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Sunday’s Frugal Things

We had steak the other night for dinner. We had half of it leftover. So Hubby sliced it up and cooked it in butter and added garlic. I made scrambled eggs and that was breakfast.

This morning we spent some time scratching off 12 lottery tickets that we got in our stockings yesterday. Between us, we won $24. So the next time I go out to a store, I will cash them in for us. I also won’t have to buy us any Keto snacks for weeks. Our stockings had so many of them and 2 big bags of pork rinds. Yum!

We have to empty our bedroom of lamps and things that are on dressers and end tables today so the carpet people can do their thing on Tuesday. I don’t want to leave everything for tomorrow. We have to get rid of the bed which is going to be thrown out tomorrow. That will be easy because it is a sleep number bed and it comes apart in pieces. The carpet people are being paid to move all of the rest of the furniture which is a recliner, 3 large dressers, a hope chest, and two end tables. We moved an end table that was next to the recliner today. It was a light weight one that I keep extra sheets in.

We watched the Buffalo Bills game which they won today. It was so heartening to see so many fans turn out with #3 red hearts for Damar Hamlin on their shirts, jackets, etc. The team also had the #3 on their uniforms. When the team came onto the field, they were waving #3 flags for Damar. There was no doubt in my mind that they would win the game for him. The best part of all of this is that Damar was awake and able to watch the game. He is recovering well for someone who went through what he went through on the field last Monday. He has a long way to go but we are all praying that he gets back to normal health.

I worked some more in my food storage to get things how I want them.

Hubby cooked fish sticks for himself for dinner and a few small chicken strips for me in the air fryer. I was happy to get rid of an open box and an open bag in my freezer. We ate no sides because we are going to have some cantaloupe later.

Tonight, I will be relaxing watching some You Tube videos. I am definitely enjoying watching TV with it now being mounted on the wall.

What did you do to save a bit of money today?

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Hi Precious. We had the little girls today for most of the day. Their dad always works on Sundays and their mom needed to work today also for part of the day. We had food that was already here: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and goldfish. They love the freezer jam we made last summer with the strawberries we picked and I always have peanut butter in my stockpile and Hersheys syrup for chocolate milk, of course. I had a snooze with little granddaughter and hubby played with older granddaughter until she went to a birthday party for one of her friends. We are thankful for all the toys people have passed down to us and ones I have gotten for cheap at yard sales. They have plenty to do here. LOL!

We had leftovers again for supper and finished the puzzle we started last night. It was only 500 pieces. I signed up online for my Y classes for the week. We still need to take down the Christmas tree.

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