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Rationing Your Food

Before I talk to you about rationing, I have to tell you that my site was down when I got up yesterday. It told me that the site wasn’t secure. So I contacted my son who is my tech guy. He has it fixed. It had to do with the cert. It needed to be validated again. It is all taken care of and it is safe to come here now.

We started rationing a lot of our food over the past couple of months. I am concerned about a few things that may be in our future: war and empty shelves in the grocery markets. But the most important worry is the escalating food prices. They actually were shocking at the beginning of the week when I shopped. Many things that I wanted had risen so high in price that I won’t buy them. I hope that many of you have stocked up at least a few months worth of food. Hopefully much of it was purchased before the prices started escalating. If not you can start today because prices will be much higher in 2023.

I try my hardest to stick to proper portions on everything especially meat, poultry, and fish. They are the priciest foods that I buy. We try to stick to 3- 4 oz. a day for our daily serving. It has been hard because we are on Keto so we usually eat bacon or sausage with our eggs or Keto pancakes. But we have decided that if we eat meat for breakfast, then we won’t eat it for dinner. We can have pancakes or eggs with avocado. Keto is hard to stay on and it is expensive. Plus I lost a lot of weight the last time I was on it but the minute I went off it I gained much of the weight back.

I am starting to think that we should just eat healthy and count calories instead. We haven’t made that decision yet.

We Americans eat too much food. The portions in restaurants are huge. No one needs that much food. So rationing may help us lose a little weight also. Hubby and I rarely go out to dinner anymore. It is cheaper to eat at home.

We are cutting back on everything we can. When we make meatballs for soup or a recipe, I usually use 1/2 lb. instead of 1 lb. ground beef that the recipe calls for. But I do not cut down the other ingredients. That way we can get two meals from that recipe. I do the same for hamburgers using 1/4 lb. instead of 1/3 lb. for each and put more toppings on like tomato, lettuce, onions and mushrooms.

When you buy your meat, poultry or fish, freeze it in the portions you should have not what you want to have. When you open a frozen veggie, check to see what portion you should be eating. The same goes for anything you eat. I just measure out a portion for us and keep the rest frozen or freeze the rest from a can.

I try to keep my meat purchases under $5.00 a lb. I really like chicken breasts at $2.99 a lb. or drumsticks at $.89-$.99 a lb. We love turkey. We have purchased two: one for Thanksgiving and one for over the winter. However when I put the turkey in the refrigerator to defrost on Sunday, I may buy another one to replace it. That depends on how bad the snow gets here. But at $ .58 a lb, I am tempted. It will be such cheap meat and bone broth. But we were craving the shrimp the other day for $9.99, so I bit the bullet and purchased it. It will make two meals for us. But that price is not happening a lot in this home.

We can use less spaghetti sauce for pasta meals. One half of a jar or can should suffice for us. We can use less of a lot of items to stretch them out and bring the cost of a meal down.

We also try hard to incorporate meatless meals into our weekly menu once sometimes twice a week. Beans, pasta. and salads are cheaper than meat.

I make a lot of soups especially over the winter. They are cheap and delicious. We love turkey, chicken, bean and ham, beef barley, onion, taco, and homemade tomato meatball soup.

So seriously consider rationing your food to make it last longer and cost you less per meal for you and your families. Our ancestors did this and we can too.

Yesterday I pulled all of the whole tomatoes from our garden out of our freezers to thaw. I will be making homemade spaghetti sauce to freeze today. It lays flat in quart freezer bags so it will take up much less room than the whole tomatoes. That leaves room for meats that I find at a great price.

Let me know in the comments if you are doing this and any tips that could help the rest of us defray these costs.

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Hi Precious, what you wrote was good. Several years ago I took the healthy eating class at our Y and learned so much. A big eye opener for me was how much is a portion. Maybe they teach this stuff at school now, but we didn’t learn a lot other than the 4 food groups when I was growing up. And Mom knew some about nutrition, but not as much as hubby’s mom, who was a nurse.

