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Errands Today

This morning after getting some office work done, I went out to run the errands. Hubby wanted me to pick up some reflectors for the mailbox. Our town has a habit of taking it out when they snow plow. The weather people are predicting snow for here on Sunday. So I went to Home Depot to find the red ones that he wanted. They were only $5.27. If that saves us money from having to buy a new mailbox this year, it will be well worth the cost.

Aldi’s was about half a block up the road. I went in and got 6 more butter at $ 2.49 each. Next week, I only have to pick up 3 more to have a year’s worth.

Last stop was Niagara Produce. I was so happy that I went there. You all know that I have not been able to find heavy whipping cream for a couple of weeks. I got 3 for $ 6.29 each. Expensive, but Hubby has been asking me to make some peanut butter Keto ice cream. Finally, Jif has the sugar free peanut butter back on the shelves. I got some but have not been able to find the heavy cream I needed to make it. Now I will make it this weekend and he will be a happy guy.

I picked up a large package of ground round for $ 11.68 and a package of cube steaks for $ 5.24. I found a Keto recipe that I want to try next week with those. I also got a pound of radishes for $ 1.99, a block of cheddar cheese for $ 2.69, 4 tomatoes for $ 4.22, and a bag of romaine lettuce for $ 1.69. My total was $ 46.38.

Late afternoon we watched CSI: Las Vegas that Hubby had taped last night. Dinner tonight was salad and jalapeno cheddar smoked sausages. Hubby loves these and I think he would eat them every day if I would let him.

Yesterday, I went out into the 2 car garage to clean it about 9am. I got everything cleaned up and organized on the shelves and workbench and tool drawers. I cut up 2 large cardboard boxes and got those in the recycle bin. Hubby came out in the afternoon when I was done to pressure wash the floor. It cleans up so beautifully since we had the floor enameled. By the time the floor was dry and we could put everything back in it, it was 4pm. So we went in the house and called our eldest son. It was his birthday. I felt bad that we couldn’t celebrate it with him but at least we could talk to him. But my granddaughter is there and they went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse so I am sure they had a nice celebration. We are looking forward to seeing him for Thanksgiving.

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We just had dinner there tonight. I had chicken fried steak. Hubby had herb chicken. Not too smart in a steakhouse, right? Anyway it was very good we enjoyed it. Thanks.

Precious, it was sooooooo nice not having to cook a meal. We did it as take-out. Very efficient. Easy to do. Lovely evening.

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