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Stocking Up For Current Meals and Future Meals and Our Dental Savings

After all of the medical issues here, our diet has changed. Because of that I donated a lot of food that we will no longer eat. Instead we are stocking up our current weeks meals and stocking for the future with the items that we now eat. That is why you are seeing so many grocery hauls.

Because prices are rising so rapidly, I am trying to get stocked now. I believe that prices will continue to rise well into 2023. If the rail workers or trucking workers go on strike, we could also see really empty shelves in the markets.

I am already seeing massive shortages in dairy. You all know how I looked for a long time for heavy whipping cream. None of the grocery chains had it. Even the local family run business where I found it, is getting low. Eggs are also in short supply here again. A lot of other items are hit or miss!

So over the past couple of days, I have been shopping while running other errands. Yesterday, I had my 6 month dental check up and cleaning. As some of you know, we had no dental plan for a long time. Our dental bills were outrageous. Then our dentist started offering a dental plan that includes Hubby and I. It has saved us so much money. My total out of pocket for yesterday including X-rays was $ 36. Hubby has an appointment next week and I assume his will be the same amount.

The dental office gives us these samples every time we go. We have electric toothbrushes but these other ones are easy to use when we travel. We have at least two years of floss stocked up and plenty of denture brushes. The small samples of toothpaste also get used for travel. When I see that we are getting a large amount of them, we start using them up daily. These all save us money in the long run.

On the way home from the dentist, I stopped at Niagara Produce again. I wanted to replace a quart of heavy whipping cream that we had used up. Hubby wanted strawberries. They of course are not in season so they were expensive just like the heavy whipping cream. The cream was $ 6.29 and the strawberries were $6.99. We also have not had shrimp in a long time. This package was $ 9.99 but it is giving us two meals. Last night we had shrimp cocktails and salad for dinner. I will use the other half of the package in shrimp fra diavolo one night. I always check their meat for markdowns because it is the only store in my area that once in a while I can find them. Both the burgers and the steak tenderettes were reduced for quick sale because they were expiring in 2 days. They quickly got put in my freezer for future meals. My total was $30.51 for all.

Walmart had a heck of a deal on broth! I ordered 8 of the beef and 8 of the chicken below. They were $ 1.00 each. I have Walmart + so they ship for free. I haven’t seen them at that price here in years. I only use them a little bit at a time in meals. An opened carton keeps for a very long time in my refrigerator.

They are good for over a year.

On Sunday, I went to both Aldi’s and Top’s. This time of the year, I like to stock up on cranberries. We make our own cranberry orange relish and we also make muffins with them. Aldi’s had them for $ .99 a bag so I snagged 4. Fresh brussel sprouts were $ 2.29. The bacon was $ 3.99 a package which is a terrific price for here. I got 3. I picked up my last 3 lbs. of butter that I needed to stock my freezer for a year and 3 lbs. for my son who uses a lot of it too. His 3 are not pictured. They were $2.49 a lb. The bag of shredded sharp cheddar cheese was $ 2.99. My total was $ 36.15.

At Top’s I picked up 2 zero sugar Reddi Wip at $ 2.50 each, 1 Hellman’s mayonaise for $ 3.49 after a doubled $ .50 coupon and 2 Brown and Serve sausage for $ 1.50 each. My total was $ 11.49.

Ninety nine percent of the time, I buy sale items. But sometimes you just have to pay full price for things that you want. I am using the heavy whipping to make Keto ice cream and Hubby really wanted the strawberries. If those things make him happy, I am willing to pay the price.

Are you seeing shortages where you live? Did you save any money on groceries this week?

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Hi Precious. I haven’t done any grocery shopping since I reported last week. We are going to make the Aldi run tonight and I will report back any good deals here. I made a good chicken casserole for supper Monday and last night used the last of the Boboli crusts I had gotten awhile back to make tuna pizza. It is just drained canned tuna and cheddar cheese, but we like it. Kind of like a tuna melt. If I have black olives, I put them on hubby’s half. He put some hot sauce on his slices. We have leftovers for lunch too.

I think the shrimp you got was a good price. It is about the same here on sale. And the broth was what I paid at Meijer. Agree with you about the strawberries. I haven’t seen the shortages you are seeing yet, but am stocking as I can also. Almost done, then I will just have to get fresh things all winter. I hope.

Hi Chris,

Good luck with your shopping tonight! I will be interested in what you find. That pizza sounds delicious. I may try it with homemade fathead dough. Thanks for the recipe.

You are right about the shrimp. NP has the best price in my area. To be honest I am worried about getting fresh stuff over the winter. Our produce quality has been so bad this summer that I can’t imagine what it will be in the winter. I am seriously considering growing more veggies next year.

Hi Precious. We had good luck at Aldi last night. Our Butterball turkey was 1.07/ lb on sale which I thought was great. I am sure you saw in the ad that they have a lot of charcuterie type stuff. Hubby loves these kinds of things so we got several fancy cheeses, some jars of the fancy olives, some of the sauces/chutneys, and summer sausage. I let him choose what he wants b/c I figure it is cheaper to get this kind of stuff at Aldi vs other places. Plus we didn’t have to buy large quantities like you do at Costco. He will get some of the stuff out on Thursdays when our kids come for supper. It will last for awhile.

I decided to replace my baking soda and powder and also was out of cornstarch. I still have plenty of sugar and brown sugar, but did get 1 flour for 2.12 and one powdered sugar for 1.69 for extra. Also got some bouillon since I was low and hubby got a few spices for his stuff.

The applesauce I usually get had gone up to 2.69, but we use a lot of it so I got 6. I also got 12 cans of canned peaches in juice for 1.25/can. The canned pears were in heavy syrup so I didn’t buy them and will look elsewhere. Saltines were 1.12 and I was almost out since I made salmon patties recently. The breakfast sausage rolls were 2.29 and I got a couple. We got some other misc things and our total was $133.08. I thought we did great and I will plan another trip when we open the last jar of applesauce (if not before).

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