasted so awful. I figured I would try it again when I spotted one of the meat guys bringing more out to stock the meat case. I asked him if it has been just ground. He said yes. It was delicious.
  • We continue to eat just two meals a day and one snack.
  • I made hummus this week from canned chickpeas and some other ingredients. It is much cheaper to make my own than buy store bought.
  • We continue to waste no food. I don’t like throwing dollars in the trash.
  • Made our own pan fried potatoes rather than buy frozen French fries.
  • We had two meatless salads this week.
  • I darned a pair of Hubby’s socks.
  • Hubby purchased chemicals and the sprayer that he needed to get rid of some bentgrass that has crept into our lawn and spread. It is light green and ugly. The landscapers wanted $700. to get rid of it for us. Hubby applied it today. When it is dead he will clean it out. Put in new soil and plant new grass. The whole job will cost us under $125.
  • Our sales tax is 8%. The county which is a few miles south of us is 8 and 1/4%. We have no tax on food in this state. So anything that is not food I try to shop for in our county.
  • Our heat is off today and the windows are open to air the house out after a very long winter. We should be in the 60’s the next few days. The sky is blue and the sun is finally shining.
  • I forgot about 6 Walmart gift cards that I have earned on Fetch. I will be spending that money on my next delivery order.
  • I try to ignore advertising that is everywhere to get you to purchase things that you either don’t know about or don’t need. Hence, I watch no TV and click through the commercials on You Tube. Hubby DVR’s the shows we like from the TV and we fast forward through the commercials.

What have you done to save money recently?

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Hi Precious. First of all, $142.83 was how much our gas and electric bills were this month. It wasn’t the most frugal week here since we went to get ice cream Fri evening and went out to eat a couple of times this week. But we don’t usually do this so I was ok with it. I am so glad the weather has broken and we had a few nice and warm days at the end of the week. We got the mulch finished yesterday. Hubby got most of the plants in the garden yesterday also since we think it is past the freeze here. He is planting tomatoes, various peppers, and cucumbers. He wants to try tomatillos again (for salsa verde), so will stop by for a few plants this week. You have to grow them in multiples so they can pollinate each other. He is also going to try a few herbs this year.

Our neighbor loaned us one of the balance bikes for little granddaughter to use, so we will try this week with her. Hubby is out fixing the Barbie car again that we got from another neighbor. I am looking for a little wading pool since ours bit the dust last year (we had gotten several years from it, so a frugal purchase). Another neighbor had given us a water table, so we at least have that to start. Can you tell I am anxious for summer? And that we live in such a nice neighborhood? School will be out in a few weeks here.

Hi Chris,

At least the utility bills seem to be coming down a bit.

You have to treat yourself once in a while. Now you have me wondering if our ice cream stand is open yet.

Nice going with the garden. We are hoping to do ours the end of the month. I bet your mulch looks so nice. Nice hardy veggies you have planted. The landscape crew should be here to do our mulch in the next few days.

Balance bikes are great! That is how my grandson learned to ride.

I am hoping the weather stays warm. It is nice that you have such great neighbors.

I made myself get up early yesterday and go to the grocery store since I had 10.00 in Kroger coupons that were expiring. Free smoked sausage amongst other items we eat daily.
Electric bill was 391.00 so down 25.00. When Chris leaves town he turns the hot tub all the way down (7 days last month). He was gone last weekend and the hot tub AND the heat got turned down (5 days).
An old idea, I started filling a large bowl with soapy water when I do my weekend food prep instead of letting the water run. We don’t pay for water bit we do pay for electric to run the pump.
All May bills are paid or at least deducted from YNAB so Chris knows what is available to spend.
Finally warming up and turning green

Hi Patti,
Nice shop with those coupons. Is that Electric bill for 1 month? I am glad at least that it was down by $25.

I do the same with the water for prep. Saves electricity and water for us. You must have a well if you don’t pay for water. My son has a well.

Enjoy that nice weather.

Yes, that is for 1 month. I cant wait to turn the heat off completely. Although we are getting a quote for mini splits (ac and heat pump) so the electric bill will probably be this high all year round. We are actually on a spring but still tastes as horrible as a well, so we have water softener and RO systems.

Hi Patti,

Yikes that bill was high. I hope you get to turn it off soon. I turned ours off 3 days ago. Hubby hasn’t noticed yet. 🙂

We are on town water and have the water softener system and the and out water is filtered as it comes in the house. But I wish I could do something about the chlorine. They have been heavily chlorinating the past 6 months and the smell would knock you over.

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