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Wednesday’s Frugal Things

I actually slept in today until 8:30am. Felt very rested for a change. Hubby and I had bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Dinner will be chicken legs done in the air fryer. I will make homemade wing sauce for Hubby. I just like mine with ranch dressing. We will have a tossed salad on the side.

We spent the morning moving all of the lamps and little things back into our master bedroom. I cleaned everything really well before we put them back. The air purifier needed a good wash and Hubby makes our own filters for it from material we bought(the same material the manufacturer’s use but a whole lot cheaper than they charge). So he put a new filter in it. I gave the 4 windows in the room a quick wash on the inside. I had cleaned the ceiling fan before Hubby shampooed the carpeting. The room is now ready for the new beds. They will come tomorrow morning.

Then I decided to clean the master bathroom from top to bottom and our master closet also. I keep them pretty organized and I clean the sinks and toilet every day so it didn’t take long. I just had to quickly do the garden tub and shower. Then wash the floors and vacuum the carpet in the closet.

Hubby and I never watched the NCIS crossovers last night, so we did that this afternoon. It was very enjoyable to just sit and do nothing for a good portion of the day for a change.

Walmart had notified me about 5 days ago that they received the blanket I returned to them. So I checked to make sure that they had credited my card for the $43.+. They had so I took that off my list to follow.

West’s 13th birthday is coming up soon. All he wants is money which I think is the typical teenager thing. So I made his birthday card out and put the cash we are giving him in it. Hopefully they will come for breakfast before his birthday. If not, I will mail it and send a check instead.

I did a load of wash with heavy stuff. I used cold water and hung everything to dry.

Tonight I will watch You Tube for a while before I hit the sack.

Did you do anything to save money today?

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Hi Precious. Today is my birthday. I made some cookies last night to take to my exercise class to celebrate and they were well received. We even did a happy birthday dance in my honor. It was fun!

I went to Meijer to take advantage of the buy things for $1 each if you buy 7 or more sale. This time they had the 2 liters of the soda I like so I got 6 of them. I also got some more chicken broth in the aseptic cartons, and some frozen veggies and avocados too. I went ahead and got the rest of my groceries there also since the Kroger sale is not great this week. I spent 61.96 and saved 23.41.

Tonight hubby is taking me out to eat at a local Mexican place, so looking forward to that. I think I will have fish or shrimp tacos. Or maybe fajitas. And will definitely have one of their big margaritas. LOL!

My teens definitely want money or gift cards, at my house. And, snacks. 🙂

I needed to buy a pair of glove liners (for skiing) & used a reward, free shipping offer & a sale. That dropped the price down quite a bit. My 16 year old & I both have Reynauds Syndrome, which means our fingers get super cold when we are outside. The glove liners, plus heated hand inserts and then ski gloves over it are so important!

Precious, I must be on some kind of a roll. Yesterday my husband brought our car in for a recall. The cataclydic (?) had to be replaced. Since he was going to have the car in the shop all day, he told them to rotate the tires and do an oil change. Hubby supplied the oil. When the car was ready for pick up the cashier told my husband he owed $207 on the recall. WTF? He said that was supposed to be free. All he owed was the tire rotation and oil change. All under $100. He spoke to the manager and said if it were true about the money owed, then put the crappy parts back because he wasn’t paying. DH went on to explain to them how they fuc**ked up his car the last time by not tightening up a lug and the catastrophe that could have happened if DH didn’t find it in a timely manner. The manager remembered. There was no charge for the recall work. And he also waived the tire rotation fee and oil change fee.

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