We have never done keto. When I took the Y class, it was more about lower fat and portion control. Our son, who is a food scientist, and his friend, who is a registered dietitian, looked over the class materials I had and said the program was good b/c it didn’t cut out any types of food. I learned for meat to eat a serving size that was about the size of my palm. I still keep a measuring cup by my kitchen sink to measure things like cereal. I drink my milk out of the little plastic cups I had bought for the girls since those are 8 oz, which is a serving. My biggest downfall is that I like cheese and peanut butter so it is hard to be consistent with how to eat them. I like to eat them every day, but really should limit myself more than I do. I have cut back, so that is something. I substitute applesauce for half the oil/butter in recipes that it makes sense, like for banana bread.

Hi Chris,

Our moms and grandmoms knew so much about how to be frugal with food. I wish I had learned more from them.

Any diet that anyone goes on should be healthy. I love cheese too which is my downfall. But I am not a big peanut butter eater unless it is in Keto ice cream. Thanks you so much for sharing all of your ideas.

When I started my new blog the other week, I noticed a lot of entries. I said, how can this be? I just started. I thought it had to do with Word Press since they were giving me such a hard time. So, I restarted my new blog yet once again and the entries were gone. They were frugal entries. Please don’t tell me that was you? LOL. I have no idea. All I know is that they are now totally gone.
Anyway, Shop Rite had boneless chicken cutlets for only $1.99 a pound. I haven’t seen prices that low in a very long time. I bought a bunch of them and froze two breast to a pack. I used to freeze 4 breasts, then down to 3 and now just two. Yup. We used to ver eat. Not anymore. Portion control is vital right now. We fill up on a baked potato of rice now. Hubby likes a salad so that’s even more of a fill up.
I’ve got my fridge, my basement freezer and my college dorm refrigerator (that hubby keeps in the barn) filled to capacity!! We literally can not shove anymore food into anymore nooks and crannies. Once, however, we take out the frozen turkey, which will make freezer room available, I’m thinking about an ice cream stock up.
We just made a lasagna with foods I had purchased back in 2020 at 2020 prices!! Mozzarella freezes well. Ricotta can only be used in recipes. They were on sale last year and I stocked up. Good thing! I even still had plastic containers with frozen tomatoes from our garden of two years ago!! Just used up the last of it.
I shudder when I think of our future. Note: I just stocked dup on vegetable seeds for this spring upcoming garden. We might not be able to get the seeds we want come planting time. I’m stocking those up now. They store exceptionally well in the freezer! I put al the packets inside a freezer bag.

Hi Cindi,
Yes they were mine but that is ok. That is so weird. I am having trouble getting used to the new format on here.

Wow, what a price on the chicken. I haven’t seen that price in about a year. I am worried about the lettuce for salads. They are saying all over media that it is going to be a major shortage in 2023.

I replaced my turkey that is in the fridge thawing for Thanksgiving with another one today. So that makes 2 in the freezer. I just couidn’t pass up the $ .58 a lb for the extra 2.

You have to love those 2020 prices in your stockpile. I too have plenty of seeds for the spring.

I think somehow when we were emailing back and forth, for some strange technical reason, our word press accounts crossed. Scary. Your son would understand it more than I could.
Thank goodness for stockpiling.
It’s coming in handy now.

Hi Cindi, Sorry to hijack Precious’ thread but I wondered where you had gone. I was poorly with the virus and when I came back you had gone. I have to admit to being a lurker but am glad to see that you are still about, even if I can’t find your new blog lol

Great post Precious! I do the same things as you do. We have always rationed our food — mostly the meat. A serving is the size of your palm and thick as a deck of cards, so that is what we aim for. When I buy meat I look at the package and decide how many meals I can get out of it and then divide the price by the number of meals. I then decide if that is worth the price. When I get home I portion out the meat and freeze it. If perchance I need more for a meal for guests, I thaw out more than one package but at least I know what I need for a meal is already portioned out for me. I also try and use all leftovers to avoid wasting any food. Soups are a staple in winter in our family too. I also do the same as you do with frozen vegetables. I heard that the Buffalo area got over 5 feet of snow — Yikes!!!!! We here in Dutchess County haven’t gotten a lot of snow yet. In fact we only got an inch last week and it was gone the next day. I know we are in for a doozy of a winter but I HATE snow 🙂

Hi Mary

I love the way you determine the price of meat. Thanks for sharing that. I do the same as you for guest portions. Yes, there was lots of now. We only got 9.5 inches where we are. I hate snow too but I am getting used to it here in the Buffalo area.

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