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Tuesday’s Frugal Things

Breakfast was an egg and some leftover smoked sausage.

We have another busy day. The carpet people came and stretched our master bedroom wall to wall carpet. I had never had wall to wall carpets loosen and get wrinkles until we moved here. We live in a very humid climate and that is why it is prevalent here in Buffalo. We had to have the great room carpet done a few years back and it has held. So we figured while the bed was out of the room, we would hire someone to do it in the master bedroom. The schedule has worked out perfectly. After the carpet people left, Hubby shampooed the carpeting. I have put the ceiling fan on to make sure it is good and dry by Thursday when the bed delivery happens. The carpet looks brand new and it is almost 14 years old. They only charged us $ 199. for the stretching and $ 51. for moving all of the furniture and then putting it back plus the sales tax. I was surprised at the low price because our master bedroom is a huge room.

While all of that was going on, I went to UPS with a return for LL Bean. Hubby had ordered jeans well before he had his heart attack. One pair was never worn and are way too big for him. So I called LL Bean and they told me I could return them. They sent me a label that arrived yesterday so I packaged them up in a box that I had saved. The jeans are expensive there, so this refund will help pay for clothes that he will need in the future. That will probably be soon because he has lost about 37 lbs.

Top’s was on my route to UPS so I stopped and got some tomatoes. $8.82 for 4 tomatoes. They were $ 2.79 a lb. That really made me appreciate the tomatoes we grew and ate all summer.

I folded 2 loads of sheets and blankets today. I have all the California king size things in a pile for my son to give to him the next time I see him.

I looked for a Keto recipe for cube steak for dinner tonight. We have one recipe for it that we love but I wanted to find another one. So I am making

Hoping that Hubby likes it. I think I will.

I had called my town to find out how much of the bed I could put out at a time. She said 4 pieces. So I told her this is a king size sleep number bed that comes apart in pieces. She contacted her rep who said they would take it. But she still said that they might only take 4 pieces. UGH! I have decided that on our day for large things which isn’t until Feb. 9th that I am going to drag all of it to the bottom of the driveway and make a sign that says this is a sleep number bed and your rep said you will take it. We’ll see if that works. I will be very ticked if they don’t. It will take me a year to get rid of all the pieces if I can only put 4 pieces out at a time. Plus I will have to drag it all back into our garage. UGH! They only take 4 pieces a month so if they don’t take it, it will be March 9th till they take 4 pieces again, etc.

Hubby and I are thinking about watching the 3 hour crossover of the NCIS’s tonight. Hubby recorded it last night.

So we saved money by shampooing our own carpet instead of hiring someone. We made all of our meals at home. I returned an older item to LL Bean that they still sell that Hubby never wore because of his weight loss. I got the tomatoes because the store was on my route and that saves me on gasoline. I making dinner from my freezer, fridge, and pantry. We will watch something on TV for entertainment instead of spending money going out.

So did you save any money today?

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Hi Precious. I went to Kroger and got some mayonnaise and canned beans for chili in the markdown section. My total was $7.xx. I am stocked on beans for chili now. We are having Taco Tuesday for supper. All stuff already at home. I am glad the carpet stuff went well and was frugal. I didn’t realize you were just getting it stretched instead of new. I had a little snooze this afternoon with kitty.

Hi Chris,

You have to love Kroger markdowns! I wish they had one near me. Yes, just stretched. We paid a fortune for this carpet in the master bedroom and great room. It has held up beautifully except for the wrinkling. It is like new and is 14 years old. The carpet guy told us today that it is a beautiful carpet and they don’t make anything as good as this today. We did not like the builder’s grades of carpet so purchased this ourselves for these two rooms. It has been well worth the money. I miss my kitty. Yeah on the nap!

Oh I am so glad the carpet stretching was such a great success and a great price!
Weekly grocery shopping today (I don’t like going on weekends) and the stores are near where I have to do my work banking. Picked up a couple freebies which is always a plus.

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