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It Was Christmas Day For Our Family

Since we had that bad blizzard on Christmas weekend and a State of Emergency in our counties, we could not go out on the roads to get to my son’s in Rochester. Plus it was too dangerous for any of us to go out. My DIL’s parents and her brother were supposed to be there too. But no one could get there. So we all spent Christmas Day alone. My son knowing how disappointed we all were said he would have Christmas there today.

So at 9am this morning, we drove to my son’s and DIL’s home. We just got home about 5pm. We had a wonderful time with them, West, her parents and her brother.

We all exchanged Christmas gifts and we were all very happy with what we received. They even kept the tree up!

Katie and Sean did their traditional fondue dinner. I love fondue and you have to love that it takes hours to cook and we had such good company to chat with. She had 3 pots- one with oil for the colossal shrimp, sea scallops, marinated tenderloins, plain tenderloins, chicken, and mushrooms. She made many different Keto dipping sauces for the meat and seafood. One pot with cheese fondue for broccoli, asparagus, and 2 different Keto breads she baked- plain and banana. Then for dessert she had chocolate fondue for bacon, Keto brownies, Keto cake, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It was all scrumptious! I told Hubby we should have fondue more often for dinner. We own a fondue pot. It’s easy and fun.

So excuse me that we did no money saving today! It was a long day and I need to rest. I will be back tomorrow with a new post.

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Hi Precious, Merry Christmas to your family. The fondue dinner sounds wonderful! Thanks for including what Katie made for each type of fondue. It sounds like you had such a good time and worth the wait. <3

Yesterday we went to older granddaughter’s first basketball game. She is only in first grade, so they are learning the game. It was fun to watch. Afterwards we all went to Bob Evans for brunch and I had told hubby he could pay for everyone if he wanted. And he did. This is one reason why we are frugal. 🙂 it was a really good time. The rest of the day we were home and after church we had leftovers for supper and got a new puzzle out for entertainment.

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much! It was so yummy and so worth the wait.

I just love when the little ones when they are learning sports. It’s so cute. That was a nice treat that you gave your family. I have a theory which you know. You can’t take it with you when you die, so I rather enjoy watching my family enjoy it whenever they can. I am so glad that you had a great day!

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