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Saving Money and Time in the Long Run

I few weeks ago I started hearing rumbles about another paper shortage. People online were reporting shortages of toilet paper and paper towels in their grocery stores. So I started researching and found there was the beginnings of a shortage. I thought here we go again.

So I told Hubby that I was considering purchasing a bidet for our master bathroom toilet. He laughed and said that he had been thinking about the same thing. So I asked him to research exactly which one he wanted to buy and let me know. Then I would look for a better price. He sent me a link for the one he wanted and it was $299.+ tax. I found it on for $234.98 including tax and free shipping. I also earned $ 11.00 in reward points and got 2% back from Rakuten.

Yesterday, Hubby and my son installed it. This will save us money in the long run on toilet paper.

It features a heated seat, heated warm water with 5 temperature settings, and a dryer. It has many different spray settings and an ECO one to save on power. So far we are loving it. It has an on and off button so that we don’t have to waste power when we are not using it.

Now I don’t have to worry about trying to find toilet paper ever again which will save me time and I won’t have to lug those big packages home.

The one other paper thing that we do use is printer paper. We are down to our last 2 packages. I ordered a 10 ream carton of the Hammermill paper that we use on sale with free delivery.

Today is my errand day so I will be going grocery shopping, making a return at Home Depot, and picking up some prescriptions at the drug store.

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Hi Precious. I never thought about getting a bidet. Our son has one and likes it. We still have plenty of TP and paper towels, I have not even tried to look in that section for quite awhile. We are mindful how we use them. Hope your errands go well. Hubby is out working a job site today. I am going to make beans and cornbread for supper since it is going to be cold and rainy.

Today is Cinco De Mayo and I wanted to share this with you guys. The local Mexican restaurant was having a mariachi band play from 6 to 10Pm to celebrate the ‘holiday’ and I really wanted to go, have some drinks, tacos and some fun. I looked at their menu however and realized it was just way too expensive for a taco and a beer. Beef tacos were $11 (for 3 small ones with the fixings) and a Corona beer was $5.50 (we would have had 2 each) With tax and tip the meal would have cost $54.63. Instead, I went to Aldi and bought all the ingredients. Aldi sells really good taco beef. I got the shells (12 for $1.19) I had all the fixings already at home (tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, red onion, sour cream and a bottle of .96 cents salsa). I stopped off at a beer discount store and got a 6 pack of Coronas for only $10. Anyway, when I did the math and compared the same quantities, our home-made Mexican meal (3 tacos & 2 beers each) came to $13.62. I put on Spotify through my iPhone onto a stereo bluetooth speaker and streamed The Best Of Mariachi music for free. It was a great evening. Hubs and I had fun AND the food was delicious. Needless to say we ate 10 tacos (I only had 3, hubby ate the rest!) had more than 2 beers each and had a wonderful time, at home, in our kitchen. I wanted to share this with you guys because I know you’d understand. THX!!!

Hi Cindi,

We definitely understand! That is such a fantastic and frugal way to celebrate that holiday. You did great spendins so little money. Fun does not have to cost a fortune. Congrats on being so smart!

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